The Merchant Princes may have been reduced in number but not in guile, although an uneasy peace has settled over the islands. While some look to their own personal issues, it is only a matter of time before one makes another grab for power in the face of the continued threat of the Vendel League.





Alban, Francesco - Male. The 'sinister' poet of southern Vodacce.

Alesia - Female Strega. Sent to Vatacine City to observe a Vodacce arch-bishop, she was never seen again.

Ambrogia, Giulia - Female. Daughter of Veronica. Sent to the Diletante finishing school to become a courtesan.

Ambrogia, Veronica - Female Swordsman. Mother of Giulia. Developed the Vodacce fighting style name after her.

Bernoulli family - Powerful merchant family descended from the first son of the Gallili patriarch.

Bernoulli, Albano - Male. Hedonistic governor of the city of Porto Spatia.

Bernoulli, Antonio - Male. Grandsom of the previous Merchant Prince. Sent to serve the family interests in the Crescent Empire, especially working with the Husnah family of nomadic merchants.

Bernoulli, Augustin - Male. Son of Gespucci. Known for his insatiable sexual appetite.

Bernoulli, Denis - Male. Governor of the city of Mount Olimpia. An incompitant ruler he governs only by the imposition of ancient laws and traditions.

Bernoulli, Dominic - Male. Son of Gespucci. Thought to be addicted to a Crescent herbal concoction.

Bernoulli, Gespucci - Male Noble. Merchant Prince. Elderly but powerful and extremely rich patriarch. Devout Vaticine, the only man allowed by the Church to conduct legitimate trade with the Cresent Empire. His decadent sons are known for their exotic vices and may well be in grave trouble when the old man eventually dies.

Bernoulli, Giuseppe - Male. Son of Gespucci. A ruthless man who is known to kill people at a whim.

Biancastro, Fausto - Male. Hot-headed husband of Lucretta. Known as "Fausto the Pale".

Biancastro, Lucretta - Female Strega. Young wife of Fausto. Saved from falling into the canals of Dionna by a passing nobleman.

Bianco family - Formed by the destruction of the Lorenzo line, they turned to Legion worship and were destroyed with Church sanction by the Vestini. Historical

Bianco, Christina - Female Artist. Aspring sculptor thought to have been smuggled out of Vodacce and now in Freiburg seeking patronage.

Bianco, Copello - Male Noble. A cruel man who grew powerful though money-lending. Thought to be the inspiration of Scarovese's 'Means to Ends'. Historical

Bondicci, Savino - Male Merchant. One of the best tailors in Porto Spacia. Now elderly, his business is suffering from a local protection racket.

Calagara family - Powerful Merchant family descending from Delaga, they were forced to renounce this claim and change their name to Caligari.

Caligara, Aldo - Male Noble. Last to claim descent from Delaga, he was defeated in a duel by Guiseppi Villanova.Historical

Caligara, Savanarola - Male Noble. Merchant Prince assassinated by his own son, an act that prompted Scarovese to begin writing his 'Victory'. Historical

Caligari, Alfredo - Male. Grandnephew of Vincenzo. Also enthralled with the Syrneth, rumoured to have perished at a dig site deep in the Vodacce swamps.

Caligari, Antonio - Male. Cousin of Alfredo. Killed by Giovanni Villanova for intruding into his city of Dionna without permission.

Caligari, Allario - Male Noble. Former Merchant Prince. Originally the wealthiest member of the Discover's Society, MacCormick found he was keeping and selling artefacts and so broke with him. He continued to fund expeditions of his own, which the newly-formed Explorer's Society unflatteringly refer to as "diggers". Historical

Caligari, Beatrice - Female Noble Strega. Nephew of Vincenzo, who adopted her on the death of her parents. Sister of the Montaigne Imperatrice Giacinni. Attended the Diletante finishing school. Rumoured to be able to control the mysterious black fate strands, and so is avoided by most sensible people. Married to Aldo Falisci.

Caligari, Georgio - Male Merchant Prince. First Vodacce noble to outfit his merchant ships with guns. Preyed on Bianco shipping for a while, until they followed suit and retaliated. Historical

Caligari, Julius - Male Noble. Cousin of Vincenzo. A journeyman of the Ambrogia school, he appears to be sailing with Reis and the Crimson Roger, possibly due to some business deal of his uncle. Has a blind right eye due to a cataract.

Caligari, Lucas - Male Noble. Son of Vincenzo. Disliking his father's pursuit of Syrneth knowledge, he help only reluctantly.

Caligari, Martinus - Male Merchant. Distant cousin of Vincenzo. Thought to have substantial connections to the criminal underground.

