Following the war with Montaigne, Castille stands at the start of a new glorious dawn. Good King Sandoval leads the nation as Rex Castillium with a restored Vatacine Church. Explorers venture into the west in a new Age of Exploration.





Alvarez, Larenzo - Male Scholar. Popular scientist whose pupil, Galeno Rioja, would go on to become one of the forefathers of modern scientific thought. Historical

Alverado, Maria - Female Scholar. Invented a device that generates a static electric charge using a rotating globe of sulphur.

Ballesteros, Eladio - Male Merchant. Current holder of the Miner's Guild Chair within the Vendel League. Only one of three non-Vendel currently in the upper echelons of the Guild structure.

Bane, Aurora - Female Artist. Controversial painter currently hunted by the Inquisition for her morbid representations of Legion and the Abyss.

Basqualles, Romero - Male Noble. Don. Eldest son of a prominent family from eastern Castille. Having disappeared on a sea voyage in 1658, his rancho was divided between surviving family members.

Candeloro, Roberto - Male. The owner of the "Los Hermanos del Oro" tavern, he keeps a good inn and has never been known to water the wine.

Chrysoloras, Manuel - Male Scholar. Translated a large number of ancient Numan treatise on philosophy during the early renaissance. Inspired his young apprentice Leotano Vinchenti. A practitioner of El Fuego, he married into the Mondavi family and resided in Elena. Historical

del Acedo, Lorenzo Zepeda - Male Noble. Charismatic soldier who broke countless hearts in San Juan with his many romances.

del Acedo, Miguel Soldano de Acedo hijo de José Garcia - Male Noble. Sent by Verdugo to be the Castillian Governor of Sieger, he found the Eisenfurst unamused and unwilling to give up control.

del Aldana, Andres Bejarano - Male Noble Swordsman. Nephew to Francisco. Son of a prominent Judge. Advisor to King Sandoval. Also represents his aunt Elodia Avila del Torres in court. Recalled from diplomatic duties in Montoaigne to be a key advisor to King Sandoval. An excellent stateman, deeply concerned with the welfare of the people.

del Aldana, Cherie du Montaigne - Female Doña. Second wife of Francisco and eldest daughter of Leon of Montaigne.

de Aldana, Clement Garcia - Male Priest. Writer of strict historical texts of events such as 'La Fin de Cieclo' and the Second Prophet that have an enthralling poetic quality.

del Aldana, Efrain Rivera - Male Noble. A painter who is known for his full length portraits finished in one sitting with an incredible sense of depth.

del Aldana, Enrique Yanez - Male Noble. Captain in the army, he has left control of the Rancho to his brother-in-law, Javier Rios del Guzman.

del Aldana, Francisco Guzman - Male Don. Current patriarch of the Aldana family. Can be stubborn but is also known as fair and forgiving. Married to Cherie du Montaigne.

de Arciniega, Alvara Soldano - Male Scholar Noble. Developed the reflecting telescope, advancing astronomy in the process. Shortly after discovering the spectrum of light he was forces to flee the Inquisition, killing three of their agents in the process. Headmaster and founder of the Universidad de Archiniega in Altamira, he is now in hiding.

de Basquez, Hector - Male. Son of the former Commander of the Castillo de Santa Marillo in San Eliseo. Captured and killed by Cresents who had besieged the castle.

de Bejarano, Javier - Male Church Scholar. Young man who was taken from a Syrneth dig site by a pirate ship, thought to be the Crimson Roger.

de Bejarano, Julio - Male Noble. Don. Patron of the Rose & Cross, he is protected from the Inquisition by two Knights after donating what is now Casa de Tarago to the Order.

de Bejarano, Luis Rios - Male Noble. Alcade of the port of Tarango.

de Cardenas, Baldovino Montoya - Male Noble. The renowned blacksmith works from his family lands, prevented by his word from going out and fighting the Montaigne himself.

de Cordoba, Rafael Rios - Male. Inquisition member who recently went missing.

de Cordoba, Vivienne - Female. A member of the powerful Altamira family.

de la Cruz, Esteban Valentin - Male. Member of King Sandoval's personal guard.

de la Cruz, Sophia - Female Noble. In Eisen trying to secure weapons and mercenaries for the war against Montaigne.

