The Three Kindgoms of Avalon are in a tumultous state. Queen Elaine lays comatose after being attacked by her daughter Meryth. The Sidhe have withdrawn to Bryn Bresail in civil war, while King Piram marches his army across Avalon. In a land of heroes and legends, this it a time when they are certainly in most dire need.





Aaron, Charles - Male. Somewhat reclusive herbalist living on the outskirts of the city of Canguine.

Adair, Adelaide - Female. Lothian girl whose husband was killed by pirates. She escaped captivity and with her substantial dowry set herself up as a very fair-minded ship captain. Historical

Athryws - Male. Youngest son of High King Herygh. Fled his father to Inismore, he returned with allies and stopped the war between his older brothers at the Battle of Three Roads. Took possession of the Graal and ruled the re-united island. Killed defending against the invasion of Henri du Montaigne. Historical

Beacon, Daniel - Male. Converted an unused barn into the 'Work Mule' tavern in Canguine.

Beckett, Ramona - Female. Beautiful courtier of mixed Avalon and Castillian parentage. A minor noble with a town house in Carleon.

Berek, Jeremiah - Male Pirate Captain. Senior Knight of Elaine. Commands the famous 'Black Dawn' in the Sea Dogs fleet. An interest in the 7th Sea. Born into a noble family, this former merchant was made Admiral of the Navy to fight the Castillian Armada. Brought back the use of 'fire-ships' in naval combat.

Bester, Nigel - Male. Lord Mayor of Luthon. One of the richest men in Avalon. There is no sign of him stepping down any time soon. Member of the House of Lords.

Black, Cyrus - Male. Owner of the 'Pot and Kettle' tavern in Canguine. Considers himself something of a wine connoisseur.

Blakely, Algernon - Male Noble. Wrote the treatise 'Guide to Vodacce' on that most cunning of nations.

Bleddig - Male Noble. Senior Knight of Elaine, his step-daughter. Acts as a liaison to the nobility.

Brackish, Timothy - Male. Owner and shipwright of 'Wells and Sons' in Canguine.

Brewer, Mattias - Male Priest. Chaplain and chief advisor to Berek. Seeking to create the perfect beer.

Brown, Laura - Female Scholar. Doctor. Professor of Natural History.

Buck, Edward - Male Merchant. Returned home from a trade voyage in mid-1667 with a shipment of Crescent coffee. Has opened a store to sell the exotic beverage in the city of Carleon.

Camlann, Henri IV - Male King. Decendant of Henri du Montaigne. Became known as the "Bloody Boar". An attempt to assassinate his rival Richard Lovaine in 1527 precipitated the other lords to turn on him and he was defeated at the Battle of Bedgrave in 1531. Historical

Carlyle - Male Noble. Duke of Lothian. Of Highland descent, he wears a kilt to court much to the bemusement of Elaine.

Celedoine - Female Sorceror. Known as the "Seven-Blessed". Daughter of a young noble and a Sidhe lord. Inherited her grandfather's estate. A powerful Glamour mage, she is only now realising her full potential.

Chandler, Frances - Male Playwright. Famous for his historical and political pieces.

Chandler, Thomas - Male Cardinal. Argued with Mattias Lieber at the Diet in Castille that almost led to the death of the Eisen scholar. Historical

Cholmondeley-Featheringstonehaugh, Neville - Male Noble. Duke of Percis. Overseeing the rich coastal lands, he has retained a Montaigne name in face of current trends.

Clayborne, Henry - Male Noble. Known as "Hotspur", he has been exiled from Avalon. A quiet man, he is however quick to take up his sword if offended.

Cole, Phelon - Male Pirate. A quiet man in the service of Berek, he mainly keeps to the ship's rigging. A deadly shot with his throwing knives.

Coleson, Reginald - Male Noble. Member of the Explorer's Society. Now bankrupt, he is totally dependant on the Society.

Conon - Male Noble. Baron of Balig. Technically subservient to Piram of Breg, he has shown some independent nature.

Cook, Jeremy - Male Scholar. Wrote the 'Rational Chemist' in 1661, challenging Church doctrine. Developed an air pump a year later, but was hanged by the Inquisition for heresy before he could publicly demonstrate the existence of air. Historical

Cowan - Male Noble. Senior Knight of Elaine, his step-sister. Known as "the Boot", he is in charge of training the knights.