Caligari, Vincenzo - Male Noble. Merchant Prince. This elderly head of the family shows little sign of stepping down. Surrounded by the regalia of the Old Republic he has one of the greatest collections of Syrneth artefacts in Theah. It is thought he is looking for a way to extend his life.

Caligari, Vito - Male Noble. Cousin of Merchant Prince Vincenzo. Known as "Angel Eyes" for his unusual blue eyes. Captain of the Amo Stallis privateer ship.

Caligari, Vito Calligozo - Male. Governor of the mainland Caligari lands.

Calissano, Anita - Female. Servant in the employ of Vincenzo Caligari, he is impressed enough with her work to grant her a name.

Campo del Caligara, Stefano - Male Architect. Said to have used fifteen strega to complete the Church of Saint Agnese in Reinascienza. Historical

Cappidocci, Roberto - Male Soldier. Fat and an alchoholic, this disgraced army officer is now the commander of Il Muro prison.

Carducci, Sonya - Female Artist. Poor craftswoman who rose to great prominance through her art. Her family shaped the baroque movement. Historical

Carlaggio, Antonio Ruiz - Male Artist. Painter adopted into the Castillian royal family, he has produced over thirty royal portraits.

Casiolo, Alberto and Antonio - Males. Identical twins working for the Scarred Man. Never seen together in public, they are capable of providing an alibi for each other.

Ciosa, Teodoro - Male Cardinal. Most powerful man in the Vodacce arch-diocese.

Constanza, Alberto - Male. Agent of Merchant Prince Caligari in Freiburg. Killed by a mis-activated Syrneth artefact while in his home.

Corradin, Bartholomeus - Male Composer. Opera composer from a long family line in the field. The current favourite of the Vodacce scene, he is supported by the Villanova family. Two successful operas, ''Vincenzo and Belloza' and 'Rosetta', recently performed.

Corradin, Bellafanta - Female. Wife of Bartholomeus.

de Benedictus, Sergio - Male Judge. Serving in the mainland district, he was known for his corrupt ways and tendency to find peasents guilty of token crimes and hand at will. Killed by an unknown assassin.Historical

de Brasco, Nicholas - Male Swordsman. A duellist with a high finesse.

de Sanchs, Francesco - Male. Completed the controversial Piazza di Castillia in Reinascienza. Historical

di Caligari, Cesare - Male Noble. Count and grandson of Vincenzo Caligari.

di Lucani, Alessandro - Male. Brother of Helena. Caught and imprisoned for killing an Ambassador while attempting a burglary in Castille.

di Lucani, Helena - Female. The stunning fiance of Ramon Torres of Castille. Originally from Guarre de Puerofino, the daughter of a Vodacce courtier and an Avalon mother.

Delaga family - Artisans from southern Vodacce, they were the first to move against Iago with a force of Crescent mercenaries. A powerful senatorial family with several Imperators in its history. Historical

Delaga, Luis - Male Noble. Powerful leader of the Delaga family. Historical

Denzelli de Bernoulli, Ernesto - Male Cardinal. Brother of Prince Bernoulli. Strong proponent of the independance of the Numan province.

Durand del Falisci, Michel - Male Cardinal. Elder brother and closest confidante of Prince Falisci. Thought to be a bit too involved with Vodacce politics.

Edinini, Mateo - Male Merchant. Candlemaker in Porto Spacia, his shop and home was burned down by a local criminal gang. Survived along with his daughter Eliza.

Eleonora - Female. Talented and popular courtesan in the city of Numa.

Falisci family - Poweful merchant family formed from the marriage of Gallili's daughter to a Montaigne noble.

Falisci, Aldo - Male. Minor lord married to Beatrice Caligari, who scares him to death.

Falisci, Carlo Umberto - Male Noble. Collector of Syrneth artefacts in the 14th century, his estate was lost in a recent landslide. Historical

Falisci, Donello - Male Noble. Merchant Prince. Son of a Montaigne mother. Powerful and rich, possessing the most fertile part of the mainland. The Falisci have been the greatest vintners for generations. Donello's parties are legendary, though he seems more interested in wine than politics. Infatuated with Lady Sices du Sices.

Falisci, Lucilla - Female. Only daughter of a minor noble branch. Reported to have been still-born.

Fazetti, Teresa - Female. Twin sister of Natalie Fazetti. Forced into marrying the crude Eisen merchant Redmund Erhart. She fled shortly after his death, being the prime suspect in his poisoning.

Filin, Giorgio - Male Swordsman. Hired bodyguard of composer Batholomeus Corradin.

