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A re-release of the first two card sets, Broadsides changed the card layouts and made several updates for play balance. Attached is a list and description from the release's cards (a spoiler;) the Spoiler was originally linked to on the 7th Sea Website and hosted at Sir Jack Harding's

Original Description from the 7th Sea Website:
Come aboard and sail the Seven Seas of Theah, a world of swashbuckling and derring-do, noble sorcerers and secret orders of adventurers. Relics from ancient civilizations await discovery by the scholarly Explorers' Society, or by treasure-hunting pirates. Join the ranks of Theah's most notorious sailors as they battle for control of the Seven Seas.

Details : 6 new Fixed cards in starter decks for the Brotherhood, Castille, Crimson Rogers, Explorers, Montaigne and Sea Dogs
03 Broadsides.pdf
Broadsides Spoiler
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