The seven kingdoms of the once-proud Eisen remain more divided than before. One falls into darkness, while others fight to preserve their very existance. The restoration of the nation seems more a dream now than since the death of the Imperator.





Adette - Daughter of Imperator Franz II and sister of Franz III. Tutored by Mattias Lieber, her continual questions are thought to have played a part in Lieber's studies into church doctrine. Historical

Adolfo, Marcus Stefan - Male. Main advisor to Eisenfürst Hainzl. Effectively ran the kingdom for him until he was apparently carried off by wild animals one night.

Arvid I - Male Noble. Imperator whose macinations lead to the downfall of the order of the Black Cross. His armies destroyed the noble knights at Tannen in 1411. Died in his sleep of entirely 'natural' causes. Historical

Bansbach, Jerome - Male. Young man living on the streets of Freiburg, suspected of being a pickpocket.

Behle, Franz - Male. Elderly man living in Seeufer on the Südlache. The only person who dares to venture outside the walls at night.

Bottenfeld, Prof Ernst - Male Scientist. Born in Insel, but educated in Castille. Returned to live in Freiburg after the War in order to continue his research. Killed by an unknown assailant, though there were signs of Inquisition involvement.

Bower, Ernst - Male Scholar. Churchman who spoke against the Order of the Rose & Cross, saying that they were servants of Legion. His statement was almost word for word the same as that levied against the Poor Knights of the Prophet. Historical

Brandt, Hendryk - Male Noble. Wealthy noble from northern Eisen, a persistent suitor to Eisenfurst Pösen.

Braun, Josef - Male Diplomat. Representative to Freiburg from Eisenfürst Heilgrund. His Montaigne mother gives him very limited porté abilities.

Bruckhert, Stefan - Male Noble. First born son of an Objectionist family. Killed in a duel with Jörg Hase. Historical

Dedrick, Tibold - Male. A former farmer, his two older brother, sister and girl-friend were killing the in the War. Well travelled, he now exports 'items' from Freiburg for Crescent merchants.

Dehmer - Male General. Incompetent military leader who took over after the death of Strauss. Making no progress, he was replaced by Reifenstahl with General Gietl. Historical

Detmer, Franz - Male Mercenary. A sergeant in the Montaigne occupational armies in Castille. Member of the Giftzahne aus der Drachen ("Fangs of the Dragon") mercenary company, he serves as executioner at Caballos Nuevos.

Drachenheim, Jeremy - Male Noble. Last true Lord Drachenheim, the family estate in Freiburg was sold on his death and the title has now lost its prestige. Historical

Drexel, Kristoff - Male Soldier. Leader of the warband known as the Blood Spirits. Developed a style of fighting using the two-handed Eisen sword known simply as the "zweihander".

Drisner, Henrich Schültz - Male Vintner. Supplies wine and beer to the 'Powder Keg' tavern.

Durkhiem, Erika Bridgette - Female Priest. Cardinal of the Vaticine Church. In her early 30's with a lame right leg due to a childhood disease, she is a rare beauty.

Eckert - Male Noble. Lord of Hilstadt. Attacked Eisenfurst Pösen and was slain after she revealed his incompetence. Historical

Erhart, Redmund - Male Merchant. Head of wealthy family with iron mines in Atemlos. Now a major landowner in Freiburg, he recently married a Vodacce woman and was found poisoned shortly after.

Fauser, Armin - Male Servant. Butler to Lord Drachenheim, the position is his for life due to a clause in his late master's will.

Fischler, Faulk - Male Noble. Eisenfürst. A former fisherman whose newly found wealth comes from a dracheneisen mine he discovered in 1649. Granted land belonging to Sieger and Haizl to form a kingdom of his own.

Fischler, Katerina - Female Noble. Sister of Eisenfürst Faulk Fischler. Married the Gaius of Ussura to further her brother's plans. Now known more formerly as Ketheryna Fischler Dimitritova.

