By far the lagest nation on the continent of Theah, Ussura remains sparsely populated purely due to the harshness of the environment. While Matushka ensures her favoured people can survive, it takes a strong will to thrive in this wintery nation.





Assumption Cathedral - Built in Sousdal. Completed in 1479 by the Vodacce architect Presclau Fioravanti, it has become a model for Ussuran churches.

Astradastan - Site of a Sud'ya convent in the southern mountains of Gallenia province.

Azov Forest - Larest single area of woodland in Theah and said to be the home of Matushka, with the easiest route to her domain of the Thrice-Tenth Kingdom.

Breslau - Located near the border with Cathay, the Wall of Fire keeps the city constantly lit and the residents resort to heavy shutters to get a decent nights sleep. There are occasional merchants from Cathay, although they tend to trade quickly and leave back through their wall.

Bushka Gora - Meaning "Mother Mountain", the Ussuran name for the Drachenburg range.

Church of the Prophet's Breath - Massive gold and silver domed building in St Andresgorod. Each year the Orthodox Patriarch visits for the festival of St Covratski.

Donskoy - Ancient city where the Novgorod sucessfully stemmed the waves of Mannish invaders in the decisive battle of 365 AUC. Became the captial of the Rurik Empire, now an important inland trading city on a major crossroad.

Fields of Garim - Revered site located north of Sousdal in tribure to the defense of the Orthodox faith. Many soldiers are buried here, including a number of voevods and even one Knias.

Ekaternava - The only major port on the northwest coast, its connects the Vendel League with the capital at Pavtlow and the rest of Ussura. Now under siege from the Montaigne, trade has moved to nearby Govny.

Ektar - Ancient name for the city of Ekaternava given when it was established by the Novgorod following the battle of Donskoy.Historical

Eniseisk - Molhynan city on the shores of Lake Vigil, the primary trade port for golomanka oil which is used throughout Ussura as a light source.

Gora Bolshoi - Mountain range in southern Ussura that cuts of most access to the southern parts of Somojez and the Crescent lands.

Gora Sorirdgrastov - The "Mountains of Smoke" in Veche were the stronghold of the cruel Tomiech Domiators.

Korena Plateau - Area of volcanic peaks and hot springs in the Sorivdgrastov mountain range.

Kosara - Name given by Jyrgal Timurbek to his newly declared free state on the southern shore of Lake Vigil.

Kuloi - Small town in Veche trading with Somojez and Rurik. It has grown substantially in recent years under the leadership of Apraksia.

Kuzetsk - Farming town in northern Molhyna known for its hardy red wheat. Terrorised by a sprit known as the "Fair Lady", it only appears to attack men.

Malaya - Major trading port on the Mirror, tensions are high with the occasional Crescent visitor.

Murom - Fabled home of Matushka, also known as the "Thrice-Tenth Kingdom". Similar to the descriptions of the Sidhe land of Bryn Bresail.

Myerskny Swamp - Saltwater bog surrounding the city of Malaya and forcing the use of floating wharves and longboats to ferry goods to the city.

Odyesse - Most western port of Ussura on the Trade Sea, it is said to have been bulit by a race of giants known as the Firbor. Taken by Montegue at the start of his invasion, it has allowed him to ship in arms and supplies for his campaign.

Ozero Bodrustvovany ( Lake Vigil ) - Large inland sea that has steadily become more saline as its tributaries have all dried up. It never freezes and locals claim to see islands occasionally moving across the water.

Ozero Medvyed ( Bear Lake ) - Named for the bears who are always seen fishing here each spring.

Pavtlow - Capital of Ussura and meeting place for the Knias Douma, which is called together by the Gaius at least three times a year. Although located in Rurik, the city is the personal domain of the Gaius.

Podshiversk - Logging town in the Azov forest known for its savagery.

Proliv Votog - Major river running east through the centre of Ussura, it remains frozen for three-quarters of the year.

Reka ( River ) Ekaterina - Major thoroughfare through northern Ussura, ice boats plying the river keep it open for trade for more than nine months of the year.

Reka ( River ) Vlaststrakh - Located in southern Somojez along its border with the Crescent Empire.

Rteshoi Desert - Wasteland of ash lying along the Wall of Fire, it is constantly swept by the snake-like movement of the flame wall.

St Andresgorod - Named for the greatest of the Ussuran saints, the tree he died to protect still stands here. Known as St Andreston by the neighboring Eisen. Also site of the Tyomny Academy.

St Tremult - Small city on the Trade Sea, one of the few ports still able to supply Pavtlow with protected movement through the Derevyanniy forest.

Shkola Pravda - The university in Pavtlow is a centre for some of the great social thinkers of the modern era.

Siev - Located in Veche at the centre of this immense nation at the juncture of two great rivers, Siev is an important trade hub for the entire of Ussura. Described as a wonder in ancient Numan texts.

Sladivgorod - On the banks of Lake Vigil lies this throw back to ancient times and ancient ways, the inhabitants would have it no other way. Now the grim capital of Molhyna is the centre of Vladimir v'Pietrov's rule of terror.

Sredbirskyoye - Capital city of Gallenia, founded by a Numan senator on the shores of the Mirror. Known mostly known for its slave trade and a debased version of the gladatorial games.

Sousdal - Home of the Ussuran Orthodox Church and the largest city in southern Ussura. It is here that Duke Vselvod defied the Vaticine Church. Now also home to the bulk of the Ussuran fishing fleet.

Tokisatan - Small city in Somojez province.

Tomb of Gostyny Syn - Said to be the last of the true giants of Ussura, it is the size of a small cathedral and located in the city of Siev.

Valaamzhensky Castle - Ancestral home of the Vladmirovich family in the Mountains of Smoke, formerly occupied by the damned Tomiech clan.

Yarlyk - Ancient city that is said to have fallen after making a deal with the Firbor race of giants. The ruins of the city prove quite difficult to locate.