The Order of the Knights of the Rose and Cross is among the most famous and respected groups throughout Theah. Over the last fifty or so years, the group has become known for heroic feats which has brought it prestige and wealth. While based in Montaigne, Order chapterhouses can be found in most nations of western Theah. Persistent rumours surround the Order, saying that they hide a dark secret and have existed far longer than is generally accepted.







Adara - Female Vodacce. Wandering Knight. A daughter of a Fate Witch, much to her father's chagrin she did not inherit the 'gift'. Smuggled out of Vodacce by Senior Corbitt, she tried to get into the Order under false pretences and was discovered by Sprague. However, the swordmaster was so impressed he allowed her to stay. Domini to Poor Cooper.

Antoinia - Female. Master Knight of the Lucani house. Daughter of a Fate Witch and childhood friend of Julietta.

Basquez, Elijah - Male. Master Knight of Casa de Tarago. A Dolman, he is known for his strict discipline. Hates the Inquisition, who in 1666 tortured his only daughter to death believing she was a Fate Witch.

Baveux, Aristide - Male. Master Knight of the Crieux House. Current Grand Master of the Order. Referred to by some as "the most beloved man in Montaigne." The second son of a noble family, he was approached to join the Order after service in the army. Five years on his father and elder brother died, leaving him a large estate that he donated to the Order.

Cooper, Cowan - Male Avalon. Poor Knight. Son of one of Berek's Sea Dogs. His hard-work brought him through the difficult initiation and now he is Tyro to Wandering Adara.

Corbitt - Male Vodacce. Senior Knight. Domini to Wandering Adara, who he had previously smuggled out of Vodacce. Has a wife and daughter trapped in that island nation.

d'Arrent, Faith - Female Montaigne. Master Knight of the Forty-Second Street House. Bears the scars of her struggle with the creature that plagues the house.

d'Avila, Durante - Male. Master Knight of the Don Juan House.

de la Rioja, Hernando - Male Castillian. Senior Knight. In 1588 inherited a large library of books from his grandfather and in doing so founded the San Christobal Library. Historical

del Aldana, Brother Domingo - Male Castillian. One of the most oldest and most powerful monks in the Davidian Order and high advisor to the Hierophant. Revealed himself as one of the three founders of the Order, in doing so giving it respectability and a defence from the Church. Historical

del Rioja, Josephina Vasquez - Female Castillian. Master Knight of The House on Seven Crosses Road.

de San Angelo, Luis Rafael - Male Castillian. Introduced into the Order and became Wandering Salvador after saving the daughter of Sir Morgan of Avalon. Recently left to fight in Castille against the Montaigne following the slaying of his parents.

del Torres, Francisco Garcia - Male Castillian. Master Knight of the San Christobal Library. Fears that the Inquisition will soon return to view the library.

du Dechaine, Oliver - Male Montaigne. Poor Knight of the Don Juan House. Died in 1654 when fire destroyed a wing of the house.

du Martise, Simon - Male Montaigne. Master Knight of The Dungeon.

du Montaigne, Beatrice Desaix - Female Montaigne. First daughter of the Emperor of Montaigne. One of the three founders of the modern Order. Historical

du Montaigne, Evangeline - Female Montaigne. Master Knight of the Bellamy House.

du Sinjin, Louis-Claude - Male Montaigne. Wandering Knight. Apparently joining the Order at the end of 1599, he claims to be over three hundred years old.

Lynn, Thomas - Male. Master Knight of The Carleon House.

MacClaine, Andrew - Male. Master Knight of the Monastry of St Brigid.

McKenna, Aindriu - Male Inish. Wandering Knight. Having served with the Sea Dogs during the battle against the Castillian Armada, he joined the Order in 1659 at the age of 19. Easily enduring his training as a tyro, he went for 43 months without losing a training bout, only then falling to the swordmaster Sergeant Sprague. Thought to be trying to develop his own sword style. Domini to Poor Smythe.

Milligan, Rachel - Female Inish. Sergeant Knight of The Carleon House. Known for her unique and unorthodox training style as well as her beauty. Formerly a skilled thief, she joined the Order after another Knight died trying to chase her across the rooftops.

Proust, Dietrich - Male Eisen. Master Knight of the Freiburg House. Well known for his swords forged at the house, the best blades in the Order. He offered his services to the Order to stop them falling into the hands of mercenaries.

Quinlan, Colin - Male Inish. Master Knight of the 1st and 5th House. Youngest Master ever, he was granted the house when he saved Val Mokk from a Vesten assassin.

Rois et Reines du Rogné, Bellamy - Male Montaigne. Retired Knight. Uncle of Evangeline. After his death, his niece approached the Master of what was then Black Pole Chapter House and offered to pay for two new wings to the building if it was renamed in honour of Bellamy.

San Felipe, Marcos - Male Castillian. One of the most pre-eminent scholars within the Order. The resources of the San Christobal library have made him a expert surgeon, though he must hide his level of knowledge from the Church and its damnable Inquisition.

San Gustavo, Florenza - Female. Poor Knight of Casa de Tarago. Famed for apparently seeing the spirit of Rosencruez in 1668.

Sices du Sices, Hughes - Male Montaigne. Master Knight of The House of Nine Keys. Second only to Baveux within the Order, he often attends diplomatic functions at the side of the Grand Master.

Smythe, Rob - Male Avalon. Poor Knight. Tyro to Wandering McKenna.

Sprague - Male. Sergeant Knight of The Dungeon. One of the best swordsmen in Montaigne and the senior member of the Desaix family, he teaches his art to the Knights of the Order. Those that make it through his gruelling course come away as fine duellists. Takes the death of any of his student as a failure for his teachings.

Valroux du Martise, Hermoine - Male Montaigne. Master Knight of The Shackles and Chains.

Valroux du Martise, Miles - Male Montaigne. Senior Knight of the Monastery of St Brigid. Formerly of the Crieux House. Rumoured to be the only man to know the location of the hidden library of the Order. Called "Old Unshakable" for his steel nerves, they seem to be failing him of late.

Vestini, Salvatore - Male Vodacce. Third son of Merchant Prine Augusto Vestini. One of the three founders of the Order. Historical