The most important faiths of Theah are based on the teachings of the Prophets, gifted men sent by Theus to guide mankind towards its ultimate goal. Over the centuries this belief system has fractured into a number of creeds that have at times warred on each other to prove that their faith is the one true version. The most important are the Vatacine Church, the Objectionist movement, the Orthodox church of Ussura and the faith of the Crescent Empire.







Adolfo - Male Scholar. Brother. A prominent member of the Inquisition. Spoke for the Rose + Cross when evidence linked them to the death of the Hierophant.

Antone, Soloman - Male. Military commander to Johann von der Welde, he left the Ussuran campaign and apparently found himself in Cathay. Later help to train Carlemann's army and then the Vatacine order of guards known as the Swords of Soloman, recognisable by the snake-like sword on their swords. Historical

Averro - Male Saint. First High Inquisitor, appointed to the task by the Third Prophet. Historical

Balcones, Tomás - Male Castillian Cardinal. One of the most popular figures in the church. Born to a minor noble family and tutored at the Universidad de San Christobal as one of its youngest ever students. Currently a professor at La Ciencia as well as a member of the Hieros, he is a consistent opposer of the Inquisition and Cardinal Verdugo.

Benefactus - Male Saint. Creator of the monastic order of the Benefactines. Established the rule and structure of the monastic system which influenced all further orders. Historical

Bergen, Reinn - Male Vendel. High Apostle of the Objectionist faith.

Bilardo, Sergio - Male Vodacce Cardinal. An orphan in Numa, he was raised in a Vatacine home. Working in Eisen during the War of the Cross he saw a great deal of human suffering. The oldest serving member of the Hieros, some fear his mind is failing.

Bosco, Giovanni - Patron Saint of Apprentices. The feast day on Primus 21 gives a welcome break to both apprentice and master. Historical

Chandler, Thomas - Male Avalon Cardinal. Led the trial against Mattias Lieber at the Diet of Castille. Historical

Christina - Female Castillian Cardinal. Highly efficient church leader who steadily rose through the ranks of the priesthood from her humble parish in the Sierra del Hierro mountains.

Ciccioni, Giancarlo - Male Monk. Renounced his orders after the church chose to ignore his endless tirades against sorcery.

Ciosa, Teodoro - Male Vodacce Cardinal. One of the five Vodacce Cardinals and one of the most powerful men in the church. Formerly the Monsignor of the Monestery of Saint Balarrazzo. There are calls for his immediate canonisation on death.

d'Agenau, Juless Corinne du Auguereau Crepin - Male Montaigne Priest. Bishop under Cardinal Sarnin. Historical

de Gallegos, Pablo Guzman - Male Castillian. Knight Inquisitor known as the "Black Bishop", a sadist of the first order. Came to the attention of Cardinal Verdugo after torturing a confession from a Vago supporter, he was sent to the colony of Marcina to covert the local populace.

del Aldana, Clement Garcia - Male Castillian Priest. Historian and poet.

del Aldana, Largo Gallegos - Male Castillian Scholar. Introduced into the Inquisition after writing a number of anti-scientific essays that have since formed a core of Inquisition dogma.

d'Argeneau, Maurice - Male Montaigne Priest. Cardinal and sole Montaigne seat on the Hieros Council. Recently disappeared, rather suspiciously Empereur Leon has been seen wearing his ring of office.

d'Crus, Corantine - Male High Inquisitor. Most senior member of the Inquisition in Montaigne, a descendant of a castigated line of the Rois et Reine family. Brother to Bishop Martine d'Crus.

d'Crus, Martine - Female Priest. One of the missing Archbishops of Montaigne.

de Gallegos, Felipe - Male Castillian Bishop. Killed by a Crescent mob in Malaca in 1002 AV over the issue of a condemned prisoner. This event sparked the war between the Third Prophet and the Castillian Crescents. Historical

de Montecino, Ferdinard - Male Priest. Missionary who attempted to convert the natives of the island of Shambu in the Midnight Archipelago. Forced to flee for his life he found Syrneth ruins, although official Vatacine records state he never made it back to Theah.

de Rivera, Felix Guzman - Male Castillian Bishop. High Inquisitioner who has recently started to question the actions of Cardinal Verdugo. Kidnapped in Freiburg, with the lack of support from local law enforcement nothing could be done to find him.

des Roche, Peter - Male Avalon. Current head of the Avalon Church, the titular Archbishop of Kirkenwood.

della Spada Lucani, Carouso - Male Vodacce Cardinal. Radical ideas about the reform of the church had delayed his promotion to Cardinal, but he is now finding favour in parts of the church. A strong opponent to Cardinal Verdugo.

