The children of the Lady of the Lake have watched and manipulated the development of Theah for generations. Guardians of the knowledge that one day the Fourth Prophet will rise and signal the end of Creation, they redouble their efforts to stave off this time or be best prepared for it when it comes.







Alostria - Female Noble. Imperatrice to Imperator Danatius. Used her influence to force the adoption of the Prophet's faith to further the cause of the Daughters. Historical

Blake, Miranda - Female Scholar. Professor at the University of Kirkwall, critical of the actions of the Explorer's Society of who she once said "they are children, always seeking new toys before they have finished with the old ones".

de la Cruz, Esteban Valentin - Male Castillian. Half-sidhe Son of Lugh with name Baron Valentius. Now a member of King Sandoval's personal guard.

DuBeire, Alisinthe - Female Marqueisa. Commented on how the Rose and Cross should have remained dead and in secret.

du Bastonne, Rachel Sices - Female Montaigne. The Captain of the Bastonne guard maintains the local gateway, hidden as a public fountain in the town square.

du Chatelaine, Madeline - Female Montaigne. Minor gentry with a chateau and small estate outside Charouse. Married to the boorish merchant Merron du Chatelaine, she oversees refugee smuggling and is also active with revolutionary groups.

du Four, Monique Rachitisse - Female Montaigne. Her lavish mansion in southern Montaigne acts as a safe house for women on the run and also holds a gateway in an impressive reflecting pool in the grounds.

du Montiagne, Rosa Velasquez del Sandoval - Female Castililan Noble. Second wife of l'Empereur, it had been hoped that she could have initiated reforms that would have removed the inevitability of a revolution in Montaigne. Historical

du Montaigne, Ysabette - Female Montaigne Handmaiden. Actually the daughter of Viscounti Lorenzo and not then King Leon. Now captains the 'Wayward Swan' after serving with Sebastian Scogna on his vessel.

Fazetti, Natalie - Female Vodacce. Twin sister of Teresa Erhart nee Fazetti. Killed by thugs in Freiburg while trying to provent the forced marriage of her sister.

Françoise, Jeanette - Female Montaigne. Headmistress of the premier Montaigne finishing school and a key recruiter. Historical

Hywel, Ryanna ferch - Female Avalon Handmaiden. Daughter of the village girl Angharret ferch Myddun and Duke Ioan, a Sidhe noble loyal to the Lady of the Lake. Travels Avalon disguised as a performing artist.

Juliette - Female Vodacce. The favoured courtesan of Giovanni Villanova is an important agent, something that would mean her death if the Prince found out.

Leonora - Female Ussuran. The Empress' maid is a powerful source for the sisters and has provided help to Ketheryna. The group are currently debating inviting the Eisen noble into their ranks.

Liauxieng - Female Cathayan. Daughter of Liauhuan and the Fourth Oracle.

Martyk - Female Eisen. The Second Oracle, being drawn to the cave on the death of Sophia. Historical

Mendoza, Angelita - Female Castillian. Elderly former nurse of the young Prince Javier.

Mercuri, Morgause - Female Vodacce Sailor. The gunner of the Santa Cecilia has been contacted to the possibility of being a courier for the Daughters.

Nicoletta di Caligari, Maria Catarina - Female Vodacce. Born Catarina Rustino to a cloth merchant, she has been restyled as a Vestini noble by the Daughters and made a Contessa by marriage into the powerful Caligari family.

Noura, Jazhani binte - Female Crescent Handmaiden. Maintains contact with the Daughters through the Oracle and her powers of scrying. Skilled in healing and the creation of exotic medicines.

Priano, Marsila - Female Vodacce. Powerful strega who has studied and taught the arts of seduction and control for the Daughters.

Probst, Wilma - Female Eisen. The city governor of Freiburg was introduced into the Daughters while at a Montaigne finishing school. She now oversees society operations in Eisen.

Shallot, Anne - Female Noble. Quote as saying "the puppet never sees the strings that makes it dance." Historical

Sophia - Female. The daughter of the Lady of the Lake and her mortal lover, she became the First Oracle and founded the hidden society of the Daughters until her death on the arrival of the First Prophet. Historical

Suarez, Fidencia - Female Castillian Handmaiden. Daughter of a Castillian fisherman and an Avalon privateer. Taken in by the Sisters of Santa Micaela on the island of Puerto de Cielo and indoctrinated into the Daughters. Known as "La Escondida" ("the Hidden Lady") she is one of the most secret of the leading Daughters.

v'Pscov, Tatyana Soudsal Vsevolodova - Female Ussuran Noble. Daughter of Grand Duke Vsevolod and Third Oracle of the Daughters. Historical

v'Riasanova, Tamara - Female Ussuran Handmaiden. The Knias of Gallenia has been a member since she was a child, the Daughters having protected her from numerous threats.

Vengasdotter, Reune - Female Vesten. The foremost scholar on alchemy and potions within the Daughters. She has been secretly guiding the work of Alvara Arciniega away from certain crucial discoveries.

Verde della Vestini, Denizia - Female Vodacce. The Headmistress of the Dilatente School in Serine is not fully aware of the operations of the Daughters.

Villanova, Valentina - Female Vodacce Handmaiden. Wife of Merchant Prince Giovanni. With a inate talent for mathematics she oversees all Daughter activity under the nose of the ruling men.

Weller, Lorraine - Female Avalon. The current Chair of the Vendel Jenny's Guild is a prominent member of the group and her ambitions serve them well.

y Aldana, Maria-Soledad Rivera - Female Castillian. The fiesty daughter of Don Andres was brought into the sisterhood by her duena, but her activity is limited to sending her diaries to the convents at the moment while she fights for Los Vagos.