Cowbey, Nicholas - Male. Renowned swordsman, he was also a drunkard and a gambler. Killed on the orders of a money lender along with the fiancé of his daughter, Nicole, who disappeared shortly after the incident. Historical

Cranmer, Thomas - Male Saint. As Bishop of Camlann in the mid fifteenth century, he refused to take sides in the conflict between the Dukes of Lovaine and Camlann. Killed by two of Camlann's men while at prayer, the Duke was horrified and in penance built the cathedral at Bedegrane and supported the canonisation of Thomas. Historical

Cunningsworth, Eliza - Female Sailor. Author of 'Two Years on the Waves'. Historical

David II - Male King. Victor of the second great civil war, he was succeeded on his death in 1413 by his sixteen year old son David. Historical

David III - Male King. Son of David II. United the Avalon nobility and led a sucessful invasion of Montaigne taking several coastal provinces. Died in 1422 and was followed by his son David. Historical

David IV - Male King. Son of David III. Assuming the throne at the age of 10 he was beset by infighting among the nobles and was forced to recall his forces from the Montaigne holdings. Historical

Davie-Brody, Warren - Male. Related that the only reason that the Inish culture has remained despite repeated invasion and occupation is their stubborn pride.

Derwyddon - Male Seer. Rules over the county of Gaavane. Immortal advisor to Queen Elaine. Sees the future and the past through his eyes, one red and the other blue.

des Roche, Peter - Male Priest. Current Archbishop of Kirkenwood. An ardent supporter of Cardinal Guilbert, he suceeded him on his death. One of the first men to pledge allegiance to Elaine, seeing in her a way to bring peace to Avalon after the death of Margaret.

Doherty, John - Male. Drinking partner of Gillian, she asked him to become bartender at the new 'Powder Keg' tavern.

Donnely, Rose - Female Inish. Famous warrior of Inismore's past. Historical

Donovan - Male. Known as "the Black". A salesman of folk remedies and curiosities operating out of Vendor's Row in Canguine.

Dunnet, Achibald - Male Noble. Member of the Explorer's Society.

Edwards, Jacob - Male Swordsman. Teacher of Donovan, his student went on to define the Avalon style of swords play. Historical

Elilodd - Male King. Ancient leader of Eastern Avalon who stood against the Vesten raiders. He pushed them all the way back to the shore and took the fight to the seas. Defeating the invaders, he surprised them in offering an alliance. Given the Graal by the Sidhe, he united the island and his line ruled until 1028. Historical

Fianna, Finn - Male Inish. Captain of the O'Bannon's elite guard for the last five years, following the service of his father to the ard ri. Has control problems due to his youth and relative inexperience.

Finnegan, Roary - Male Inish. Has developed a pugilist fighting style, once fighting twelve men at the same time and winning. Now teaches in Donegal.

Fitzpatrick, Mike - Male Inish. Thought to have been captured by Kheired-Din during one of his raids.

Fox, John - Male. Known as "Lying" John Fox, he acts as paymaster for Berek. Something of a con-merchant.

Gaffin, Roger - Male Bard. Sings the exploits of Berek and his crew, bringing them fame and a reputation to kill for.

Garloise, Mark - Male Noble. Duke of Camlann and the city of Cardican. From the ambitious and noble Garloise family. Previous fought against the Montaigne rule of Avalon. An enthusiastic supporter of Queen Elaine.

Garloise, Rhiannon - Female Noble. Wife of Lord Mark. A beautiful young woman with gifts of sorcery and cunning to rival a Vodacce.

Geriant - Male Noble. Senior Knight of Elaine. Travels abroad serving Avalon interests in other nations.

Gillian - Female Highlander. Owner of the 'Powder Keg' tavern which she set up with John Doherty after the death of the pirate Dreggs.

Gosse, Philip - Male Sailor. Serving in the Montaigne navy, he was converted to the beliefs of Chaplain Ochoa and mutinied. As a pirate, he would never take a life unless necessary and left enough supplies for a plundered ship to reach a safe port. Married to Clarissa Nevermore, who was brutally killed by the evil Comte Robert Merchant.