Fioravanti, Presclau - Male Architect. Known for building the great Assumption Cathedral in the Ussuran city of Sousdal. Historical

Fiore, Andres - Male. Swordsman who after the destruction of his family and village took up a fanatical quest to destroy evil. Killed saving a female Explorer from a vile ruin creature. Historical

Giacinni, Morella Alouse - Female Noble Strega. Current Imperatrice of Montaigne. Third wife of Empereur Leon XIV. Mother of Dominique du Montaigne.

Ghioletti, Fiora - Female Courtesan. Master and tutor of the Ambrogia swordschool.

Juliette - Female. Personal courtesan of Giovanni Villanova for the last three years.

Lorenzo family - Ancient line subdued by Imperator Carleman, they rose against his son Iago. The family was completely destroyed and their island sunk in 1011 AV. Historical

Lorenzo, Giangaleazzo - Male Noble. Nephew of Visconti, he took control of the family by seizing the important cities of Elena and Quattro Alle. Historical

Lorenzo, Marietta - Female Noble Strega. Called the "Mad Queen" she used her powers to control an entire village for her husband. The fate lashes drove her insane and she killed her entire family before having her throat cut by her own mother. Historical

Lorenzo, Vinchenzo - Male Noble. Last ruler of the Lorenzo family. His wife Marietta's actions led to the destruction of their island at the height of the Crusades. Historical

Lorenzo, Viscounti - Male Noble. Prince hated by his people for his excesses, which included boar-hunting and exorbitant dowries for his daughters. Historical

Lorenzo, Viscounti Tigran - Male Noble. Sadistic descendant of the accursed Lorenzo line.

Lucani, Alberto - Male Noble. Merchant Prince. Knowing his wines cannot compete with Falisci, he has turned to the fine embroidery of the Lucani women to save the family estate. It is currently in vogue in the Montaigne courts. A great fop, he is constantly trying to better his family and the birth of four daughters may prove of economic gain.

Lucani, Carouso della Spada - Male Cardinal. Staunch supporter of the Lucani family within the church.

Lucani, Mikel - Male Noble. Former Merchant Prince. Head of the Lucani family, a lower-birthed cousin of the Villanova patriarch, he was given his own small island holding a century ago. Historical

Luce del Lucani, Fausto - Male. Governor of the small mainland Lucani lands.

Marifi - Female. Beautiful courtesan of Gallisus Mondavi.

Mercuri, Morgause - Female. Gunner on the Santa Cecilia merchant vessel. Hides her past.

Modavi, Alcide - Male Noble. Merchant Prince. Oversees a stable trade in rice export. Ruling the most southern of the islands, he prefers to spend time near his farms on the mainland and rarely throws parties. Importing workers from Sieger in exchange for food and resources. His skill with the blade quells most jibes made against him.

Modavi, Gallegos - Male Noble. Powerful Prince of the Gallili line. A patron of the arts and science in the fourteenth century. Historical

Mondavi, Gallisus - Male. Governor of the mainland Mondavi lands. However, he spends most of his time on the home island.

Mondavi, Mea - Female. Currently ill wife of Prince Alcide Mondavi.

Modavi, Milo - Female. First cousin to Prince Alcide. Killed in Agitazion in 1622 during childbirth. Historical

Mondavi, Nemise du Arrent - Female. Estranged wife of Gallisus who effectively runs the mainland territories from Profeta Chiesa.

Morena, Rudolf - Male. Executed on the order of the Honourable Sergio de Benedictus. Historical

Naticelli, Antonio - Male Merchant. Trying to make inroads into Eisen, he has been seen at Heilgrundstat.

Nicoletta di Caligari, Maria Catarina - Female Vodacce. Contessa married to Cesare di Caligari, herself a minor noble of the Vestini line.

Orsini, Angelo - Male Count. Relative of the Caligari noble line.

Pedrini, Lorenzo - Male. Former shopowner in Porto Spacia. Forced out of business by rivals, he became an enforcer for the criminal known as the Scarred Man.

Petrai, Lupe - Male Scholar. Researcher of love poetry patroned by the Delaga, you he wrote about. Historical

Poficiare, Benzidi - Male Artist. Dominates the field of baroque scuplture in Numa.

Poficiare, Benzoli - Male Architect. Commented on the vulgarity of the design of the Palizza de Agitazione.

Ragazzi, Gioseppe - Male Artist. Idealist paint who specialises in church frescos showing the lives of the Prophets. Patroned by Cardinal St Vito.

Reni, Guido - Male Artist. Bold artisan known as something of a swashbuckler.