de Foix, Racine - Female. Married to a young Castillian royal, she became obsessed with an obscure Church sect from the Numan era. Dissapeared while exploring Vodacce in 1243 AV.

de Gallegos, Samuel Vasquez - Male Don. Patriarch of the Gallegos family.

de Gallegos, Ximena - Female. The operator of the renowned Joyas del Castille stables.

del Garcia, Jacinta Navarro - Female Scholar. Niece of Salvador Garcia. Professor of history at La Ciencia.

de Gaya - Male Scribe. Once wrote "Montaigne may have the most beautiful libraries in the world, but we have the most complete." Historical

de Grijalva, Jorge Vasquez - Male. Leader of the cult known as the Sequidores del Fuego ( Followers of Fire ) in the Gallegos mountains. They revere fire as the ultimate representation of Theus.

del Guzman, Javier Rios - Male Scholar. An important scholar in the Vatacine city, he was forced to flee after being implicated in a fire in the library. In 1652 he was given control of Rancho Aldana by his brother-in-law.

de Josémaria, Alonzo Al-Mahmud - Male Noble. Son of King Josémaria, Castille and the Cresent Empire were united under his rule. Historical

de Lazaro, Alicia Zaneta - Female. Daughter of Don Lazaro. A rebellious girl in her youth, she has become the first famous matadora.

del Lopez, Juanita Avila - Male Surgeon. Respected and talented doctor operating in the town of Avila.

de Lopez, Leandra Guzman - Female Noble. Sister-in-law of Guillermo Lopez in Tarango.

del Montoya, Jose Rioja - Male General. Forced back into Rancho Zepeda by the fast Montaigne advance and so cut off from San Christobal.

del Nuñez, Pio Garcia - Male Sailor. Extremely skilled pilot based out of the port of San Gustavo. Known for his bragging tales of strength and might.

del Ochoa, Efron - Male Don. Current patriarch of the Ochoa family. Thought to have been killed in San Christobal following his son's betrayal.

del Ochoa, Marco Ontiveros - Male Don. Son of the Ochoa patriarch. The traitor who opened the gates of Barcino to the Montaigne forces of General du Toille, who thanked his actions by killing him.

del Ontiveros, Angela de Garcia - Female Doña. Matriarch of the Ontiveros family. A wily statesman, she delights in exiling her political enemies into neighboring Vodacce.

del Orduño, Enrique Rivera - Male Admiral. Brother to Julio. Commander of the Castillian fleet against the Montaigne attempts to blockade Castille. Responcible for returning the remnants of the battered armada from the shores of Avalon, he was passed over as Admiral. Now a prisoner of the Inquisition on charges of treason.

del Orduño, Juan Rios - Male Admiral. Son of Julio. Master of the Naval Shipyards at La Pasiega.

del Orduño, Julio Rivera - Male Admiral. Current patriarch of the Orduño family. Commands all strategic naval operations from his villa in Tarago.

del Orduño, Hernando Archiega - Male Admiral. Led the unsuccessful armada that attempted to subdue Queen Elaine in 1659. Only thirty-two ships returned safely to Castille from a force of one hundred and eighty. Historical

del Orduño, Lorena - Female Commandante. Eldest daughter of Julio. Headmistress of the College of Naval Engineering at La Pasiega.

del Orduño, Margaretta Vasquez Soldano - Female. Wife of Enrique. Daughter of Don Roberto Vasquez del Soldano. Accomplished with the blade, she has distanced herself from her imprisoned husband and taken her own captaincy.

del Rioja, Sergio Ontiveros - Male Noble. An outwardly honourable man, however persistent rumors about certain vices have emerged of late.

del Rios, Bardo Rivera - Male General. Nephew of Julio del Orduño. Master of the Royal Artillery Academy and garrison commander of El Morro.

del Rios, José Nuñez - Male. Curator of the Vatacine library, he has access to a large collection of banned volumes.

del Rios, Manuel Rivera - Male. Brother of Bardo. Harbourmaster of the naval headquarters at Tarago.

de Rivera, Felix Guzman - Male Bishop. Recently dissapeared while visiting the city of Freiburg.

de San Angelo, Luis Rafael Dominguez - Male. Adopted son of a local Don. While at University he trained to be a priest, but after saving the daughter of Sir Morgan of Avalon he was rewarded with entrance to the Order of the Rose & Cross. Left the organisation as Wandering Salvador after the death of his parents at the hands of the Montaigne. Now a mercenary fighting against the Montaigne advance.