Guilbert - Male Priest. Last Vatacine Cardinal of Avalon. Supported Richard's break with the Hierophant and help to form the new Avalon church with him as the first Archbishop of Kirkenwood. Historical

Guisard, Harold - Male Priest. Made Archbishop of Avalon by Queen Eleanor du Montiagne, he helped her brother Charles depose her. Was hung as a tyrant after the fall of his patron Charles. Historical

Gunnson, Magnus - Male. Wealthy merchant in the city of Canguine, he is likely a smuggler of illicit goods.

Guy, Aaron - Male Pirate Captain. Caught by a man-o-war.

Gwydd - Male Noble. Senior Knight of Elaine. Has a blood connection to the Sidhe.

Halsingly - Female Noble. Member of the House of Lords. A particular affection for Syrneth artefacts.

Hampford, Deacon - Male Sailor. Co-owner of the Avalon trading ship River Mist.

Herygh - Male Noble. High King of Avalon. Divided his land between his three sons, he youngest son Athrwys refused his terms and was banished. Died on his throne moments later. Historical

Hix, Conrad - Male Noble. Powerful Lord and known as a merciless businessman. The Vendel League revoked his Merchant's Guild status. Last seen captaining his ship, the Drake.

Hollingsworth, Edward - Male Archaeologist. Doctor. Studying Syrneth artefacts brought back from the Thalusian Islands.

Howser, Rebecca - Female. Owner of the 'Red Sky at Night' sailmakers in Canguine.

Johnson, Jeremy - Male. Young member of the Poor Knights. Confessed to heresy and was pardoned by the King. Historical

Jones, Kevin - Male Privateer. Once said "old dogs can learn new tricks, but stubborn ones can't learn anything, no matter what their age".

Joseph of Aremacady - Male Missionary. Possible corruption of Giuseppe of Arene Candide. Called to the 'far north', he established the early Avalon church bringing together Vatacine beliefs with the local traditions. Historical

Katherine, Mary - Female Noble. An expert in the Sidhe, she wrote the famous treatise 'Book of the Goodly Folke'. Historical

Lamorak - Male Noble. Senior Knight of Elaine. General of the small Avalon army.

Launds, Thomas - Male. Hefty pirate ship captain.

Lovaine, Elaine - Female. Queen of Avalon and the United Kingdoms. Younger daughter of Richard IV. Disappeared for ten years, she returned in 1658 with Derwyddon. Brought the three nations of Avalon, the Highland Marches and Inismore under one crown. Brought the Graal and so Glamour back to the isles.

Lovaine, Margaret - Female Queen. Daughter of Richard IV. Vatacine faithful and married to a Castillian noble. Called the "Iron Queen" for her attempts to destroy the traditional and objectionist faiths. She died in 1654 at the stroke of midnight. Historical

Lovaine, Richard III - Male King. Took the throne after the defeat of Henri Camlann IV at Bedgrave. Known as "Richard the Kind" he went on to conquer Inismore. Historical

Lovaine, Richard IV - Male King. Great-grandson of Richard III. Assumed the throne in 1614 at a peaceful time for Avalon. A devout Vatacine, he was called "Avalon's Defender of the Faith" by the Hierophant. After a request for divorce was refused, he passed the 'Act of Supremacy' and formed the Avalon Church. Married Morwenna Sutter who produced his second daughter Elaine, he took another three wives in an attempt to secure a male heir. Succeeded by his eldest daughter Margaret. Historical

Lovaine, Robin - Male Noble. Made Sheriff of Lovaine on his return from the Crusades, he spoke out against the injustice of the crown and was imprisoned. Escaped to become the outlaw Robin Goodfellow. Historical

Lugh, Lawrence - Male Noble. Chief Knight of Elaine. Wears a glove at all times to cover his metal hand.

Lynch, Cathal - Male Noble. Tuath of Donegal. Claim descent from the original O'Bannon, they support the rule of the High King.

MacAllister, Bors - Male Highlander. Senior Knight of Elaine. Formerly advisor to the McDuffs for twenty years. Known to act secretly and discretely to serve the interests of the Queen and Avalon.

MacAllister, Fergus - Male Highlander. Clan leader and member of the High Council. Visited Eisen to try and secure mining rights.

