The Empire of the Imperator has been reduced to the blasted and salted lands of the Seven Kingdoms of Eisen, a sad fall for a proud people. Divisions run deep in the land, between leaders and religions, with little sign that the land will be united and healed anytime soon.





Angonem Wald - Forest located in northern Eisen along the banks of the Roth river.

Atemlos - Capital of Hainzl. Perched on top of a mountain it contains the castle of Eulestein and a renowed opera house.

Breutzmann Academy - Located in Freiburg, this boys finishing school serves much of the noblity of Eisen and beyond.

Caves of Opa Nacht - Located in eastern Hainzl, the richest iron mines in Eisen contain a number of impressive natural formations.

Densel - Town in south-east Posen, it was besieged by Objectionist forces during the War. A visiting Fhideli caravan managed to escape the blockading forces.

Durenstadt - Minor duchy on the far shore of lake Goranth.

Eulestein Castle - Home of Eisenfürst Hainzl in Atelmos. Built as a replica of the castle in the fairytale of the "Three Owls".

Fischler - Königreich. Quiet kingdom surrounding the Südlach created by lands taken from Heilgrund and Sieger.

Freiburg - Königreich. Smallest of the seven kingdoms, extending only thirty miles outside the city.

Freiburg - The "Free City" of Nicklaus Trägue has become an unexpected success, but it is uncertain if it will last with the greedy eyes of the other Eisenfürsten. Built on the site of the ruined Steil military fortress.

Gottkirchen - Capital of Heilgrund in west Eisen on the Roth river. Site of the Steil military acadmey, founded by the cousin of the then-Imperator Riefenstahl. A city that is resting on its past glories and beset by an epidemic of despair.

Gregorskorn - Area of the northern Drachenburg mountains consisting of twisting valleys and ravines. It is here that Saint Gregor is said to have slain the drachen.

Grünberg - Small farming village located in Hainzl, close to the city of Atemlos.

Hainzl - Königreich. Mountainous terrain in south-eastern Eisen dotted with iron mines and home to the order of the Nibelungen.

Heart of the Drachen Cathedral - Fourteenth century church in Freiburg built around the ribcage of a drachen skeleton, a golden cross sits on top of the raised tail.

Heilgrund - Königreich. Oldest of the kingdoms and traditional capital of Eisen, it is a shadow of its former glory.

Heilgrundstat - Castle retreat of Stephan Heilgrund located on the south shore of the Rostrom, this was the former Imperial Palace of Gottschalk I.

Hilstadt - Town in Posen near the Drachenburg mountains. Father Grumel has recently been made Lord and is seeking to deal with frequent bandit attacks.

Insel - A magnificent fortress located on a penninsula that becomes an island at high tide, it is the cornerstone of Pösen's defences. Capital of the königreich and base for Eisenfurst Pösen.

Lessing's Refuge - Tavern in the town of Seeufer.

Lieblich Wald - Forest of eastern Eisen leading up to the foothills of the Drachenburg range, an important source of timber and resources.

Mitte - The "Middle" is the name taken by the scattered villages of the southern Weissburg range that are in theory under the rule of the Montaigne but have been in reality left to their own cause.

Pösen - Königreich. Efficient and industrious kingdom in north Eisen that was spared most of the effects of the War of the Cross.

Prachtig - River town on the Ussuran border. The harbourmaster controls all passage into the steppes of its neighbour.

Rostrom - River flowing from Montaigne past Heilgrundstat into the interior of Eisen.

Roth - River that flows east to west through the city of Gottkirchen.

Salzsumpf - Salt marshes north of Insel where students of the Gelingen Academy train against the many creature that inhabit the area.

Seeufer - Large town at the mouth of the Südlach surrounded by earthworks against creatures from the lake.

Sieger - Königreich. With much of the territory ceded to Castille and Montaigne in the Treaty of Weissburg, the Eisenfurst chose to salt the earth and rend it unappealing to the claimants.

Siegsburg - The city known as the "Living Ruin" is the only major settlement left in Wische. The population is a fraction of what it was and most building still lay in ruins.

Stahlfort - Fortress of Eisenfurst Sieger at the base of the Weissburg mountains. Carved from the sheer mountainside, it is viewed that this castle is near impregnable.

Stärke - Port town in the south on the The River. Site of the Unabwendbar military academy.

Stein - Military fortress built to control the Rostrom and Roth rivers. Destroyed in the War of the Cross, it was reclaimed by Trague and turned into the city of Freiburg.

Steinhalt - Name given to ramshackle and leaderless city that existed surrounding the Stein fortress in the period between it being abandonned by Stefano Wulf and its restoration as Freiburg.

Stützung - Formerly a wealthy trade city on the River, now it is under the control of the mercenary and cruel Mörderbande.

Südlach - The "Southern Puddle" is a massive inland sea in the middle of Eisen. Eisenfürst Fischler is trying to reclaim the polluted waters.

Südlachenburg - Port town in west Eisen on the shores of the Südlach.

Schwarzen Walden - The "Black Forest" is a dark and dangerous place in mid-Eisen that most people avoid if they can. The blackwood trees are rarely used for firewood or building purposes.

Stauss Memorial - Large black obelisk in the centre of Gottkirchen, one three of its sides are the words "Faith", "Loyalty" and "Charity".

Tannen - Town famous for being the site of the last battle of the Knights of the Cross, it is also the site of the Kippe Military Academy.

The Blasted Fields - The plains of southern Wische have been rendered unproductive for generations by years of war.

The Bone Bridge - Large crossing over the Rostrom river west of Freibrug, constructed from the skeleton of a fallen drachen.

The Drachen Wing - Tavern built on a protrusion of the Bone Bridge at Freiburg.

The Pig and Whistle - Tavern in the town of Seeufer.

The River - Name given to the Trade river, which forms a natural barrier to sourthern Eisen.

The Rusty Nail - Tavern in the city of Freiburg.

The Shadow's Rest - Tavern in the town of Seeufer.

Unsterblich Sumpf - The "Undying Swamp" is a large marsh area south of Gottkirchen that has become infested with a number of strange creatures including a large white snake.

Verzweiflung - The town of "Desperation" is the shanty that has grown around Freiburg at a startling rate, racked by crime and much more dangerous problems.

Wachtturm - The "Watchtower" in the centre of Frieburg is from where Trägue in theory runs the city. The enormous Syrneth construction is built from drachen bones and has two permanent porté gateways granting access to the top floors.

Walk of Remembrance - Path winding through the city of Gottkirchen that celebrates the memory of a large number of local heroes.

Weissburg - Site of the negotiations that led to the surrender of Eisen and the effective end of the War of the Cross. In the treaty, Montaigne and Castille were granted Eisen land along the borders though not all of it was claimed.

Wische - Königreich. This northern land was completely devestated by the War of the Cross, with entre villages destroyed and people killed or displaced.