Iron Shadow

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Iron Shadow

Postby kckrupp » Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:11 pm

The tenth CCG release, Iron Shadow added a whopping 623 cards and starter decks for all of the game factions. The cards were given a new layout and stopped using icons to represent the release. Attached is a spoiler detailing all of the cards in the set (originally linked to on the 7th Sea Website and hosted at Sir Jack Harding's

Original Description from the 7th Sea Website:
The isle of Cabora has risen and all of Théah trembles in its shadow. The factions which have fought so hard among themselves now converge up the sunken island, each hoping to seize its mystic power. Captain Reis and Bonnie McGee meet one final time amid Cabora’s haunted towers, sealing their enmity in hatred and blood. The Revensj finds its destiny in the midst of the Mirror, while Philip Gosse faces his darkest fears aboard the Black Freighter. Across the ocean, Admiral Valoix forces a decisive showdown with the Castillian Armada, hoping to end the war once and for all. McCormick finally learns his wife’s fate, as a new vessel appears from the waves of a doomed city. Within the depths of the island, Kheired-Din completes his apocalyptic destiny… and a mad fate witch changes the course of history. An iron shadow has fallen over Théah. When it rises, a new world shall be revealed.

Details : 623 cards with starter decks for all factions
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Iron Shadow Spoiler
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