MacBride - Powerful Highland clan. Ancestral home of Connickmoor. Leader of the Separatist movement. Having stood with Robert at Dun Vahl, they have always been staunch nationalists as they saw him and now his descendant apparently sell them out to another power.

MacBride, Fergus - Male Highland Noble. Head of the Clan MacBride and leader of the Separist movement. A passionate speaker and political rival of James MacDuff.

MacBride, Ian - Male Highland Scholar. Scribe and historian living in Connickmoor.

MacCodrum - Minor Highland Clan claiming descent from a simple fisherman and a type of Sidhe known as a selkie.

MacCormick, Albert - Male Noble. Younger brother of Cameron. Made sole beneficiary of the family estate to prevent his brother salting away the fortune. Died in a hunting accident. Historical

MacCormick, Cameron - Male Archaeologist. Founded the Explorer Society in 1598. Inherited the large family estate after the death of his brother Albert. Historical

MacCormick, Guy - Male. A prominent member of the Explorer Society like his ancestor, he captains the Discovery in search of his lost wife.

MacDonald - Powerful Highland Clan and bitter enemies of the MacLeods since the Battle of Green Field.

MacDonald, Connie - Female Highlander. Old woman living as a recluse in small hamlet. Locals whisper that she know some secret about the Sidhe.

MacDonald, Sean - Male Highland Noble. Found the University at Kirkwall with Justin MacFadden in the 1610s. Historical

MacDowell, Ian - Male Highland Noble. Landed gentry in control of a small mainly wooded area.

MacDuff, Robert II - Male Highland Noble. Son of Robert I, he formed the Clan MacDuff, the name meaning "Son of the Dark" after his father's appellation. Historical

MacDuff, James I - Male Highland Noble. Former High King and father of the current King James II. Historical

MacDuff, James II - Male Highland Noble. High King of the Highland Marches. Elected by the Highland Clans, his support of Elaine gave her the legitimacy to unite the three islands. On the death of Queen Margaret, he had declared independence and made the objectionist faith dominant. An ardent Unifist, he has so far managed to keep the Separatists in line.

MacEachern - Old Highland Clan who seem to have discovered the secret to killing the Sidhe, their castle and family was destroyed in a matter of hours. Rumour continue of family members taking refuge in the other clans. Historical

MacFadden, Justin - Male Highland Noble. Founded the University at Kirkwall with Sean MacDonald in the 1610s. Historical

MacGalvin O'Donnely, Owen - Male. Son of Galvin and great-grandnephew of Rose Donnely.

MacGee, Bonny - Female Highlander. Known as "Bloody" Bonny McGee, she is the ferocious bosun of the Black Dawn and one of only a handful to escape from Reis' clutches.

MacIntyre - Primitive Highland Clan existing in an isolated glen as nomadic warriors, they are a throwback to the ancient past and generally left alone.

MacIntrye, Angus - Male Highlander. Head of the Clan MacIntyre. A thoughtful man in tune with the primitive lifestyle of his followers.

MacKenna, Andriu - Male. Only son of Nevan, he has left Inismore in disgust over his father's support of the O'Toole claim.

MacKenna, Nevan - Male Noble. Tuath of Leister. Traditionally supporters of the O'Bannon, Nevan has made public his backing of the rival O'Tooles.

MacLaughlin - Male. Retired pirate captain, he now runs the Vendor's Row in the city of Canguine.

MacLeod - Powerful Highland Clan due to their glamour abilities, though they have made many enemies, other clans seek their support on many occasions.

MacLeod, Malcolm - Male Highland Noble. Head of the Clan MacLeod. He took a Sidhe wife and was given a green flag as a gift. His clan has kept their close tie to the Sidhe ever since. Historical

MacLeod, Sean - Male Highland Noble. Son of Malcolm and a Sidhe Lady. Soon after taking control of the Clan they were attacked by the MacDonalds, however they were victorious at the Battle of Green Field against the odds it is thought due to the Sidhe flag of their family. Historical

MacOrin, Margaret - Female Noble. Sister of Cameron MacCormick. Married into a powerful and wealthy family. Historical

MacTavish, Joseph - Male Scholar. Professor. Member of the Explorer's Society.

Makepeace, Molly - Female Captain. Sea Dog member known for her ambition. Joined in the quest for the statue of Korlak ur-Nagath.