Denzelli de Bernoulli, Ernesto - Male Vodacce. Former Cardinal, he was replaced by Michel Falisci who he asked to continue his work to bring Montaigne back into the Church.

Deveau, Margaret - Female Montaigne. Priest in the employ of Cardinal Durkenheim. Romantically linked with the noted missionary Richard Valouse, she has become worried about the fate of his mission to Sange Tara in the Midnight Archipelago.

Durand del Falisci, Michel - Male Vodacce Cardinal. Became a Cardinal at the unusually young age of twenty-six. Supporting the work of Cardinal Durkhiem over the Montaigne issue. Currently thought to be seeking a wife.

Durkhiem, Erika Bridgette - Female Eisen Priest. Cardinal and sole Eisen seat on the Hieros Council. Brought into the church by her mentor Salvadore Garcia. Currently in Montaigne investigating the disappearance of Cardinal d'Argeneau and the nine Bishops.

Elmo - Patron Saint of Sailors. His feast day is given as Sextus 16, on which day no self-respecting sailor will set to sea. Historical

Francesca - Female Vodacce. Mother Superior in Gallilli. Died in 1287 AV after a life dedicated to the care of others. Eventually canonised in 1375 AV, her example also led to a lifting of the ban on religious orders and the founding of the Francescan Order. Historical

Gallus, Caspar - Male Scholar. Church scientist who published his map of the human body in 1610, which was the main work on the subject prior to Deleboe.

Garcia, Salvador - Male Castillian Scholar. A former Bishop, after the death of the Hierophant he became disillusioned with the Church.

Gossenkir, Dirk - Male Swordsman. Former bodyguard to the late Hierophant, he was with the primate on his final visit to Montaigne. Historical

Gottschalk I - Male Eisen Noble. Imperator. Created the Vodacce papacy for the new position of Hierophant. Historical

Guzman, Inez - Male Castillian Priest. Former Cardinal of the Hieros Council. Targeted for a publicity strike by the Rilasciare.

Hess, Arleigh - Female Nun. A respected professor in Eisen, she critised church doctrine a century before Lieber and was burned as a heretic. Historical

Honorius - Male. Hierophant at the time of the appearance of the Third Prophet. Initially sceptical, he was converted to his fire-brand teachings after a trip into the Castillian mountains. Historical

Innocent - Male. Castillian Hierophant that replaced Honorius at the end of the Hieros War and the transfer of power from Vodacce to Castille. Historical

Iurii the Benevolent - Male Ussuran. Current head ( patriarch ) of the Ussuran Orthodox church.

Jaime - Male. One of the Witnesses of the First Prophet. Twin brother of Joaquin and a fisherman from Acraga. Historical

Joaquin - Male. One of the Witnesses of the First Prophet. Twin brother of Jaime and a fisherman from Acraga. Historical

Kailean, Richard - Male Avalon Scholar. Born in a Vatacine area of Kirkwall, sent to study in San Angelo. Church doctor on loan to the Rose and Cross in 1665 when an incident of the White Plague broke out and he was able to study the disease in detail. Currently overseeing medical research at the University of Dionna.

Kirstin - Female. Wife to Pierre and another of the Witnesses of the First Prophet. Came from the Mannish tribe that are now called Eisen. Historical

le Blanc, Toulouse - Male Montaigne Objectionist. Exiled to the Norvik isles for his strange beliefs in predestination. He was eventually killed by the natives who also did not appreciate his teachings. Historical

Leto VIII - Male Hierophant. Excommunicated Mattias Lieber for his critism of the church and then later sentanced him to death following the Diet of Castille. Historical

Lindenauer - Male Eisen Cardinal. Predecessor to Durkheim, known as a formidable academic and scholar.

Logan III - Male Hierophant. Spineless leader of the Church who gave into the pressure of Imperator Arvid I and excommunicated the order of the Black Cross. Historical

Lucani, Este - Male Vodacce Cardinal. Oversaw the Numan libraries that have passed down from the Gallili family, he was a strong proponent of Ditophanic thought. Historical

Lucani, Carouso della Spada - Male Vodacce Cardinal. Known to support the restoration of the Numan hierophancy and also some potentially heretical beliefs on the modernisation of church doctrine.

