The scholars of the College have been forced underground by the Inquisition but continue in their pursuit of science. While a few remain public and risk the purifying fire of the Church, the cause of knowledge is preserved through their actions and sacrifice. A delicate web of contacts and connections allow the members to work together and present their findings to the world at large.







Albere, Francois - Male Montaigne Priest. Master and an expert on the White Plague, residing in a small northern village decimated by the disease.

Alvarez, Larenzo - Male Castillian. Master and one of the foremost astronomers. While living at Hafen he proved that Terra revolves around the sun and not the other war around.

Alverado, Maria - Female Castillian. First Master to generate electricity by using a sulphur ball within a grindstone to build a static charge.

Arnaud, Gismar - Male Vodacce. Master working on a mechanistic comparison between man and animals.

Baldred, Frasier - Male Avalon. Elderly Master and a founding member of the Royal Fraternity. Marginalised over recent years for his outspoken political ideas.

Borwin, Mus - Male Vendel. Injured in a skirmish while in Eisen, he has devoted himself to solving the longitude problem.

Bottenfeld, Prof Ernst - Male Eisen. Educated in Castille, but last living in Freiburg. Recently killed by an unknown assailant while nearing completion of a revolutionary new lighting device.

Ciosa, Teodoro - Male Vodacce Cardinal. An outspoken opponent of the Inquisition, the Cardinal has taken to helping the rogue scientists of Castille.

Cook, Jeremy - Male Avalon. Founding member of the Royal Fraternity and one of the Masters of the College. Dragged out of his home in 1662 by the Inquisition and shot. Historical

Daylen, Joshua - Male Avalon. One of the oldest living Masters of the College. He has turned from mathematics and philosophy, to more recent studies in the hermetic arts.

de Aldana, Mariana - Female Castillian. Scholar and wife of Diego Torres de Zepeda.

de Arciniega, Alvara Soldano - Male Castillian. Master and undisputed head of the College. The headmaster of the university in Altamira has recently been forced underground by the Inquisition.

de Bejarano del Castillo, Don Julio - Male Castillian Noble. Patron of the Rose & Cross, who help protect him from the Inquisition who he fears greatly and wants to see destroyed.

de Rioja del Castillo, Petrigai Ontiveros - Male Castillian Noble. Master scientist driven from Castille for his arrogance to the city of Kirk in Vendel. A known alchemist, he discounts Deleboe's research on the human body and continues his own dubious work.

de Zepeda, Diego Torres - Male Castillian. Son of Alejandro de Zepeda and Anita de Torres. Husband of Mariana de Aldana. Scholar working in Avalon in 1665 who exposed a local con-artist. Back in Castille he was forced by the Inquisition into renouncing his work.

Deleboe, Franz - Male Vendel. Famous Master who in 1661 published his treatise on the human body, in direct responce to that of Gallus fifty years earlier. Killed by the Inquisition. Historical

Derviny, Reimar - Male Montaigne. Unconventional Master who values only the truth as shown by mathematics.

du Rosemonde, Auguste Dancery - Male Montaigne Noble. Arrogant follower of the alchemical research of Arciniega.

Fiorenza, Abrianna Lucilla - Female Vodacce. Musician who escaped to Montaigne and has since performed her 'Spiderweb Minuet' for l'Empereur himself.

Gabien, Camilia - Female Montaigne. Noble Master whose father tutored her instead of sending off to finishing school. An eclectic scholar, she has recently been hit by problems with her health.

Garcia, Salvador - Male Castillian. The headmaster of Castille's foremost University is an active member of the group, unbeknownst to Cardinal Verdugo.

Hadewig, Clarisse Margaret - Female Eisen. Master specialising in clockmaking and other intricate mechanical creations.

Hibbot, Ravenild - Female Avalon. The entry of Master Hibbot in 1657 into the Royal Fraternity prompted its name to be changed to the Royal Association. Known for her work on the discovery of cell structures in plants and animals.

Leman, Goskelen - Male Eisen. Young Master, considered a true genius with a wide range of interests and a number of advances to his name in the physical sciences.

Martin, Conal - Male Inish Priest. A Vatacine priest, he holds a large College library at Burke and helps ferry texts out of the hands of the Inquisition and into safe keeping.

Mendoza, Julius - Male Ship Captain. Captain of the man o war 'The Lady Miriam' and overseer of the College operations on La Bucca.

Mutz, Richard - Male Eisen. Runs safehouse and printing operation in Freiburg, ensuring the successful distribution of most College texts.

Nimzovich, Valeri Siev - Male Ussuran. Master zoologist who has suceeded in cataloging plants and animals throughout his native country.

Rioja, Galeno - Male Castillian. Master and former student of Alvarez. Has developed the designs of telescopes used to show the movement of the Firmament and also created a microscope device to study insects.

Rivinova, Devoren - Female Ussuran. Survivor of a small village in northern Ussura that was apparently abandonned by Matushka. Runs errands for Arciniega and a few other scholars.

Tinker, Martin - Pseudonym taken by the scholars working on La Bucca.

von Henning, Julian - Male Eisen. Master and former student of Petrigai, espouces quite a number of non-scientific arguments.

von Leese, Anthony - Male Eisen. Master physician whose studies of the 1650s on the cause of deaths led to advances in triage and sanitation in the medical practice.