The companions of the Vagabond exist to protect the people of Castille from threats from within and without. The invasion of Montaigne causes great suffering to the land, but it is perhaps the more insidious threat of the Inquisition that is more important to oppose. Whenever a Castillian is in danger, there is always the chance that the smiling face of El Vago will appear to the rescue.







Candeloro, Roberto - Male. The respectable owner of the "Los Hermanos del Oro" tavern acts for the group after he closes a night.

del Aldana, Andres Bejarano - Male Noble. The King's advisor was a founding member of the group and a prime candidate for El Vago himself until he was seen fighting beside the Vagabond to defend Sandoval.

de Cardenas, Baldovino Montoya - Male Noble. The renowned blacksmith provides special services to the group in lieu of being able to act himself.

de Cordoba, Rafael Rios - Male. Operative within the Inquisition, went missing shortly after an operation with Joaquin. His wife Mircea Perea went looking for him but also appears to be lost.

de Cordoba, Vivienne - Female. A member of the powerful Altamira family, she is also a patron of the group providing information and financial support.

de Gallegos, Ximena - Female. The operator of the Joyas del Castille stables ensures that all operatives have access to a good quality, and often more importantly fast, horse.

del Garcia, Jacinta Navarro - Female Scholar. Niece of Salvador Garcia. Professor of history at La Ciencia. She often acts as a go-between for her father and the group, providing Invisible College designs and information for the cause of the Vagabond.

de Lopez, Leandra Guzman - Female Noble. Sister-in-law of Guillermo Lopez, second in command of the Tarango cabal and an accomplished swordsman.

de Soldano, Alejandro Vasquez - Male Don. Operating out of his rancho near Altamira, the blunt and outspoken military man is often sent potential new recruits for assessment and hopefully induction.

del Torres, Cristian Acedo de Lopez - Male Noble. As a soldier on the frontline with the Montaigne, Don Cristian oversees all Los Vagos action against the invaders.

del Torres, Reynaldo Nuñez - Male. Leader of the Freiburg cadre from the safety of the "Fox Den" club and a number of safehouses scattered around the city.

del Torres, Sienna Guzman - Female Noble. Recommended the use of the "Fox Den" club in Eisen as a safehouse, especially since it run by a relative.

del Velasquez, Tómas Montoya - Male Commander. Leader of the militaristic "Against a Wall" cabal in southern Zepeda.

de Zepeda, Lorenzo - Male Noble. A former member of the group, he was cast out after his rage consumed him in his revenge against the Montaigne.

du Arrent, Alexis Dubios - Female Montaigne. The former artist has taken up from the role of her brother Tristan in fighting for Los Vagos. Also using the arcane Obsidian Mask, some are concerned of the long-term effects of the artifact.

du Arrent, Tristan - Male Montaigne. After helping against the Inquisition for a year, he discovered the Obsidian Mask when visiting his sister Alexis. Giving him unusual powers, he nonetheless was lured into a trap and killed. Historical

Duarte, Reynaldo - Male General. Taken over control of Don Lorenzo's cabal in Rancho Torres and maintains in contact with the Inner Circle.

El Vago - Male. Only a handful of men know the true identity of the Vagabond, his white painted face hiding him from all that would hunt him down.

Grijalva, Arantxa - Female Noble. The well studied Dona has recently established a number of hideouts throughout the Selva de Fendes forest working with the Explorer group documenting the area.

Lopez, Guillermo - Male Noble. Leader of the Tarango cabal and a childhood friend of the alcade, Don Luis Rios de Bejarano.

Luna, Mauro - Male. Loyal courier between the Tarango group and Don Andres.

Ontiveros, Hector - Male Noble. The good friend of Andres is key to the information gathering operations of El Vago.

Orduño, Joaquin - Male Sailor. Cousin of Admiral Enrique Orduño. Smuggler and ship captain, uses his boat La Venganza to move group members and other goods from port to port without problems.

Orsini, Angelo - Male Count. Relative of the Caligari noble line. Acts as an informant to Joaquin Orduño, but quite likely gives just as much information to his Merchant Prince master.

Ortega, Gustavo - Male. Personal aide to Andres and fanatically loyal, he is also a keen observer of behaviour and uses this skill to gather information for the group.

Perea, Madalena - Female. Sister of Mercea, she has taken over her role as an Inquisition mole providing critical information on Verdugo's lackeys.

Perea, Mircea - Female. Joined Los Vagos shortly after her marriage to Rafael Rios de Cordoba, acting as an operative within the ranks of the Inquisition.

Pintoro, Jaime - Male Artist. Joined the group after being rescued by Roberto Candeloro, seeking to enact revenge on the noble who led to the death of his wife.

Ramirez, Delia - Female. Organiser of the group of jennys known as La Muñecas and responcible for teasing information out of decadent Montaigne officers.

y Aldana, Maria-Soledad Rivera - Female Noble. The fiesty daughter of Andres has proven quite a boon to the group, outshining even her father with her swordplay.