Franz II - Male Noble. Imperator in the 16th Century. Saved Mattias Lieber from execution at the Diet of Castille. Historical

Franz III - Male Noble. Son of Franz II. Tutored as a child by Mattias Lieber with his sister Adette. Historical

Friedrich II - Male Noble. Imperator in the 11th Century. Sided with the Third Prophet against the Hierophant and Vodacce. His forced took Numa in 1018 AV leading to an end in the Hieros War. Historical

Gabler, Rica - Female Artisan. Glassblower and shaper in the town of Atemlos. Specialises in stained glass windows.

Gietl - Male General. Wiley tactician who replace the useless Dehmer. Took control of the southern states after the Baron seceded from Eisen. After the death of Stefano Wulf, he found his depleted forces facing the encroaching armies of Castille and Montaigne. Historical

Gilbertine, Gearalt - Male Merchant. Son of a seafaring merchant, he took over when his father died and travelled extensively in search of artefacts. Almost bankrupt, he established a store in Freiburg to sell his acquisitions.

Gottschalk I - Male Noble. Imperator of Eisen. Uses the insignia of the cross of the Church of the Prophet. Created the Vodacce papacy for the new position of Hierophant. Historical

Gregor - Male. Saint. Greatest of the Eisen saints. Single-handedly slew a drachen that had been terrorising the mountains of Pösen. He had been granted an Dracheneisen shield by the Imperator. Historical

Grüber - Male. Fat and unpleasant warlord in the service of Pösen. Recently returned with his regiment known as "Die Adler" from a campaign with the Montaigne in Ussura. Thought to be a target for Rilasciare assassination.

Grubner, Deiter - Male Merchant. With his brother Franz, joined the search for the golden statue of Korlak ur-Nagath with the idea of melting it down into gold ingots. Not the brightest entrepreneur in Eisen.

Grubner, Franz - Male. Brother of Dieter.

Grümbel, Ernst - Male Servant. Butler and social co-ordinator for Stephan Heilgrund. His family was split during the war, however his mother was able to use their name to get work. A blunt man with a short temper.

Grumel, Stans - Male Priest. Known to be a truthful and honest man. Alerted Eisenfurst Pösen to the actions of Lord Eckert. Made Lord of Hilstadt in his place.

Guren, Fritz - Male. Son of fine objectionist parents, when they were killed during the war he apparently fled to Avalon. No record of him after 1653.

Gutword, "Ringer" - Male Sailor. Vodacce ancestry. Co-owner of the Avalon trading ship River Mist.

Habermann, Adelheid - Female. One of the Knights of Stefan I. Founded a noble family line that is now long gone, their ruined estate lies in Heilgrund territory just south of Freiburg. Historical

Habermann, Leopold - Male Noble. Last of the family line who died in the late sixteenth century. Historical

Hainzl, Georg - Male Noble. Eisenfürst. Virtually untouched by the War, he lives in a fantasy world after apparently going mad shortly following moving into his new castle. A patron of the arts, he also owns the best dracheneisen mines.

Hapsund, Georg - Male Diplomat. Envoy of Pösen to Eisenfurst Heilgrund. A career diplomat.

Hase, Jörg - Male Noble. First born son of a Vatacine family. Killed in a duel with Stefan Bruckhert. Historical

Hauser, Ludwig - Male Mercenary. One of the surviving members of the Giftzahne aus der Drachen mercenary company. Trying to return home from Castille.

Heilgrund, Ernst - Male General. Last Eisen warleader to invade Ussura. His entire army was washed away by a flash flood of the Ekaterina river. Historical

Heilgrund, Stefan - Male Noble. Eisenfürst. Ambitious young prince who wants to unite Eisen under his rule, Tragüe is the only other leader who will speak to him. Known to be interested in sorcery. He was a guest of Reifenstahl the night the Imperator hung himself.

