The Free Thinkers have shown themselves to be a power in Theah with the establishment of the Montaigne republic. The experiment may have failed and left deep divisions in the group, but the fact that it happened is testiment to what men of action and ideals can accomplish. As far as the Rilasciare are concerned Theah will be shaped, whether it wills it or not.







Beckett, Ramona - Female Avalon. Independant of the cells she serves the Council directly on certain operations.

Chaucer, Nolan - Male Avalon. Runs a small shop in the Vendel city of Kirk. Possibly behind the satirical newletter called "The Rum Barrel".

Ciccioni, Giancarlo - Male Vodacce. Left the church and now a stalwart member of the Dionna Objectionists.

de Altamira, Gabriel Menendez - Male Castillian. Expert theif from a noble family line, he was displaced form his home by the Montaigne invasion and now lives in Altamira.

de Benedictus, Eduardo - Male Vodacce. Executed his own brother, a corrupt judge, for his abuse of power. Trained to be a lawyer in his native land, he was expelled from university after he argued with a professor.

del Guzman, Javier Rios - Male Castillian Scholar. Fled the burning of the Vatacine library to Kirwall, returning in 1652 to take over control of Rancho Aldana.

du Charouse, Arnaud Maximilien - Male Montaigne Barrister. Introduced into the society after defending one of its members in a court case in Charouse.

d'Crus, Corantine - Male. The Knight Inquisitor has similar goals to overthrow the sorcerous nobles of Montaigne.

du Rachitisse, François Goddard - Male Montaigne. Cell leader who planned the incident known as "Firework Dam" that resulted in the death of three of the King's men and the flooding of a noble estate. Historical

du Toille, Benoit Jantot - Male Montaigne. Courier for the organisation after being saved by Chaucer while serving as a petty officer on a merchant ship. Married below his station to Sophie, he prefers the nouveau-rich middle class of Vendel to the preening nobility.

Drossin, Acel - Male Montaigne. A noted member who was eventually caught and hung for his work against the corrupt noble classes of Montaigne. The society has followed his family with some interest but none have become members.

Galecatcher, Velik - Male Sailor. Member who located Prince Javier on the island of La Buca. Thought to have orignally have been from Montaigne.

Karls, Willem - Male Naval Pilot. Schooled in Avalon and apparently recruited into the organisation by del Guzman, there is no record of him before 1653. Last seen on board the Drake.

Michel du Gloyure, Hubert - Male Montaigne Artist. Leader of the Charouse Freethought cell. Uses his paintings to promote philosophical ideas about society and the corruption of the nobles.

Proovost, Konrad - Male Theif. Skilled member of the Liberation Guild. Stole a prized Syrneth artifact from l'Empereur's own summer home.

Sokolov, Boris Nicholaievich - Male Ussuran. Son of a minor boyar. Leader of the Pavtlow cell, he proclaims himself as the titular "king of the exiles" much to the chagrin of his colleagues.

Trainer, Gerard - Male Avalon. Prominent member of the Brothers of Freedom guerilla group.

Uppmann, Hans - Male Eisen Tailor. Maker of coats and other items for the organisation.

Zumerwindt, Donnabella - Female Eisen. Given a Vodacce name by her mother, became a radical and was arrested for sedition on Falisci's island. Now locked up in the Il Muro prison.