Shifting Tides

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Shifting Tides

Postby kckrupp » Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:38 am

The fourth CCG release, Shifting Tides included 161 new cards and introduced the Vesten as a faction. Attached is a list and description from the release's cards (a spoiler;) the Spoiler was originally linked to on the 7th Sea Website and hosted at Sir Jack Harding's

Original Description from the 7th Sea Website:
The Sea can give and the sea can take away. As mighty navies clash, destinies are reborn upon the cresting waves. Admiral Orduño rises to avenge his country’s honor while the Crimson Rogers hunt down the one man bold enough to challenge them. The Brotherhood faces its greatest test as the General’s cannons finally find them. From the northern ocean come the savage Vesten Raiders, looting and pillaging all that they can find. One captain is lost, and another seizes the key to an ancient mystery. And as the conflict spreads to every corner of the Seven Seas, ominous warnings surface of things that should not be…

Details : 161 cards with starter decks for Montaigne and Vesten
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Shifting Tides Spoiler
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