This archive contains all the official Tales of Theah written to support the development of the 7th Sea card game. They are given here in chronological order, but lists showing major story arcs are also provided.

Torvo Espada arc

Rulebook stories

Sins of the Fathers Part One - Intrigue in ancient Numa as the Senators conspire for power

Sins of the Fathers Part Two - Montanus is betrayed as a dark vision of the future is revealed

Crow Part One - A smuggler ship struggles against the storm off the treacherous coast of Avalon

Memories Part Two - The captain of the betrayed ship gets truly what was coming to him

Hunted by the Past Part One - A Tyro finds himself on a mission to Vodacce to help his Dominie

Done Waiting Part One - A break-out on the Strange Skies reveals the secret of the pilot Espera

Believing Without Seeing - An ancient and tragic tale from the lands of the Vestenmannavnjar

The Culpepper Question - Josephina seeks vengeance against a certain Avalon captain for past deeds

Fate's Debt - The fate of the Brotherhood lies in the balance as The General closes in

Them and Us - A Guild representative witnesses first-hand the brutality of Jorund Guttormsson

Pride and Money - The General meets a fellow Eisen mercenary as he ponders his plan of betrayal

The Merchantman - A pirate gets more than we bargained for when he boards a simple merchant ship

A Beginning - Berek contemplates the next step after the loss of Allende and the Hanged Man

Battle for Cabora - The epic story reaches a conclusion on the Isle of the Sunken Eye

Bargains and Blood - Captains Reis and Bonnie meet once more for a gripping and final confrontation

The Swordmaster - The downfall of Tracy Anvillin, a sword-trainer to the Montaigne navy

The End - Gosse and Necros face up for the final confrontation off the shores of Cabora

A Sister's Duty - Rosamonde recalls an earlier adventure as she seeks to rescue one of her sisters

The Hunt Begins - Otiro convinces an Ussuran captain to hunt the dreaded sea creature that killed his brother

New Friends - The Corsairs regroup following the fall of Kheired-din at the battle for Cabora

Villanova's Women - Giovanni tastes betrayal himself when Valentina and Juliette flee his clutches

From the Ashes - The return of 'Reis' ends the speculation of new leadership for the Crimson Rogers

Surprise Visit - The Explorer's relieve one of their dig sites under attack from Vodacce privateers

Pleasant Diversions - Two Montaigne fops scheme and charm their way through life

The Battle of Richebeau - As Valoix prepares the fleet two Montaigne ships patrol the waters of this small island

Games of Chance - Valoix sets into motion the naval attack on San Christobal

Escape from Caligari's Isle - Berek enacts his bold plan to rescue Allende from his Vodacce prison

Moonlight and Swordplay - A duel in the night brings El Vago to La Bucca and a returning Captain

The Scoundrels - A hunted Angelo Orsini seeks help from the vagabond captain Joaquin Orduno

l'Empereur's Daughters - Rosamonde du Montaigne stands ready to be executed as the old regime falls

The Inky Depths - Three Highland smugglers deliver interesting weapons to the O'Toole family

Quest of the Grim Sword - Torvo Espada seeks to finally fulfill his vendetta on the Aldana family

Closing Finale - Babette finally catches up with the letharious Antonio Aldonez and brings him to justice

McIntrick's Folly - An Inivisible College harvester agent is uncovered about the Crimson Rogers

Ngali the Gun - A short story of a Kanuban islander and how he got his name

El Cubo de Sangre Part One - Margaretta gains information in the search for her husband from a familiar source

The Price of Wine - Al Kassim finds a not so welcoming reception on the Strange Skies

An Inauspicious Start - Cosette and her crew find trouble has smuggled aboard their venture into the western oceans

Forgive and Forget - Valoix returns to a very different Charouse to secure his position with the new Council

The Return - The returning Berek and Celedoine come to the rescue of another Sea Dog ship

Journey of the Heart Part Two - Margaretta and Alicia arrive at the Ussuran sanitarium to find the lost Felipe

Smoke - Bil Kollsson learns some unsettling news about the latest quest of the raider Olafsdottir

Yngvild's Axe - Yngveld Olafsdottir manages to located one of the legendary Living Runes on her new quest

Decision at the Edge of the World - The rescue of the mad Felipe concludes

The Explorer's Dilemma - Abottsford visits Cosette with distrubing news about Explorer expeditions

The Undefeated Heart - Ivanovitch takes a reluctant commision from the Corsairs that puts him in harms way

Legion's Own - A vengeful Bianco gets more than he wanted when he summons a powerful force

The Will of Theus - Cardinal Verdugo lays plans to see the downfall of Allende and the Brotherhood

Preamble - As Marcos calls on an old ally a worried Joaquin brings alarming news to Margaretta

Battle of La Bucca - The Corsair surprise attack brings a number of unusual groups to the isle of Bucca

The Thing - Yngvild returns to lead her people on a new path but faces resistance

The Dracheneisen Cutlass - Dupre finds his travels take him to Freiburg and the legacy of his friend Hans

The Pirate King and El Vago - The Castillian captains meet in the aftermath of the battle at La Bucca

The Treachery of Porte - Felix Guy-Daniel performs the last betrayal of his life as the Rogers sail

A Chance Meeting - A a tropical island Cossette finds herself in a very close encounter with Jeremiah Berek

The Island of Richbeau - The Brotherhood find a new danger after fleeing their former home of la Bucca

Til Death Us Do Part - A Montaigne woman betrays her husband and country for the sake of her church

Interludes of the Heart - Cosette and Berek continue to muse on each other as they continue west into the unknown

La Vagabonde - Fleurette takes up the calling of serving Castille as the masked vigilante himself

Caruthers' Mistake - A pirate captain makes the error of raiding the island of Utopia

Castillian's Don't Always Get the Girl - Fleurette is rescued from capture in Montaigne-controlled Barcino

An Act of Simple Piracy - The adventurous captain Red returns with a little help from old friends

The Marquis du Diablo - A cruel Montaigne ship captain on the run from the Revolution makes a very fateful bargain

Smoke of the Vine - A cruel Montaigne ship captain on the run from the Revolution makes a very fateful bargain

Continuing Studies - Tracey Anvillin takes Marcos to meet a retired swordmaster to help their quest