While the nations of western Theah represent the known world of Terra, there exists exotic lands both near and far away. The Crescent Empire and Cathay are more ancient than any Thean nation, but few can say that they truly know these lands. Explorers continue to chart the islands of the Midnight Archipelago and even more mysterious islands further into the west.




Adaz'uk Mountains - The 'Mountains of Faith' are the home of the fanatical Safadim sect that practice a so-called pure form of the patika in which women have a subservient place in society.

Alexia - The ancient library of this coastal city was sacked by the Crusaders and the tomes taken back to Numa. A centre of learning and education, it is now a major publishing centre and still very distrustful of foreigners.

Basra - Ancient city originally on the coast but moved inland when erosion threatened the city. No longer a prominent port its glory has faded.

Cabora - The legendary "Island of the Sunken Eye", said by scholars to be located in the Mirror but having sunk beneath the waves millenia ago.

Carlos - Small island inhabited by descendants of a religious group founded from the teachings of father Carlos de Rioja which left Castille three hundred years ago. The group consisted of sorcerors attracted to his message of absolution of sins.

Cinida'ya Islands - Island chain in the Mirror and off the eastern coast of the peninsula. One of the oldest inhabited parts of the nation.

Dakalan'ya Islands - Island chain off the south-west coast of the peninsula. Use by the Corsairs for shipbuilding, it has become exposed to Thean cultures and languages.

Edirne - Ancient walled city on the wide western plains known for its horse market and a vurmak stadium.

Erivan - City with the second biggest slave market in the nation.

Iskandar - Capital of the Empire of the Crescent Moon, a magnificent city located on the delta between two major rivers overlooking the Bay of Emeralds. An ancient city, it was extensively rebuilt in the fourteenth century by Sultan Mahamat II.

Isle of the Red God - Mist-shrouded home to Dr Feodor Markov, it tends to be avoided by most merchant ships and few have had contact with the strange Ussuran scientist.

Jesalute - East through a mountain pass from the Vodacce city lies its sister settlement. Located on the Halya river which leads to the captial of Iskander.

Kanuba - This large tropical island lies southwest of Castille near the equatorial regions. Populated by friendly natives, Avalon and Eisen have both established small trading operations following its discovery is 1655 by an Avalon ship.

Kiri-Rapu - Island south of the Midnight chain and bordered by dangerous shoals and reefs. Inhabited by a savage race of idol worshippers, only two crew survived from the only ship known to have made contact.

Kulkadir - Eastern port with a large fish market, it has seen increased trade with recent activity on the Mirror.

La Corona del Oro - The "Golden Crown" of Marcina is the strongest Castillian fortification outside El Morro and defends the expansive harbour as well as controlling gold shipments back to the home country.

L'Il du Bête - The "Isle of the Beast" is a Syrneth site and one of the few Montaigne holdings in the Archipelago. Formerly surrounded by a permanent flotilla of ships it was used by the noblesse as a private hunting resort.

Los Llanos del Sangre ( "Plains of Blood" ) - Vodacce name for the plains below the Hayalet-dag mountains where a large crusader force was roundly defeated in 1010 AV.

Marcina - The most important Castillian colony in the Archipelago and at over a century old, one of the oldest Thean settlements in the island chain. Populated by two native groups, the friendly Erego and the aggresive Urub.

Midnight Archipelago - Island chain in the far western oceans. Fairly recently discovered by Avalon explorers, a number of trade routes have been quickly established bringing in commodities such as tobacco and chocolate.

Mount Karada - The 'Holy Mountain' of the Crescent patika faith.

Mount Ozayrat - The secretive home of the Qatihl'i sect of assassins.

Muglak'kum Desert - One of the most dangerous places in Theah, with settlements only on its eastern and western edges. Syrneth ruins dot the sands.

My'ar'pa - Mysterious island discovered by the Explorer's Society in 1631 and unusual in that it does not appear to have been formed by the volcanic activity responcibile for nearly all other Archipelago islands. Inhabited by a tribe of hunter-gather natives.

New Fenshire - Avalon colony on the island of Kanuba, populated by farmers and traders to establish a permanent Avalon presence in the Archipelago.

Puerto Grande - Capital of Marcina and the largest and most fortified port in the Archipelago, overlooking a large natural harbour and the centre of Castillian trade in the region.

Rahajeel - Most northern outpost of the Crescent Empire, it is here that the pilgrimage of the Second Prophet ended in bloodshed. A hybrid of Crescent and Vodacce culture.

Razgrad - At the base of the Kurtlar-dag mountains in the north, it is the site of the foremost Crescent university. More cosmopolitan than most cities of the nation and known for its famous musicians and poets.

Sange Tara - Populated island of dark-skinned people who tell that they were brougt to the island by five beings of a non-human race. Known for its superstitions and strange belief systems, it has been little affected so far by Thean explorers.

Shambu - Island in the distant Midnight Archipelago. A few miles across with a smoking volcano, there is a small native village of black skinned cannibals and a Syrneth site near the crater edge.

Shehir'kum desert - Smaller area of desert than the great Muglak'kum and slightly more hospitable, but only just.

Spear of the West Wind - Laerdom encribed artifact on a small island in the Trade Sea, it is said that it was built by the Living Runes after the battle with Kreig. Able to control the weather, it was destroyed by Philip Gosse to prevent it being used by evil forces.

Syrne Isle - Small island near the merdian some 300 miles from the coast of Castille. An important archeological site under investigation by the Explorer's Society. One of the first places that evidence of a pre-human civilisation was found.

Thalusian Isles - Chain of islands located far to the west of Avalon. Three of the eleven islands have been investigated by the Explorer's Society for their ruins of a pre-human culture.

Trebizond - The northernmost Crescent city, a hybrid culture influenced by the Somojez of Ussura. Orginally a tributary state it is now a shadow of its former glory.

Urfa - Largest city in the Muglak'kum desert, built over a deep oasis and rumoured to be the last burial site of the Second Prophet.

Utopia - Tropical island founded by Philip Gosse when he retired from piracy with his crew, the exact location is known only to them.

Vogeldorf - Eisen colony on the island of Kanuba, founded by refugees from the War of the Cross fleeing the trauma of their homeland and the fractured rule of the Eisenfursten.

Zafara - City captured by the Crusaders during the fourth century. Site of the Hospital of the First Witness, birthplace of the order known as Die Kreuzritter. Most open city to western travellers due to the charitable work of the hospital.