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Looking for Help: Fortification Design

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:35 am
by Black Jack Rackham
I've been working on this little project ever since I designed an adventure around the heroes defending a castle from attack by pirates. I knew all about how to design and have the ship fight, and remembered that there were some rules for designing fortifications in the back of the Castille book. Turns out The rules are notably scarce when it comes to fortifications, and entirely lacking when it comes to combat. Don't believe me? Check out Castille p. 105 (yes it's all on one single page)

So, I thought, if there aren't any rules, why not make them?

And not wanting to re-invent the wheel, I started with the Ship Building rules as a guide.

Give each fort 5 Traits (just like the ship) with each responsible for various duties. To make it even easier, I just duplicated the Ship Building Traits (when I could).

Brawn - Damage and Damage Soak Rolls
Finesse - # of dice Fort uses to hit
Resolve - Number of Critical Hits the Fort can take
Wits - TN to be Hit
Panache - How often/quickly it can retaliate

So far so good.

What I need though are suggestions for modifications (the same as ships) that can be put on a Fort.

Here are the ideas I've thought of so far.

Blind side (lowers Brawn/Finesse rolls on one side)
Overlapping Fields of Fire (raises Brawn by one)
Stationary Gun emplacements (lowers Brawn by one)
Narrow firing ports (lowers Finesse by one)
Experienced Cannoneers (raises Finesse by one)
Architectural design flaw (lowers Wits by one)
Ingenious Architectural design (raises Wits by one)
Ancient Design (thin walls, lowers Resolve by one)
Recent Design (newer stronger materials, raises Resolve by one)
Poor Firing Line Layout (trouble getting cannonballs/powder, bad storage, lowers Panache by one)
Efficient Garrison (division of labor, know where everything is, raises Panache by one)

Any ideas you have would sure be helpful.