Herrbruck, Peter - Male Priest. Vatacine priest at the Heart of the Drachen cathedral during the War. Historical

Höpken, Adrian - Male Soldier. Peasent who fought in the War of the Cross and became adept with the crossbow which he taught to other following the conflict. Historical

Hroswitha - Female Cannoness. Residing at the nunnery at Gandersheim in Stahlfort, she was known for her comical but inciteful plays in the early eleventh century. Historical

Huhn, Johanna - Female Painter. Her piece "Field Marshall of Hypocrisy" showing the idiocy of the War of the Cross has been denounced by the Vaticine Church.

Inselhoffer, Claus - Male Noble. Brother of Gisela. A powerful noble who has threatened to overthrow the von Wische if they do not take action to restore the economy of the province.

Inselhoffer, Gisela Hilda - Female Noble. Effective regent of Wische following the lapsing of the Eisenfurst into a waking coma.

Jost, Hans- Male. Son of the Mayor of Stützung. Recently uncovered to be the shadowy figure keeping the Morderbande mercenaries in check, they now intend to execute him.

Kappelhoff - Male Priest. Oversees the relic of the Holy Crozier of Saint Konstantinus.

Kendelburg, Leni - Female Söden Captain. Leader of a small band of mercenaries. Has a blood feud with Pösen.

Kippenburg, Rutger - Male. Chief servant of the Freiburg City Hall.

Knef, Philip - Male Miner. Lifelong engineer who runs the dracheneisen mines of Hainzl.

Koenig, Johann - Male Diplomat. Envoy of Pösen to Eisenfurst Heilgrund, trying to seek a mutual defence treaty.

Köhl, Franziska - Female. Advisor to Fischler from the last four years. Daughter of a minor Lord, she held their castle against a forty-five day siege after her husband and father were killed in battle.

Krause, Hildegard - Female. Cook at the Kippe Academy.

Kurgen - Male Knight. Last master of the Kreuzritter, the Knights of the Cross. Died in 1411 at the Battle of Tannen. Historical

Lauterbach, Heinrich - Male Merchant. Known as the "Baron". A former gun-runner during the War, he now runs a legitimate merchant fleet out of Freiburg.

Lieber, Mattias - Male Scholar. Monk who in 1517 created what became the Objectionist movement. He nailed his criticisms on Church doctrine, in the form of ninety-five questions, to the door of his bishop. Condemned to death by the Hierophant at the Diet of Castille, he narrowly escaped back to Eisen.Historical

Loring, Kelby - Male. Graduate of Kippe Academy and aformer Colonel in the army of General Gietl during the War. Left the Vatacine cause after unwittingly killing her Objectionist younger brother. Formed the Wachhunde mercenaries in Freiburg to oppose banditry and oppression.

Luffwitz, Gern - Male Scholar. Founding member of the Explorer's Society.

Lynne, Gretchen - Female. Minor noble from southern Pösen. Philathropic, she has converted her family estate to a safehouse for the poor.

Martina - Female. Strapping ex-farmgirl and member of the Nibelung. Visited Freiburg in late 1668 to collect a shipment of dracheneisen.

Mastoff, Richter - Male Writer. Famous for his historical novels of the 14th Century, most of which were written from prison after he was falsely accused of a crime. Historical

Mutz, Richard - Male. Owns bookstore in Freiburg and is known for his attempts at writing poetry.

Pösen, Fauner Konrad - Female Noble. Eisenfürst. Born in the third year of the War of the Cross. Ruler of the konigreich of Pösen, probably the most prosperous part of Eisen outside of Frieburg. An excellent soldier who is usually seen in her suit of dracheneisen. Unbelievably stubborn.

Pösen, Dr Johann - Male Scholar. Chemistry specialist. Known associate of Vodacce merchant Vincenzo Lucani.

Probst, Wilma - Advisor to Trägue, she handles most of the organisation of the city of Freiburg. The only daughter of a wealthy merchant, she was educated at a prominent Montaigne finishing school and served the Imperator up until his death.

Proust, Dietrich - Male Knight. Son of a renowned blacksmith, he refused to sell his swords to mercenaries. Current Master Knight of the Freiburg Rose and Cross chapter house.