Lucia I - Female Hierophant. Took steps to stop witch-hunts following the sucessful destruction of the infernal Bianco family. Historical

Lucio - One of the Third Prophets first and most fervent followers. Authored the 'Book of the Third Vigil' leaving the fourth book to be penned by the Prophet himself. Historical

Maffeo - Male Bishop. Runs the ancient Numa Cathedral, he refuses any suggestion of being transferred from this posting.

Malaca, Alonso - Male Castillian Archbishop. Direct superior of the Tarango bishophric and a vehement opponent of El Vago. Known also as Knight Inquisitor Matteus.

Malak - Male. Given name of the Second Prophet. A tall blue-eyed man coming from the lands of the Crescent Empire. Historical

Marco - Male. Witness to the Second Prophet. As an amputee sailor he was unable to join the pigrimage, instead writing down the Prophets teachings to form the 'Book of the Second Vigil'. Historical

Marco, Guiseppe - Male Priest. Vatacine priest currently running a small parish in Ussura, apparently with the tactic approval of Matushka.

Maria - Female. An Acragan Jenny, she became one of the Nine Witnesses of the First Prophet. Some say that she loved him, although the church considers such beliefs heretical. Historical

Mattheus - Male. Name taken by the Numian Senator known as Tobias the Meek after he left the First Prophet to find and pass on the message to the Nine Witnesses. Attributed with writing the 'Book of the First Vigil'. Historical

Mueso, Beppo - Male Vodacce Cardinal. Rumoured to be an idle man, known for his love of wine and women. Suspected by the church to have links with both the Merchant Princes and the Vendel League.

Ochoa, Hernando - Male Castillian Priest. Excommunicated by the Church for his heretical views that everyone should share equal work and wealth.

Ordunez, Alfonso - Male Castillian Priest. Cardinal. Reported on the states of the prisons of Castille in 1552. Historical

Philippa - Female. Witness from the city of Numa. Historical

Pierre - Male. Coming from the area now called Montaigne, he became the effective leader of the Witnesses after the death of the First Prophet. Married to Kirstin. Became the first recognised Hierophant of the Church. Historical

Rael, Juan Bautista - Monk who in 1250 AV transcribed the four vigils into chapter and verse, making them much easier to remember. Historical

Recauche, Gerard - Male Author. Wrote the "Vatacine Journey", a morality tale telling of ten Montaigne pilgrims journeying to the Vatacine City to mourn the death of the Third Prophet. Historical

Reichs, Allard - Male Eisen Abbot. Leader of the Monestary of Holy Saint Gerda in Freiburg, one of the youngest men to ever hold such office.

Renault, Jacques - Male Swordsman. Former bodyguard to the late Hierophant, he dissapeared shortly after the death of his ward.

Rios, Juana - Male Castillian Bishop. Superior of the Tarango diocese. Also a High Inquisitor with the assumed name of Vesta.

Sarnin, Michel Desaix Jean-Claude du Mirielle - Male Montaigne Priest. Cardinal of Montaigne when the church still held great influence in that state. Historical

Simon - Male. Witness from the city of Numa. Historical

Sophia - Female. Witness of the First Prophet said to originate from the now unknown lands of the Crescent Empire. Historical

St Vito, Beneditto - Male Vodacce. Former Cardinal. A very spiritual man who has not spoken a word since witnessing an apparent ressurection while in Elena.

Terricus VI - Corrupt Hierophant who extended the controversial provision of indulgences to the already departed in order to bring more wealth to the already wealthy church. Historical

Tomas - Male. One of the Nine Witnesses. From the Mannish tribes, he was known as 'Doubting Tomas' for his lack of faith. Historical

Verdugo, Ésteban - Male Castillian Cardinal. Head of the Inquisition and, with there being no Hierophant, currently one of the most powerful men in the Vaticine Church.

Victor - Male Saint. Eisen Monsignor who effective and eloquent sermons lead to the formation of the Victorian Order in 1134 AV near Gottkirchen. Historical

Villazio, Oriana - Female. Key advisor to Logan III. Thought to have been killed in mysterious circumstances around 1411. Historical

Vincenza, Leonardo - Male Cardinal. A Monsignor when the Bianco family were destroyed. He wrote the "Encyclopaedia of Demonology and Witchcraft" in 1422 to help priests stop Legion worship. Historical

Weissels, Heinrich - Male Eisen Priest. Current head of the Heart of the Drachen cathedral in Freiburg.

Wells, Nathaniel - Male Avalon Bishop. Espouses the Church view that monsters result from the sin of sorcery.

Wulfson, Konraad - Male. High Inquisitor of Eisen, thought to have recently travelled to Odyesse in order to establish a Vatacine presence in Ussura.