Malone, Jenny - Female Prostitute. Killed a male client who tried to abuse her. Found innocent and acting in self-defence, so setting precedent. Established a Guild that bears her name. Historical

Merriday, Thomas - Male Noble. Current ambassador to Ussura and confidante of Empress Ketheryna.

Martin, Conal - Male Inish Priest. Vatacine Bishop and headmaster of Burke University. Respected by the locals and able to hold his own against those who do not.

Martin, Jack - Male. Innkeeper of the Broken Compass Inn in Canguine. Called "Skipjack". Known for his strong singing voice as well as his reparatory of bawdy drinking songs..

Martyn, Sioban - Female Privateer. Ship captain born in Dunkeen, she settled down on the island of Puerto de Cielo where she raised children by a local fisherman.

Meryth - Female. A green skinned young girl who has been seen over parts of Avalon, tempting unsuspecting men into a watery death. Thought to be the adopted child of Maab, the Sidhe Queen of the Sea.

Middleton, Thomas - Male Admiral. Retired sailor who officiates the Office of the Admiralty in Carleon on behalf of Berek. Authorises and inspects all ships seeking to sail for the Sea Dogs.

Miller, Peter - Male. Supplies flour to the city of Canguine. A gruff and unfriendly man.

Montgomery, Archibald - Male Swordsman. Given a contract on Giovanni Villanova, he found that the Vodacce was a fellow member of the Guild.

Morhead, Piety - Female. Owner of the Broken Compass Inn in Canguine and widow of Terry. Started the tradition of the storytelling competitions.

Morhead, Terry - Male. A midshipman on the privateer Glory, he sold his stake in the captured Montaigne freighter Swampscot and opened the Broken Compass Inn. Was unfortunately killed in a brawl only a few days after opening. Survived by his wife Piety. Historical

Mordigan - Male Ship Captain. Commands the Never Surrender. Chartered by the Explorer Society in Vendel to intercept the ship of Giovanni Villanova, who had stolen an important Syrneth artifact.

Morgan, Sybil - Female. Daughter of an important diplomat, she was saved from attackers by the Castillian, Luis Rafael Dominguez de San Angelo

Nevermoore, Clarissa - Female. Wife of Philip Gosse, with who she retired to the island paradise of Utopia. Tortured and killed by the evil Comte Robert Merchant. Historical

O'Bannon, Hugh - Male. First High King or "árd rí" of Inismore. Ruled for fifteen years before he simply got up and left. Historical

O'Bannon, Jack - Male. King of Inismore. Reputed to be over 1,000 years old, "Mad" King O'Bannon occasionally ups and leaves to destinations unknown. Thought to be the son of a Sidhe Lady and an Inish warrior.

O'Brien, Gael - Male Noble. Tuath of Dreenan. Family can trace its line back to King Brien Muintir of the 10th century. Since then their family has acted as advisors but never ruled.

O'Brien, Sydney - Male Inish. Mercenary living in Liumnech, thought to be a fair shot with the crossbow.

O'Connell, Sean - Male Inish Sailor. Crewmember of the Never Surrender.

O'Malley, Stanley - Male. Lord of Liumnech in the estate of Dreenan. Known to be a complete drunkard.

O'Toole, Arghyle - Male Noble. Head of the powerful and very large Inish family. Governor or "tuath" of Carrig. A vocal opponent of the O'Bannon, who they consider a fraud.

O'Toole, Daniel - Male. Fifth son of Arghyle.

O'Toole, Ewan - Male. Rival of the O'Bannon, he took the throne after the second disappearance with the help of Avalon troops. Started a new phase of Avalon influence on the island. Historical

O'Toole, Meg - Female. Youngest daughter of Arghyle. Only the second O'Toole in the last two hundred years to be born with glamour abilities.

O'Toole, Randal - Male. Second son of Arghyle.

O'Toole, Roland - Male Sailor. Third son of Arghyle. Captain of the merchant fleet out of Lochcuan with his brother Sivney. Once said "hero though he may be, every man has a weakness that can bring him down". A marksman of the Rois et Reines school.

O'Toole, Rose - Female. Eldest daughter of Arghyle.

O'Toole, Sivney - Male Sailor. Fourth son of Arghyle. Works the merchant fleet with his brother Roland.