Rainer, Barbara - Female Jenny. Helped the Mordenbunde capture Hans Jost, she has since disappeared.

Richter, G W - Male Noble. Representative to Freiburg of Eisenfürst Pösen following service during the War. A stiff and formal military man.

Riefenstahl - Male Noble. Last Imperator of Eisen. Cousin to Weiss II, another cousin founded the Steil military academy. Taking the throne in 1636, his Vaticine creed caused the Objectionist states of the south to revolt. The War of the Cross that ensued left the Holy Republic a wasteland and, in the Treaty of Weissburg, they were forced to cede land to many of the other nations. Hung himself in his castle in 1667 after a late-night argument with an unknown visitor. Historical

Schelling - Male Noble. Vatacine Lord assassinated by an Objectionist activist in the Stein. Historical

Schmidl, Gunther - Male Priest. Prominent figure who worked with the old Hierophant.

Schtoff, Luger - Male Merchant. A regular at the 'Powder Keg' he is well-connected and can get most things, for a price.

Sieger, Erich - Male Noble. Eisenfürst. Ruler of the oldest of the koenigreichs, parts of which were given to Montaigne and Castille in the Treaty of Weissburg in a betrayal by the Vaticine church. When Castille came to claim their land they found Sieger had salted the ground and was willing to die to protect it. They decided it was not worth the trouble and left the madman alone.

Sieger, Karl - Male Noble. Minor baron who somehow managed to destroy the powerful von Drachen family and seize their estates. He became an oppresive ruler who was hated by his peasants. Historical

Sieger, Logan Gottschalk - Male Scholar. Only son of Eisenfürst Erich Sieger and a serving wench. Rebelled against his father and went to the Breutzmann academy instead of the military school, the two have not spoken since. Presently scribe to Eisenfürst Tragüe in Frieburg.

Stapp, Liselotte - Female Noble. Wife of Walther and mother of two sons. Died of the white plague. Historical

Stapp, Walther Jens - Male Noble. Lord Stapp was the original owner of what is now the Drachenheim estate in Freiburg. A prominent Vatacine. Killed leaving the city on route to Siegsburg in 1557. Historical

Stefan - Male. Booming-voiced and well-bearded leader of the mysterious Nibelungen.

Stefan III - Male Noble. Imperator in the mid-thirteenth century who established the fortress of the Stein on the Rostrom River. Historical

Steil, Oskar - Male Soldier. Founded a military academy in Helgrund in 1661. Distant cousin of Imperator Riefenstahl. Historical

Steil, Werner - Male General. In charge of the forces of Eisenfürst Heilgrund during an attempt to seize Freiburg in late 1668.

Steiner, Karl Thomas - Male Soldier. Sniper and current advisor to General Montegue du Montaigne. Formerly a guardsman to Reinhard von Wische and Erich Steiger.

Strauss, Helmut - Male Soldier. General of the Army. Insignia of the hawk in flight. Former champion of the Vaticine Eisen, he was sent to subdue the southern states but was killed by an assassin after the siege of Sieger. Still fondly remembered. Historical

Tibault - Male Bauer. Inhabitant of the kingdom of Pösen. A supporter of the Vaticine Church.

Tragüe, Nicklaus - Male Noble. Eisenfürst. Ruler of Frieburg, the "Free City". A respected General during the time of the War of the Cross and a prominent atheist, he took shelter during a battle and discovered a vein of dracheneisen. Took the fortress of Stein as his Barony and he effectively lets it rule itself.

Uppmann, Hans - Male Tailor. Former personal tailor to Georg Hainzl, he owns a shop in Gottkirchen.

Vogel, Gregor - Male Refugee. A known pickpocket and con artist that preys on travellers.

Vogel, Tobias - Male Monk. Invented the printing press in Pösen in 1438 to better spread the Book of the Prophets to the people. Historical

Vogel, Vera Voletta - Female Noble. Old gentry from northern Eisen, her husband left her for another woman.

