The Three Kingdom of Avalon are steeped in legend and Glamour. While enemies for centuries, the Avalon, Highland Marches and Inismore united under the rule of Queen Elaine and became a power in Theah. Long tied to the mysterious Sidhe, the islands are among the most magical in all of Theah.





Arroy - Chief source of iron, gold and silver. The effeciency of the mines has been greatly increased by the introduction of Eisen mining techniques.

Avalon Forest - One of the deepest and darkest woods on the isle, it is here that Robin Goodfellow hid out from the men of King Charles.

Balig - County. Subjugated by King Piram shortly before the rise of Elaine, it has remained a vassel state to Breg.

Balroux Downs - Cultural centre of Avalon, on "Thespian's Row" the leading playwrights hold their works in the many theatres.

Bedegrane - Ancient town where Arthyws fought his brothers, it has become a centre for the idea of the new Avalon.

Begegrane University - Recently established by the local Baron using almost his entire fortune, it has yet to gain a reputation.

Black Mountains - Only real range on the isle of Avalon standing between Arroy and Carleon. All passes are well guarded against monsters and also less supernatural threats.

Bran Bridge - Sacred site, the lake is said to be where Athryws returned the Graal to the sidhe after his defeat by Henri du Montaigne.

Breg - County. Ruled over by the powerful King Piram and the source of the greatest dissent against the rule of Queen Elaine.

Brenneth - Small town in Breg that is known to hide a small dissident group plotting to overthrow the current government.

Broken Compass Inn - Sea Dog tavern in Canguine opened by the Morheads. Famous for its story competitions that always end with the orator dying.

Bryn Bresail - Legendary home of the Sidhe race, anyone taken here can return years later and not have aged a day.

Burke University - Founded by the Avalon lords at Tara in 1592. One of the few centres of learning on the island.

Caerleon - Capital of Avalon and the United Kingdoms. Recently restored to its former glory by the sage Derwyddon in one night. Known as "the Shining Star".

Camlann - County. The ancient home of the Avalon High Kings, its character has been shaped by past invasions from Inismore.

Canguine - An important city on the coast of Balig, while under Montaigne rule the mayor mistaken arrested a sidhe who cursed the city into chaos. It is now a haven for pirates and other dubious characters.

Cardican - Home of the Garloise family in Camlann county. For centuries the heart of Avalon resistance to Montaigne rule. Now the source of many Sea Dogs and also a growing Explorer's Society presence, as an ideal base for expeditions to the western seas.

Carman - Long the site of Avalon rule in Inismore, it is still a major trading center to the rest of Theah although the harbour shows signs of silting up.

Carrig - Estate of the O'Toole family. Largest shire and the ancient cradle of Inish civilisation.

Catterick - Port that trades heavily with the Vendel League, it has been targetted by the Vesten in their raids.

Cerrwidden Dun - One of the oldest standing fortresses in Avalon, it was one of the last holdouts against the invading Montiagne. Now houses a memorial to the fallen soldiers.

Connickmoor - Ancestral lands of the Clan MacBride, home of the Separatist movement in the Highland Marches.

Darwah - Small fishing village in a valley containing seven of Inismore's twelve loughs. Overlooked by Shanis Hill.

Dreenan - Estate of the O'Brien family. Lands and titles date back to the Kings of the tenth century.

Donegal - Estate of the Lynch family. The most populous shire on the main island of Inismore.

Dun Donnel - Ancestral home of the O'Donnels on a plateau west of Dunkeen. Abandonned in the fourteenth century after a terrible storm.

Dun O'Toole - Immense eight storey home of the O'Toole family located in their city of Lochuan.

Dun Vahl - Small town and site of the legendary victory of Robert the Dark over the Avalons in 1218.

Dunkeen - Port city at the mouth of the Shanagary river on the border with Leister. A centre for the arts.

Escavalon - Chief town of a large rural shire of Breg. The fertile farmlands are current having unusual problems with their crops.

Fål Stone - Sacred relic of the Inish located just outside Tara, it symbolises the pact with the sidhe and responds only to the true O'Bannon.

Fenshire - Town of fervent Elaine supporters on the border with Breg.

Gaavane - County. Small province run by the druids under Derwyddon, most of the populace have now left the area.

Glenayre - Castle of Elaine, this beautiful structure rises majestically out of the cliffs of black rock. A nexus for the Glamour surging through the land.

Grumweald Forest - Ancient forest at the heart of Gaavane. No one save the druids dares to enter the sacred woods.

High Lord's Castle - Situated on an island in the Shanagary river near Liumnech, it is a visible reminder of Avalon rule.

Isle of the Grey Queen - Mysterious island of the coast of Avalon that is home to a sidhe lady cursed by the Queen of the Sky for a past transgression.

Kirkwall - One of the oldest fortification in the Highland Marches, it is the keep of MacDuff and the court of the High King. Located on a hilly heath overlooking miles of open countryside.

Leister - Estate of the MacKenna family. Lightly populated and rural shire that is dotted with ruined walls and peat bogs.

Liumnech - Having thrived under Avalon rule, this well-populated is showing signs of decline.

Lochcuan - The second largest city in Inismore and its trading route to the Highland Marches. Ruled by the O'Tooles, it is twelve miles from the sea but its docks cover seven miles of the river.

Lothian - County. Wild and untamed land that shows much of the influence of its Highland-descended noble family. Few settlements are larger than a medium town.

Lovaine - County. Largest of the Avalon shires which has been enriched by the return of Glamour to the island.

Luthon - The capital under Montaigne rule, Luthon retains its status as the most important trading port in Avalon. Situated on the Grand River.

Mantan Mountains - Range located in east Donegal.

Monestery of Saint Brigid - The Rose & Cross chapterhouse in Kirkwall is one of the oldest and stands at the end of the Noble's Mile facing the centre of the city.

Newport - Largest city in Newport, it consists of a series of islands connected by bridges to each other and the mainland.

Noble's Mile - Thoroughfare in Kirkwall leading from the Parliament building down to the Rose & Cross chapterhouse.

Norgales - Druidic capital of Gaavane with a strong connection to the sidhe and Bryn Bresail.

Percis - County. Rich lands of the coast facing across the channel to Montaigne, they maintain a few signs of their foreign heritage.

Pomitain - Large village that houses the castle of Baron Conon. Chief industry in the area is fishing.

Rock of Dunnach - Twelfth century castle on hill east of Tara, it was completely destroyed during the last Avalon invasion.

Roestock - Small village that is the 'official' capital of Gaavane, most of the townsfolk have long deserted the area.

Shanagary River - Longest river in Inismore, running two hundred and thirty miles to the sea at Dunkeen.

Shanis Hill - Site of a battle between Inish patriots and a vastly superior Avalon army, the outcome was never in doubt.

St Rose Cathedral - Built in Liumnech during the reign of Queen Margaret, it is now ironically owned by the local Jenny's Guild.

Strangore - Town that acts as little more than a waypoint for land traffic and ships to Inismore and the Highland Marches.

Surluse - Clifftop city in south Percis with an active fishing and shipping industry.

Tara - Largest city in Inismore, mainly due to trading with Avalon and the presence of the Fål Stone. With ramparts over six hundred feet high, it is a daunting location.

Tenebroc - Large port city whose main trade is with Inismore. High above the city stands a large stone, looking as if it could roll down at any time.

Wandesborow - Known as the "Sailor's City", more seamen come from here than any other town in Avalon. Also boasts the richest fishing waters in the land, with the city sprawling over miles of shoreline.

Westmorland - Monestary just north of Irnan Dun on the main island of Avalon. Rumoured to have a stong connection with the Sidhe.