Rosa, Andare del Casigula - Male Kreuzritter Knight. Defended the town of St Ivo against the Legion-worshipping Bianco. Suggested for canonisation. Historical

Salvadori, Stefano - Male Merchant. Friendly and out-going owner of the Golden Eagle inn in Porto Spacia.

Serrano family - Formed by the destruction of the Lorenzo line, the last member fell into financial ruin in 1175 AV.

Scaleni, Antonio - Male. Executed on the order of the Honourable Sergio de Benedictus. Historical

Scalessi, Antonio - Male Merchant. Member of the Explorer's Society.

Scarovese, Cristoforo - Male. Minor noble of the Caligara line, he rose to fame after the publication of his treatise 'Means to Ends' and 'Victory', both of which have become core to Vodacce political thought. Died at Dionna in 1412 of food poisoning. Historical

Scogna, Sebastiano - Male Sailor. Rakish captain of the Santa Cecilia and one of the most well travelled men in Vodacce. A very competant leader with ties to the Rose & Cross and Explorers.

Sophia, Bernadette - Female. Name given by unknown brunette seen escorting two renegade strega north and out of Vodacce.

St Vito, Beneditto - Male Cardinal. Former Mantuan monk who is unusually quiet.

Thale, Lucrecio - Male Artist. Known as "La Tormenta" ('The Storm') in Castille, to where he fled from his patron. Died in a fire that unfortunately also destroyed two-thirds of his work, the remaining collection is displayed in a monestary designed by his good friend Soledad Nuñez. Historical

Trotula, Fiamma - Female. Courtesan of the Dilatante school, she became well-versed in medicine. Developing a safe childbirth technique, she was burned as a heretic in the mid fifteenth century while over ninety years old. Historical

Varna, Dimitrius Villanova de la Deus - Male. Governor of the mainland Villanova lands. Cousin of Giovanni and his greatest rival.

Vercelis, Angelo - Male. Chief financial advisor to Prince Bernoulli.

Verde de Falisci, Meander - Male. Loyal governor of the Falisci lands and brother of Denezia.

Verde del Vestini, Denezia - Female. Headmistress of the Dilatente school in Serine. Widow of a powerful Vestini noble.

Verde del Vestini, Simona - Female. Headstrong daughter of Denezia, she fled the island the night before her arranged marriage. Now thought to be serving the merchant navy under an assumed name.

Vestanzi, Pascal - Male Sculptor. Blessed with artistic talent by a sorté strega, she apprenticed under merchant prince Vestini. Disappeared shortly after finishing sculptures of l'Empereur and the Imperatrice.

Vestini, Augusto - Male Noble. Merchant Prince. Father of Salvatore. Historical

Vestini, Enrico Edorardo - Male. Governor of the mainland Vestini lands.

Vestini del Lucani, Francesca - Female. Wife of Prince Lucani, she has bore him only four daughters but they are all potentially powerful strega.

Vestini, Marco Edorado - Male Noble. Merchant Prince. Shocked out of the usual debauched ways by the sight of his drunken father. He later duelled his father for control of the family, recieving a deep scar in the process.

Vestini, Salvatore - Male Noble. Son of Augusto. One of the three founders of the Rose & Cross. Historical

Vestini, Tonelli - Male Noble. Former Merchant Prince. Established his family's hold on craft goods two centuries ago by inviting artisans from throughout Vodacce to his lands and having the political and military might to follow it up. Historical

Vilangela, Salvador - Male. Chamberlain to Giovanni Villanova.

Villanova, Allegro - Male Noble. Former Merchant Prince. Father of Giovanni. Died unexpectedly when he fell down the stairs in a somewhat dubious accident. Historical

Villanova, Giam - Male Noble. Elder brother of Giovanni. Tried to advise the young Giovanni after the death of his father. Fell ill over a period of two years and died. Historical

Villanova, Giovanni - Male Noble Swordsman. Merchant Prince. The dark and devious head of the equally devious and powerful family. Controls the Dionna University. Succeeded his father under suspicious circumstances.

Villanova, Guiseppi - Male. Defeated Aldo Calagara in a duel and forced them to renounce their claim to Delaga linage. Historical

Villanova, Valentina - Female. Vestini-born wife of Giovanni, to who she has borne two sons. Mortal enemy of his courtesan Juliette.

Vinchenti, Leotano - Male Scholar. Probably the greatest mind in Vodacce history, a consumate artist and scientist who was the protege of Chrysoloras. Historical

Zampieri della Villanova - Male. Handsome and stylish artist known as "Domenichino" by his female admirers.