de Sandoval, Javier - Male Noble Prince. Elder brother of Sandoval and the finest Admiral in Castille. He was locked up on La Bucca by the Inquisition.

de Sandoval, Ramon - Male King. Known as 'El Sayyid' ( "The Master" ) and of mixed Castillian-Crescent blood, became the new King of Castille in 1014 AV following the crusade against the Crescent influence in the nation. Historical

de Sandoval, Salvador Aldana - Male. Former King of Castille. Died in the summer of 1665 after a long illness. Historical

de Sandoval, Salvador Bejarano - Male. King of Castille. Only 16 years old. Currently staying in Vaticine City overseeing the war with Montaigne.

de Soldano, Alejandro Vasquez - Male Don. Former military officer and owner of a large rancho on the outskirts of Altamira.

del Soldano, Roberto Vasquez- Male Noble. Father of Margaretta Orduño.

de Torres, Anita - Female. Acclaimed poet and wife of Alejandro de Zepeda. Executed as a heretic for accusing the Church of failing her husband. Historical

del Torres, Cristian Acedo de Lopez - Male Noble. Leader of Castillian forces along the front-line against the invading Montaigne. A well-liked figure whose character is above question.

del Torres, Elodia Avila - Female Doña. Matriarch of the Torres family. Personal guest of King Sandoval after the loss of her husband and three sons defending their ranch.

del Torres, Reynaldo Nuñez - Male. Currently residing in the Eisen city of Freiburg, where he runs the "Fox Den" gentleman's club.

del Torres, Sienna de Guzman - Female Scholar. Fiesty cartographer of the Explorer's Society. Planning expeditions into La Selva de Fendes, the so-called "Forest of Fiends".

de Torres del Ussura, Juan Kerenyi - Male Ussuran. Adopted patron saint of drunks after who the city of San Juan is named. A festival is held on the 6th of Julius each year in his name. Historical

de Trujillo, Miguel - Male Soldier. Military head of the mining operations in the La Sierra de Hierro mountains out of a base in San Eliseo.

del Velasquez, Tómas Montoya - Male Commander. Stationed on the Muralla in southern Zepeda.

de Zepeda, Alejandro - Male. Minor noble and husband of Anita de Torres. Died of plague, he was survived by his wife and son Diego Torres de Zepeda. Historical

de Zepeda, Guillermo Soldano - Male. Duellist from San Teodoro, died in suspicious circumstances.

del Zepeda, Jose Rioja - Male Don. General and patriarch of the Zepeda family.

Diega, Allario - Male Scholar. Founding member of the Explorer's Society. Historical

Duarte, Reynaldo - Male General. Former commander at San Juan, he has taken some of the work of Don Lorenzo.

El Baston - Male Criminal. Leader of the bandit gang known as the 'Wolf Pack' in the San Teodoro region. A former accomplice of El Lobo, a two hundred doubloon bounty has been placed on him.

El Lobo - Male Criminal. Famous bandit leader in the San Teodoro region. An accomplished duellist, he was eventually caught and executed. Historical

El Sangriento - Male Criminal. Burly watchman for the 'Wolf Pack' bandit gang.

El Vago - Male Swordsman. Popular vigilante who appears to be helping Good King Sandoval maintain his crown against high odds.

Gallegos, Christobal - Male Explorer. Claimed that another continent lay across the ocean. After leaving in the early 15th century on a royal-sponsored voyage, he was never seen again. Historical

Garcia - Male Noble. High King of Castille, sided with the Cresents against the Third Prophet. Was defeated at Malaca in 1009, the battle is known as 'El Fin del Ciclo' ("The End of the Cycle"). Historical

Garcia, Salvador - Male Scholar. A former Bishop, after the death of the Hierophant he became disillusioned with the Church. Left to take up the position of Headmaster of La Ciencia, Castille's University.

Garcia, Viego - Male Noble. Killed when his small boat collided with another in heavy fog. Historical

Grijalva, Arantxa - Female Noble. Well studied Dona of this exiled family, she has taken a keen interest in the woods of northern Castille of late.