Volker, Joseph - Male Merchant. Butler of Riefenstahl and holder of the ninth Chair in the Vendel League, which he was willed by the late Imperator shortly before his suicide. Instead of sending a proxy, he has chosen to travel to Kirk and take up the position in person.

von Drachen - Powerful old Eisen family line decended from a Numian Senator. Holding power in the eastern section of the country, they were the last known practitioners of Zerstörung sorcery. The entire line was destroyed in 918 by an attack by rival baron Karl Sieger. Historical

von Durenstadt, Ferenc Orlund - Male Priest. Fourth son of Orlo and Vivia. With little interest in the military, he was sent to university to study as a priest. Eventually a Bishop and personal secretary to Cardinal Lindenauer, he was relegated to a quiet library in Insel on his patron's death. Known as an expert on the Sidhe.

von Durenstadt, Orlo - Male Noble. Duke of Durenstadt. Husband of Vivia. Thought of as little more than a forest bandit with a title.

von Durenstadt, Vivia Karla Magdelene - Female Noble. Duchess of Durenstadt, a stern and rigid General's daughter.

von Hazel, Wolffrond - Male Musician. Seven year old maestro. Presently touring Montaigne to much acclaim, leading the insurgence of the new 'Eisen' school of music.

von Rosen, Hauptmann Kurt - Male Soldier. Escaped from a doomed battle in Ussura. Historical

von Stahl, Friedrich - Male Diplomat. Envoy of Frieburg to Eisenfurst Heilgrund. Tries his best to maintain their neutrality in the politics of Eisen.

von Stollenzahl, Gretchen - Female. Daughter of merchants who moved to the city of Zafara in the Crescent Empire. Died of fever shortly after her marriange to a young man back in Eisen.

von Unterhoff - Male Baron. Objectionist veteran of the War, it left a permanent mark on him as he still believes the war is continuing today. Now resides in Freiburg.

von der Welde, Johann - Male Soldier. Infamous General who led an unsuccessful invasion of Ussura in 523 AV. A snowstorm in the middle of summer buried his entire army. Historical

von Wische, Cornelia - Female Noble. Wife of Eisenfurst Reinhard. Killed in a fire while he husband was away fighting. Historical

von Wische, Reinhard Dieter - Male Noble. Eisenfürst. Rules the konigreich of Wische, a land scarred deeply by the War of the Cross. An even-tempered man who lost his entire family during the War, his youngest son of three having been killed by a highwayman. Has lapsed into a waking coma from all of his grief.

Vroman, Fritz - Male Thief. Low-life from the streets of Freiburg, caught after stealing a valuable necklace from a visiting noblewoman.

Walden, Heinrich - Male. Minor noble in Freiburg and a political ally of Eisenfürst Fischler.

Weidenhammer, Leopold - Male. Accidental hero who is the last known man to have slain a drachen, in this case one that was terrorising Insel. Historical

Weiler, Sylvester - Male. Innkeeper of the Rusty Nail on the outskirts of Frieburg. Large and muscular.

Weiss - Male Noble. Imperator of Eisen. Also known as "Weiss the Great". Came to power in 1587, he forbade the persecution of Objectionists and ruled peacefully until his death in 1636. Usually depicted with a crown of stars. Historical

Weissels, Heinrich - Male Priest. Current head of the Heart of the Drachen cathedral in Freiburg. Known for his rather hysterical sermons.

Wilhelm, Vasya - Male. Captain of the Guard in Freiburg. Orphaned child who took the family name of the woman who raised him. A former pit fighter and sölden to a local merchant.

Wische, George - Male Objectionist Scholar. Trying to prove that the threat in La Selva de Fendes is due to escaped prisoners from the War of the Cross and not an supernatural source.

Wulf, Stefano - Male Scholar. Actually born to a Vendel merchant family. He had a great military mind and entered the War of the Cross to lead the southern forces. Considered by many Eisen Objectionists as the holiest man since Mattias Lieber. Killed by a Vaticine bauer, the northern front fell without his leadership. Historical