Thought destroyed at the battle of Tannen in 1411, the Black Crosses have always been faithful servants of the Church. In the modern day, this mission takes a darker path as they face an enemy that few others in Theah are capable of comprehending. Almost no-one outside the Order knows of their existance and deeds, the leaders of the group would have it no other way.







al'Marikk, Kursis - Male Cresent. Finest assassin in the order, using two curved blades known as 'katars'.

del Aldana, Largo Gallegos - Male Castillian. Infiltrated into the Inquisition to try and destroy the organisation from within. Romantically involved with a woman named Lilia.

du Montaigne, Alexis - Male Montaigne. Cousin to Leon. Leader of the Lame Enflammée safehouse in Charouse.

Durkhiem, Erika Brigette - Female Eisen Cardinal. Travelled to Montaigne to assist Cardinal d'Argeneau at the request of Schmidl and the Heirophant. Affiliated with the Order.

Étalon du Toille, Marie - Female Montaigne. Leader of the Tanis safehouse. Recently orchestrated the operation to disrupt porté use in the city.

Faltoni, Giulio - Male. Hochmeister at the time of Mattias Lieber. He refused an order by the Hierophant to assassinate the troublesome monk. Historical

Gardner, Beth - Female Avalon. Leader of the Carmen safehouse in Inismore.

Garricks, Tana - Female Vesten. Has a constant companion in her wolf Gray. Moved to Frieburg following the death of her grandfather, Thrand, here she wa recruited from the city guard into the order.

Gaulle dul Motte, Charlotte - Female Montaigne. Runs the Bascone Orchards safehouse on the grounds of her uncle. Responcible for assassinating sixteen porté mages.

Glenfynon, Jonas - Male Inish. Town guardian in Frieburg, where he puts his skills at pugilism to the test.

Gossenkir, Clara - Female. Wife of Dirk. Transferred to a vigilant posting in the Cresent Empire shortly after her baby child was fostered into an Eisen family.

Gossenkir, Dirk - Male Swordsman. Husband of Clara. Former bodyguard to the late Hierophant. Killed by Remy du Montaigne. Historical

Hauk, Raimund - Male Avalon. Half-blooded glamour mage who uses his talents to try and ensure no porté mages get past his station at Prachtig on the Eisen border and into Ussura.

Kazi - Male Kanuban. Native to the remote island of Kanuba, Kazi journeyed to the Thean coast on a small makeshift raft. He is now a respected trainer in the order and master of the Altamira safehouse.

Kurgen - Male Eisen. Last public leader of the Black Crosses, he led their forces at Tannen in 1411 when the order was surpressed. Historical

Losch, Judith - Female Eisen. Charged by Hochmeister Kurgen with taking the knights not at Tannen to the safety of Castille. Made a discovery that reshaped the goals of the Order, the circumstances of her death are not recorded. Historical

Maffeo - Male. Priest and guardian of the Numa Cathedral safehouse in Vodacce.

Masthoff, Sigrun - Female Eisen. Leader of the venerated Church of the First Witness in Zafara. The saintly old woman is well respected by the local population for her healing abilities.

Mills, Andrew - Male Avalon. Glamour mage and right hand man to Charlotte Gaulle dul Motte. Has an intense dislike and distrust of all Syrneth artifacts.

Muratova, Jana - Female Ussuran. Infiltrated the Explorer's Society with the name of Josephine Hearn in order to try and prevent discovery of dangerous Syrneth sites. Concerns over her stability of mind.

Neuber, Helene - Female. Argued that the child she rescued in 1648 should not be killed for his knowledge of the order, so causing a shift in thinking leading to the formation of the Town Guardian faction.

Renault, Jacques - Male Swordsman. Former bodyguard to the late Hierophant. Witness to the death of his ward, he has since dissapeared and is thought to be planning revenge on the murderers.

Rosa, Andare del Casigula - Male Vodacce. Knight who fought against the forces of the Bianco family from St Ivo della Sapienza, later destroying their capital of Quattro Alle. Historical

Schmidl, Gunther - Male Eisen. Current leader, known as Hochmeister, of the organisation. A kindly old man, he has led the Order for the last 15 years.

Stensrud, Jørl - Male Vendel. Leader of expedition to near the town of Malaram on the great Tårn mountain, to investigate the sources of laerdom.

Urhoff, Janko - Male Eisen. "Owner" of the Inn of the Green Eye near Puerto de Sur in Castille.

Vanguard, Edward - Male Avalon. Watched the Battle of Tannen from a distance and recorded the deeds, so beginning the unbroken journals of the secret order. Historical

Weiler, Sylvester - Male. Main contact in Freiburg working from the Rusty Nail inn on the outskirts of the city.

Zhdanov, Yuris - Male Ussuran. Priest and leader of the St Andresgorod Chapel safehouse with his three brothers, Gela, Slava and Mait Zhdanovich. All four are pyeryem practicioners with Mait having the ability of three different animals which he uses as a messanger for the Order.