The Syrneth is the name give to a range of ancient and non-human civilisations that have been discovered by the Explorer's Society among others. These elusive races were known to the Numan scholars, but most of that information has been lost to the ages. Some have uncovered much about these, mostly long-dead, cultures but there is still much they are unaware about.



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Domae - Humanoid race thought to have populated the area know constisting mainly of modern Montaigne. About nine foot tall and hairless, with four-fingered claws and feet. Built large underground cities and had developed advanced knowledge of astronomy, only the remains of one such city survive as the sewers of the city of Charouse. Thought to have been wiped out in a bloody civil war that cost millions of lives, brought on by a single villainous member after after centuries of peace and harmony. Survived also by a strange gemstone technology, from various light effects to effective explosives.

Drachen - Large dragon-like race of Eisen mythology, living in vast underground caverns carved in the mountains. Most of their sites have yet to be found, so scholars have drawn inaccurate conclusions on the race and discounted reports of their enormous size. Highly advanced with a pictographic writing system and their own sorcery, which is thought to be the source of the metallic substance known as dracheneisen. It is very unlikely that modern unintelligent drachen are of the same race.

Razhdost - The first intelligent race to walk on Theah when it was still forming. They are thought to have created the life that now populates the planet, including the other Syrneth races who were in responce to their inability to procreate themselves. An immortal but dwindling race, they attempted to leave Theah but sparked a war with the Thalusai who mistakenly unleashed beings into Theah that overran the Razhdost cities and culture. Surived by a single member known as Matushka, who settled in what is now Ussura and slept for millenia.

Setines - A wide ranging race composed of a varient of body sizes and shapes, but all sharing an unusual hollow bone structure. Found at sites throughout Theah, they had developed a technology based on the control of æther, a gaseous substance not yet understood by scientists, and intricate clockwork mechanisms.

Sidhe - It is unknown if the fae are indiginous to Theah or arrived here from their home of Bryn Bresail, which appears to exist on a different plane of reality. What is clear is that their ascension upset the balance of the other races, leading to a war with the powerful Thalusai. The insect-like race clearly lost, and were banished from Theah and trapped behind an inter-dimensional barrier. Intrigued by the progress of the human race, they granted the power of Glamour and have continued to visit Theah although are connected most strongly with the Avalon isles.

Ssassiss - Minor snake-like race inhabiting what is now the Crescent penninsula. Thought destroyed by the Sidhe millennia ago, the last surviving member is the true leader of the Qatihl'i cult of assassins.

Tessera - Advanced civilisation that arose after the fall of the Drachen, but were in turn wiped out by the other Syrneth races. Very little physical evidence survives apart from pieces of their technology, which is based on the manipulation of magnetic fields. It is thought that Tesseran cities has flying vehicles and great cannons that could lay massive swathes of land barren.

Thalusai - Bi-pedal race resembling a large insect that rose to dominance over the other Syrneth races. Centres of power seem to be the islands in the western seas that bear their name. Though to be resoncible for the destruction of the Razhdost and the ensuing war. With technology based on light, they are capable of great destruction and also manipution of appearance. Banished from Theah by the Sidhe, they have since plotted to return and as part of this granted the Bargainer's powers to the Numan Senators. These powers weaken the Sidhe barrier and bring the day of their return closer, although a number have already managed to return and integrate into society.

Vodyanoi - Aquatic race living in the depths of Lake Vigil in Ussura, the site of the last and best preserved Razhdost city. They are kept in check only by the power of Matushka, although their clockwork ships are sometimes spotted on the surface collecting their staple diet of episura.