Reaper's Fee

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Reaper's Fee

Postby kckrupp » Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:02 pm

The eighth release of the CCG, Reaper's Fee introduced 161 new cards. Attached is a spoiler detailing all of the cards in the set (originally linked to on the 7th Sea Website and hosted at Sir Jack Harding's

Original Description from the 7th Sea Website:
The tide draws closer to a final confrontation on the high seas of Theah. Countless threads, disparate and wild, are slowly pulling together, forming a pattern that only a mad fate witch can see. One crew will mutiny and another will reform under a chastened leader. Weary from Vesten depredations, the Vendel Merchant Guilds send a traitorous captain to sink the Revensj once and for all...but Yngvild Olafsdottir has plans of her own. The General seeks to reclaim his honor while Valoix plots a decisive end to the Montaigne-Castillian war. Admiral Orduno learns the price of crossing the Inquisition, leaving his wife to face a terrible choice alone. Nicole Cowbey confronts her husband’s killer while the Crimson Rogers discover the potential key to destroying Bonnie McGee. And across the continent, mystics and seers wake up screaming with a single phrase on their lips: “The Island of the Sunken Eye.”

Details : 161 cards with starter decks for Castille and Vesten
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Reaper's Fee Spoiler
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