This section brings together a number of resources and materials for players and GMs to develop their game in Theah.

Links to External Websites

Official AEG Site - Home of 7th Sea and Swashbuckling Adventures

Official AEG Forums - Canon discussion and rules for Theah

Revenants - Popular forum for discuss of all things Thean

Guild of San Marcos - A Living Campaign using Roll and Keep

Jack Harding's Compendium - Resources for roleplaing and card game

Tristan LeBeau - The irrepressible Montaigne reveals his own site

Amaranth - Impressive site with original articles and extensive references

Times of the Cherbourg Marines - A Montaigne-based campaign

The Uncommon Valor - Follow the exploits of an extensive campaign

The Knights Templar - Everything you ever wanted to know

Boats and Ships - Historical information on different naval vessels

Mythica - Encyclopaedia of world mythology and legend

Studio G - Creators of the 7th Sea line of comics by Daerick W Gross

Terese Nielsen - Gallery of artwork including 7th Sea pieces for sale


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