Once the shining nation of Theah, the rolling fields of Montaigne suffered under l'Emperor as nobles neglected the lands and stripped them for resources. Under the Revolutionary Council things started to improve, but now only with the restoration of the monarchy has the land started to bloom once more.





Alciérge - One of a dozen small villages in the northern most part of the Weissburg range, formerly held by Eisen and now under Montaigne control. Most of the population was killed by the plague two years ago.

Arisent - City on the western coast from where much of the higher echelons of the army direct the war against Castille.

Arrent - Province. Large area of land bordered on the west by the Sineuse river. Mainly farmland with also areas of the Lockhorn forest.

Aur - Province. A heavy farming shire with some of the lowest taxes in the nation.

Bascone - City in La Motte that blends naturally into the surrounding forest. Home to the Gaulle family.

Bastonne - Provincial capital of Toille and site of Château Étalon and their famous cavalry force known as the "Vent Conquérant".

Buché - Port city on the bay of Marina Linda across the Dechaine river from the captured Castillian city of Barcino.

Charouse - Province. Central lands and the very heart of the nation.

Charouse - The capital of the Empire of the Sun King is a wonder, graceful buildings stand over ancient catacombs that have not been fully explored. It was originally a colony of the Old Republic built in a defensible position of a hill.

Chasteltorbe - The Riché family are currently debating regarding moving their provincial capital from Tamis to this location.

Château du Theus - Former palace of the Cardinal of Montaigne, it has been turned into a home for disabled soldiers much to the chagrin of the church.

Columbe d'Or - One of the largest and most prominent theatres in Charouse. Currently premiering "Das Drachenfeld" by Anger Helven.

Coteau - City on the Couraise lake, it has developed both on a hillside and out over the lake so that now the two settlements have merged into one.

Couraise Lake - Large inland lake in the centre of the nation, it is the source of the Sineuse river that runs south.

Crieux - Province. The powerful and weathly northern lands consist of cultivated farmland and a coast of small ports and fishing villages.

Crieux - The largest port in Montaigne and one of the most well-known cities in Montaigne, in part due to its powerful Duke who maintains an opulant manor here. Also the home of the Order of the Rose & Cross.

Dechaine - Small city and the provincial capital of Doré. Strong contact with the Eisen and Vendel have given the locals the reputation of being very rural.

Dechaine River - Montaigne name for the Trade River, it serves as a major trade route between the Eisen and Montaigne. Inhabited by a legendary monster that may be descended from the drachen.

Doigt River - Running from the base of the Weissburg Mountains to the Dechaine just east of Paix, it is used to transport lumber and goods from towns in the southern Lockhorn region.

Doré - Province. Coastal lands at the most northern edge of the nation.

Echine - City that acts as a centre for trade for the entire north of Montaigne and the provincial capital of Martise.

Entour - Port city supplying the cavalry forces of the Montaigne army in Castille.

Fantôme - Tapestry factory in Charouse with a royal charter, few can afford its wares besides l'Empereur himself.

Footprint Island - Small island off the coast housing the town of Serre and Talon Prison.

Gloyure - Province. Made from lands acquired in the Treaty of Weissburg, it is half covered by thick forest.

Manche - Port town on the Dechain river near the border with Eisen and acting as a port for trade.

Martise - Province. Large area in central Montaigne centred around Couraise lake and the Sineuse river.

La Motte - Province. Isolated province in southwest Montaigne, containing the highest concentration of ghosts in the nation.

L'Il du Bête - The "Isle of the Beast" is a Syrneth site around 700 nautical miles off the Castillian coast. Surrounded by a permanent flotilla of ships it is used by the noblesse as a private hunting resort. Originally discovered by a Montaigne ship seeking a new route to Cathay.

Lame Enflammée - Most well known cathedral in Charouse, it has been boarded up since the rise in power of l'Empereur.

Le Grand Université - Foremost place of learning in Montaigne and one of twenty five universities within the city of Charouse.

Le Labyrinthe - Name given to the Paix embassy, for its maze of corridors and meeting rooms.

Les Somme Blancs - The "White Mountains" located north of Charouse are named for their snow-capped peaks.

Leveque War College - Located in Charouse, the Great Tomb to the war dead stands just outside its gates.

Liérre-Vallée - Picturesque city in a valley in central Aur boasting a profusion of wild lilies. The festival each year attracts around 10,000 visitors.

Lockhorn Forest - Running along the eastern border of Montaigne, these monster filled lands were acquired from Eisen in the treaty of Weissburg.

Mont San Gabriyon - Small town located deep in the Lockhorn forest founded on the site where Saint Gabriyon camped.

Muguet - Coastal provincial capital of Aur and its only major port. The launch site of every major action against Avalon. The shipyards have traditionally been run by the Leveque family.

Paix - The southern city of Paix revolves around the enormous embassy complex, a center of diplomacy to smooth the wrinkles made by the often rash decisions of the royal family.

Paroisse - Province. Sourthern shire bordered by the Sineuse and Dechaine rivers. The peasants here have a higher standard of life than most of Montaigne.

Petit Charouse - Name given to the ancient sewers below the city that have become a home for countless of the poorer citizens.

Port-Élancé - Arrent town east of Echine, home to pirates who often raid the rich neighboring city.

Prélant - Industrial town in southern Gloyure that recieves logs for milling from Prevoye.

Prevoye - Small lumbering town in Gloyure. It sends felled logs down the river south to Prélant.

Rachetisse - Province. Western lands containing the greatest number of permanent porté gateways outside of Charouse.

Rayure - Primary trading hub for the province of Arrent.

Ringes - Small town.

Rogné - Province. Southern area dominated by its major ports along the Marina Linda. It has been heavily militarised following the start of the war against Castille.

Serre - Small town of only 300 residents on the western shore of Footprint Island, it serves as a port for Talon Prison and houses the workers that service the gaol.

Sices - Province. Newly entitled lands from the gains of Eisen, like Gloyure they are mostly heavily wooded.

Sineuse River - Flowing south from lake Couraise, past the cities of Charouse and Paix into the larger Dechaine.

Surlign - Province. Small but powerful land surrounded by the Sineuse, Doigt and Dechaine rivers.

Talon Prison - The Prison de Serre is located on Footprint Island. It is a large tower housing mainly captured pirates. The warden is known to be corrupt and will allow the freedom of prisoners to be bought.

Tamis - City in Paroisee and the present provincial capital. All forms of porté have suddenly failed to work within the city limits, responsibility for this has been claimed by the Rilasciare.

The Flashing Swords Inn - Tavern on the Entour docks where the Swordsmans Guild is quite publically not welcome.

The Shackles and Chains - This former tavern in Arisent is now a chapterhouse for the Order of the Rose & Cross.

Toille - Province. Coastal area that was the last part of Montaigne settled by the Old Republic and the southern-most extent of the ancient Vesten raids.

Vergogne - Provincial capital of Rachetisse and a city of cats. Houses permanent porté gateways to Numa, Carleon and Charouse.

Verre - Province. Poor lands in western Montaigne that have seen their fortunes change with their importance to the war effort.

Vraise - City in Martise province that has slowly dwindled ever since a series of pirate raids in the early seventeenth century.

White Horse Tavern - Seedy bar in the dockside area of Buche.