O'Toole, Taod - Male. Eldest son of Arghyle.

O'Toole, Timithy - Male. Youngest son of Arghyle.

Owain - Male Noble. Senior Knight of Elaine. Son of Uwaine. Replaced Sir Melias on the council of knights.

Peppin - Male Noble. Senior Knight of Elaine. Known to be seeking the fabled mirror beast.

Peerson, Montgomery - Male Playwright. From the Balroux Downs. Leading the rise of Avalon theatre, his play 'The Maelstrom' is soon to open in Montaigne. His last play 'The Tragedy of Tristram Channel' made a number of enemies.

Piram - Male Noble. High King of Breg. Attempted to seize control of Avalon by force on the death of Queen Margaret. Reluctantly swore fealty to Elaine, he oversees some of the richest lands in Avalon.

Plunkett, Avery - Male Inish. Famous poet from the city of Dunkeen.

Raine, Thomas - Male Sailor. Captain of The Grinning Pelican he tries to stay out of politics and also seeks to further his developing Glamour abilities.

Regan, Guy - Male. Jewellry forger wanted in Canguine and thought to be currently residing in the city of Freiburg.

Robert I - Male Highlander Noble. Known as "Robert the Dark". Seeking autonomy from Montaigne, he allegedly gave refuge to fleeing members of the Poor Knights in exchange for their help. Won the Battle of Dun Vahl in 1218 against all expectations. United the Clans and became the first Highland King. Establishing the current government structure, all further Kings have been his direct descendants. Historical

Rogers, Justice - Male Pirate Captain. Sailed his ship the Jolly Roger against the Montaigne, he was pursued by a large fleet in 1355 and never seen again. Historical

Ryefellow - Male Noble. Suffering from a lung complaint due to the burning of peat for warmth. A patron of the sciences.

Smith, Brand - Male. Wandering locksmith based around the city of Carleon. Large and burly, but with long, thin fingers.

Snaggs, Isaac - Male Soldier. Famous for a battle where the Avalon army ran out of arrows, so he stood and caught all the enemies shots to use for their own needs. Historical

StClaire, Liam - Male. Minor noble from Luthon. Fanciful rumours claim that this is a former identity for the man known as Louis-Claude du Sinjin. Historical

Stevens, Malcolm - Male Actor. Young and still somewhat unknown actor working the Balroux Downs.

Storm, Joseph - Male. With his brother Nathan, runs the famous 'Twin Taverns' in Canguine.

Storm, Nathan - Male. With his brother Joseph, runs the famous 'Twin Taverns' in Canguine.

Tavendish, Morgan - Male Sailor. Jumped ship while docked in Vodacce and eventually found his way into the employ of the criminal known as the Scarred Man.

Thrush, Jeremiah - Male. Known to be running a fencing operation in Canguine.

Trainer, Gerard - Male Soldier. Served under Lord Uwaine until he surrendered to the forces of Elaine.

Uwaine - Male Noble. Senior Knight of Elaine. Father of Owain. De facto High Sheriff of Avalon. One of the first lords to rally to the banner of Elaine.

Victor - Male. Known only as "Victor of Luthon", he is the most notorious killer in Avalon's history. Luckily he was caught and hung before he could bargain with the Unseelie.

Weberly - Male Noble. Patron of Dr Edward Hollingsworth.

Weller, Lorraine - Female. Madame of the Jenny's Guild and holder of a current Chair in the Vendel League. A patron of the Rose & Cross. Formerly a prostitute and then madam in Carleon, rising to the head of the Avalon Guild. Thought to be the daughter of country gentry.

Wellfellow, Sir Jasper - Male. Name taken by a conman operating in 1665 trying to sell a miracle salve. Exposed by a publication in a local paper thought to be written by a College member.

Wells, Nathaniel - Male Bishop. Espouses the Church view that monsters result from the sin of sorcery.

William of Breg - Male Bishop. Named by Archbishop des Roches as his appointed sucessor.

Wolff - Male. Current mayor of Canguine, he is openly corrupt and survives mainly due to his scarred bodyguard Meredith, a master of the Donovan School.

Worthingham - Male Noble. A well-known party host.

Yseult - Female Noble. Senior Knight of Elaine. Most daring of the knights, apparently unconcerned with her own safety.