The youngest of the societies of Theah, the Explorer's are the children of the new Age of Exploration. A very public body, they have fired the imagination of people across Theah with their exploits at ancient sites and tales of wonderous artefacts. Some decry them as dangerous individuals playing with powers beyond their comprehension, but more pay to hear their tales.







Abbotsford, Warren - Male Avalon Adventurer. Teamed with Serena Veracruz. One of the more colourful members of the Society, however his competence is under question after losing several artifacts.

Alvara - Former prominent member of the Society, one of the three explored islands of the Thalusian group is name for them. Historical

Bernadavore, Vincent - Male Montaigne Scholar. Current Headmaster of the Society. Fifth son of an aristocrat, he received the chaffe finch at age 17. Elected to the post in 1656. Based at the headquarter in Carleon, his dedication has gained him a lot of respect in the Society.

Butolli, Father Andre - Male Scholar. Current Domestic Sites Co-ordinator for the Society. Mainly concerned with the major digs in Eisen and the sewers of Charouse at the moment.

Cabroni, Raul - Male Scholar. While more at home in an ancient site, he joined a search for the lost statue of Korlak ur-Nagath in 1668.

Calleras, Figuero - Male. Current Head Scholar. A former Vaticine monk. Second son of a noble family, he received a full Church education. Instrumental in organising and cataloguing many of the Society's libraries, especially the Castillian House where he was previously based.

Coleson, Reginald - Male Avalon Noble. Spent his entire fortune on funding his explorations, he is now supported by the Society. Has an incredible knack for finding hidden artifacts. Recently returned from the far western isles with a vast trove of new artifacts. Currently assisted by Eisenfurst Heilgrund with labs at Heilgrundstat.

d'Asourne, Cristenne Elise - Female Montaigne Scholar. Current Head Field Scholar. Daughter of a peasant family, her five brothers and sisters have all died. Elected only a year ago she has helped to streamline dig operations.

del Torres, Sienna de Guzman - Female Castillian Scholar. Spent early career as a monster hunter in the sewers of Charouse, now investigating La Selva de Fendes in her homeland.

du Bisset, Madeline - Female Montaigne Scholar. Head of the Freiburg Charter House in Eisen. A stickler for rules and also a Porté sorceror. Joined the society after selling her inherited estate, her keen organisational skills have seen here rise through the ranks.

Deneuve, Etienne - Female Montaigne Noble. Opened her home in Charouse as the new Montaigne Charter House.

Diega, Alejandro - Male Castillian Noble. Original member of the Discover's Society he was forced to withdraw when his father fell ill. Opened his home as the Castillian Charter House.

Dunnet, Lord Archibald - Male Avalon Noble. Current Site Director for the Thalusian Isles site.

Faust, Jacob - Male Adventurer. Soft-spoken and more at home exploring than in research, he has recovered more artifacts from some of the most dangerous sites than any other single explorer.

Fjør, Helena - Female Vendel Adventurer. Chased Giovanni Villanova using the Avalon ship Never Surrender to recover an artefact stolen from the Kirk charter house. Eventually tracked the devious Merchant Prince to the court of the Marquise d'Alreaux in Castille where the item was recovered.

Galia, Prof Andrea - Female Scholar. Current Black Market Collection Agent for the Society. Arguing for the Society to fight the current bans on trading with the Cresent and Cathay empires.

Galia, Norman - Male Scholar. Husband of Andrea. Died shortly after examining an artifact of supposed Cathay origin. Historical

Grimonias - Former prominent member of the Society, one of the three explored islands of the Thalusian group is name for them. Historical

Hearn, Josephine - Female Inish. Shield Man on a dig to uncover a new Syrneth site.

Höhne, Gerald - Male Eisen. Former Shield Man. On a dig he uncovered a strange jewelled mask that appears to have made him go beserk. Last seen serving on the Crimson Roger.

Jensen, Jacob - Male. Famous member and collector of rare Syrne items. The Rose & Cross discovered that a villain was impersonating him when they found the stolen Red Eye.

Luffwitz, Gern - Male Eisen Noble. Original member of the Discover's Society. He remained with MacCormick throughout and established the position of Shield Man in the dig teams. Opened his home in Tannen as the original Eisen Charter House.

McOrin, Lady Margaret - Female Avalon Noble. Sister of Cameron MacCormick. Original member of the Discover's Society. Used the wealth from her recent marriage to fund their exploration. Stayed with her brother and Gern Luffwitz, cataloguing all the finds they made throughout Theah. Historical

McTavish, Prof Joseph - Male Avalon Scholar. Current Site Director for the Syrne Island site.

MacCormick, Cameron - Male Avalon Noble. Former Headmaster. Hired by Hierophant Julius IV to investigate the lives of the Prophets, he discovered strange ruins in Eisen and Vodacce which he continued to study. After the collapse of the Discover's Society and the death of his brother, he returned to Avalon and opened his new home as the first University of the new Explorer's Society. Historical

MacCormick, Guy - Male Noble. Current captain of the Explorer ship 'Discovery'.

Magnus, Hal - Male Vendel. Captain of the Iron Heart. Used a Syrneth artefact known as the Eye of the Storm to quickly cross the seas before it was stolen in Kirk. Trying to heal the rift forming in his home nation.

Mikochov, Staver - Male Ussuran. Current Head Shieldman. Formerly a member of the Gaius' personal guard, called the stelets. Son of a boyar he was betrayed and force to flee Ussura.

Olaf, Darius - Male Vendel Merchant. Original member of the Discover's Society he found his time diverted by attacks on his merchant fleet. Opened his home in Kirk as the Vendel Charter House. Dissapeared on a dig in 1627. Historical

Olaf, Jenna - Female Vendel. Head of the Vendel Charter House.

Postma, Bens - Male Vendel. The Society is currently financing the inspired scholars attempt to document the history and people of the northern isles.

Reale, Gerard - Male Inventor. Living in Buche, Gerard has recently developed a new crane mechanism that can attach to the side of a ship and raise items ten times the applied weight.

Scalessi, Antonio - Male Vodacce Merchant. In charge of the movement of Society finds through the ports along the Dechain and its environs.

Scogna, Sebastiano - Male Vodacce Merchant Captain. Member of the society.

Sommer, Justice - Male Avalon. Raised in Vendel. Current Head of Diplomatic Relations. Speaks almost every tongue in Theah, he is a wily man wich contacts in most nations.

Stafford, Brendan - Male Avalon Sailor. Current Head of Sea Exploration. Born in a fishing village on the eastern coast, he has almost doubled the size of the Explorer fleet in less than a decade.

Stark - Former prominent member of the Society, one of the three explored islands of the Thalusian group is name for them. Historical

Stout, William - Male Sailor. Known as "Wee Willy". Head gunner of the Discovery. Has adapted numerous artifacts to use in the defence of the ship and its crew.

Veracruz, Serena - Female Swordsman. Shieldman to Warren Abbotsford. Rumours of their romantic involvement abound, however she is always silent on such matters.

Vesefe, Franco - Male Vodacce Craftsman. Current Head Artifact Researcher. One of the famous family of music box makers for the Vestini family. Left partially deaf by an accident he was unable to continue his traditional line of work.

von Gregor, Dr Jules - Male Scholar. Current Scientific Advisor to the Society. Formulated the "Setite" theory on the ancient civilisations of Theah, it directly contradicts Church doctrine.

Zumer, Merrin - Female Eisen. Current Head of Finance. Formerly seneschal to Stefan Heilgrund, her husband was a General killed in the War of the Cross. Moved to Avalon where she met Bernvadore and took up the position of financier.