Guadaloupe IX - Male King. Crowned in 1133, the first 'corrida' bullfight took place at Tarago in honour of the occasion. Historical

Guzman, Inez - Male Priest. Cardinal. Targeted for a publicity strike by the Rilasciare.

Guzman, Martin - Male. Propieter of the Aquilas Inn in Rioja. Known for his colourful banter and stories.

Guzman, Rosario - Female. Widow who runs the El Caballo Blanco inn in San Christobal.

Lopez, Guillermo - Male Noble. Childhood friend of Don Luis Rios de Bejarano, the alcade of Tarango.

Marquez, José - Male. Groundskeeper at Universidad de San Augustin. One of the few members of the faculty to remain after the evacuation.

Mercado, Jorge - Male Soldier. Captain in charge of the defence of San Augustin.

Montello, Rodriguez - Male. A known lecher.

Montevada, Eduardo - Male Swordsman. Established the Guild of San Marcos in Altamira, a recognised branch of the Thean Swordsmen's Guild.

Montoya - Male Soldier. General. Holding the aging fort of Falcon's Point on the southern tip of El Camino del Sol against a constant reinforced Montaigne force.

Nuñez, Soledad - Male Artist. Known with his son Baltazar as 'Padre y Hijo' ("Father and Son"), they have produced many scenes of the war with the Montaigne shown as Legion itself. The family is also known as skilled architects, they have volunteered their services in this regard to design new fortifications.

Ochoa, Hernando - Male Priest. Unorthodox man with atheist views who espouses the belief that everyone should share equal work and wealth.

Olivares, Miguel - Male Scholar. Professor at the Universidad de San Augustin. Fled the Montaigne advance to the safety of San Christobal.

Ontiveros, Hector - Male Noble. Former college friend of Andres del Aldana and Prince Javier. Trained in law he took a diplomatic post to Hainzl in Eisen before being recalled on the dissapearance of Javier.

Ordunez, Alfonso - Male Priest. Cardinal. Reported on the states of the prisons of Castille in 1552, he started to work on setting up what became La Buca ten years later. Historical

Orduño, Joaquin - Male Sailor. Cousin of Admiral Enrique Orduño. Captain of La Venganza out of La Pasiega.

Ortega, Gustavo - Male. Personal aide to Andres and fanatically loyal, he is also a keen observer of behaviour.

Pintoro, Jaime - Male Artist. Once known for his portraits of minor nobles, he has stopped since the death of his wife who is said to have hung herself.

Ramirez, Delia - Female. Organiser of the group of jennys known as La Muñecas operating throughout the Montaigne controlled territory.

Rioja, Urraca - Female Noble. Courtier known as the "Ice Princess" and often seen in the company of Cardinal Verdugo.

Rioja, Galeno - Male Scholar. Pupil of the popular scholar Larenzo Alvarez, he is considered one of the forefathers of modern scientific thought. Developed the foundations for visual sciences, using telescopes to chart the movement of Theah and its neighboring planets. Historical

Rodriguez, Constanzo - Male Scholar. Member of the Explorer Society and an expert on monsters, his 'Complete Bestiary' is a work in progress.

Sangre, Carlos Fidel - Male Monk. Invented the refreshing combination of wine and fruit juices known as sangre de Sangre or 'sangria'. Historical

Sintera, Arnador - Male. Owner of a small bookstore on Puerto de Cielo.

Suarez, Danielo - Male. Fisherman on Puerto de Cielo who married the Avalon privateer Sioban Martyn. Father of Fidencia.

Torres, Ramon - Male Criminal. Former lieutenant of the bandit leader known as El Lobo. Caught and imprisoned.

Trejo, Louis - Male Noble. Led a team into the Sierra de Hierro mountains in the 1500s to track down the elusive Los Nublados bandits. Committed to an asylem on his return. Historical

Velez, Luis - Male Church Scholar. An old man who every night sits in the 'Powder Keg' Tavern and reads.

Verdugo, Ésteban - Male Priest. Head of the Inquisition and currently the most powerful man in the Vaticine Church. A key advisor to King Sandoval.

y Aldana, Maria-Soledad Rivera - Female Noble. The fiesty daughter of Don Andres posssess both a sharp mind and a fast swordarm. It is thought that young King Sandoval has taken a liking to her presence.

Zepeda, Anabel - Female Author. Commoner whose satirical style of writing delighted the public readership. Historical