The great experiment of the Revolution is over and a King once more sits on the throne of Montaigne. However, there is a difference as Montegue was a commoner raised to nobility and remembers all too well the excesses of Leon. With the Frenzy over, the people of this proud nation can look to rebuilding and restoring their identity.





Allais du Crieux, Antione - Male. First cousin of Duke Allais. One of Montaigne's most noted architects. His wife died when his daughter was only 9, prompting him to send her to a boarding school.

Allais du Crieux, Douard - Male Noble. Duke of Crieux. Patriarch of the wealthy Allias family. One of the most powerful men in Montaigne, he oversees the largest port in the nation which combined with his political allies gives him some measure of independence from l'Empereur.

Allais du Crieux, Fench - Male Noble. Nephew of Douard. Dilettante and a favourite in court for his rapier wit and merciless tongue.

Allais du Crieux, Hugh - Male Montaigne. Formed the Holy Order of the Poor Knights of the Prophet in 1118 to protect captured lands in the Cresent Empire during the height of the Crusades. A follower of Rosencruez and his teachings. Historical

Allais du Crieux, Julie - Female Noble. Sister of Douard. Host of the annual Spring Ball each Tertius, it is here that nobles arrange the marriages of their débutante thirteen year old children.

Allais du Crieux, Monique - Female. Daughter of Antione. Sent to a boarding school shortly after the death of her mother, she has grown into a self-reliant young woman. Recently dissapeared after apparently being taken into custody by the Inquisition and then released.

Allais du Crieux, Sebastian - Male Noble. Donated the Crieux House to the Order of the Rose & Cross in the spring of 1519.

Bastion - Male Knight. The pinnacle of chivalry and honour in the 1460's. Shot in the back by a peasant and died, leading to a malaise with the old code. Historical

Baveux, Aristide - Male Knight. Current leader of the Knights of the Rose and Cross.

Bisset du Verre, Claude - Male Noble. Duke of Verre. Patriarch of the rising Bisset family. Possessing an agile mind, their strategic location has seen them grow rich from the war against Castille.

Bisset du Verre, Maurice - Male Noble. Grandfather of Claude. A crotchety old man, he is unwilling to leave his considerable and hard-earned estate to his money-grabbing relatives.

Bisset du Verre, Paulette - Female Noble. Sister of Claude. A political satirist who may be in grave danger if her fourth book "La Nouvelle Garde Robe du l'Empereur" is ever published.

Bisset du Verre, Yannick - Male Noble. Wealthy man with a violent temper who recently married a woman named Valory, who has been told that her betrothed has died in the war with Castille.

Bouvier, Margarite - Female. Born 1949. In Eisen with her sister Monique seeking a permanent position in the court of one of the Eisenfurst.

Bouvier, Monique - Female. Born 1951. In Eisen with her sister Margarite seeking a permanent position in the court of one of the Eisenfurst.

Bunois, Gerald - Male. Chief of Espionage to l'Empereur.

Campion, Jacques - Male. Survivor of the Suzette's Promise disaster. He was imprisoned shortly after returning to Montaigne for the attempted theft of a ship.

Corinne du Auguereau Crepin d'Agenau, Jules - Male Priest. Bishop under High Cardinal Sarnin. Historical

Créer - Male Bladesmith. Apprentice to Maître, his puzzle swords concentrate of mechanisms for prevent theft or misuse. Took Renard as an apprentice. Historical

d'Allais, Peter Guviere - Male Soldier. Lieutenant at Talon Prison. A simple and quiet man who does not go in for small talk. He is far from the noble ideal however.

d'Alreaux, Marquise Clarissa - Female Noble Diplomat. Ambassador to Castille. A wily woman who has served in this role for the last ten years.

d'Argeneau, George - Male Muskateer. Lieutenant at Talon Prison, he is serving his legally required tour of duty in the army.

d'Argeneau, Maurice - Male Priest. The young Cardinal of Montaigne under Leon XIII, his relationship to the widowed Queen gave the Church its greatest influence in the country since Leon XI. On the ascension of Leon XIV, his position was diminshed leading to his dissapearance in 1665. Since then, l'Empereur has been seen in public wearing his ring of office.

d'Aroux, Auguste - Male Pirate Captain. A hermit in the Straits of Blood, his has a strange obsession with the land of Cathay.

d'Utaigne, Rebecca - Female Swordsman. Musketeer to the Empereur. Once said "there is nothing a virtuous man cannot accomplish."

de Huet, Martin - Male. Master of the Hunt on L'Il du Bête. Second son of a prosperous rural noblesse. An expert huntsman, supervises the 'sport' and the six Syrneth buildings that are used as lodges.

de Stwallaque, Guy - Male. Estranged son of author Paul.

de Stwallaque, Paul - Male Author. Well-known, if not especially talented, writer of the "Remy Thoreau's Adverntures" series of pulp novels. Also one of only two survivors of a merchant ship lost in the western oceans. Recently died, leaving his final novel unfinished.

du Bastonne, Rachel Sices - Female. Captain of the city watch in Bastonne.

du Blanc, Georg - Male. Reported to have encountered a ghost.

du Boise, Alonzo - Male. Made the unforgivable mistake of insulting the Emperor while in a druken state. Forced to flee Montaigne, he is now believed to run a dingy bar in Chiarisa.

du Charouse, Arnaud Maximilien - Male Barrister. Once defended a member of the local Freethought Society. A prodigious writer, his closing speeches belie his usually quiet disposition.

du Charouse, Jacque - Male Merchant. Large and burly tavern-keeper of the 'Guivere's Resting Place' in Bilgewater.

du Chatelaine, Merron - Male Merchant. Minor gentry with lands near Charouse with his wife Madeline. Not of noble blood but considerable trade wealth.

du Chevalier, Charles - Male Swordsman. Musketeer. Known to be honourable yet arrogant. Hand-picked by Jean-Marie himself.

du Entour, Felix - Male. Innkeeper of the Flashing Swords in Entour. Bears a permanent scowl and a number of prominent scars. Expelled from the musketeers afer a scandal, he is a fine swordsman although the Swordsmans Guild are notably banned from his establishment.

du Four, Monique Rachitisse - Female. Minor noble with a lavish mansion in central La Motte province.

du Ganador, Barnard - Male. Last seen in Vendel, where he was hit by lightening.

du Montaigne, Alexis - Male. Cousin to Leon, he has be somewhat critical of l'Empereur.

du Montaigne, Anne - Female Noble. Sixth daughter of Empereur Leon. Married to Jean-Marie Rois et Reines du Rogné. A socialite, she often represents the royal line at parties and functions throughout Montaigne.

du Montiagne, Camille - Female Noble. Previous Queen. Wife of Leon XIII and mother of Leon XIV. A self-centered member of the Bisset family, her relationship with Cardinal d'Argeneau after the death of her husband led to a resurgence in the power of the Church. Historical

du Montaigne, Charles - Male Noble. Brother-in-law to Eleanor, he sought to take the throne of Avalon and so had her hung for treason and declared himself regent with the help of Archbishop Guisard. Historical

du Montiagne, Chérie - Female Noble. First daughter of Leon XIV. Full-blooded sorté, she is married to Don Aldana of Castille.

du Montaigne, Dominque - Female Noble. Ninth daughter of Empereur Leon, by his third wife. Nineteen years old. At her birth three fate witches declared that she held no power of sorcery, the Empereur lost interest at this point. Given the task of sending gifts on behalf of her family, she is currently expecting a son.

du Montaigne, Eleanor - Female Noble. Queen of Montaigne. In 1153 she declared her husband dead in the Crusades and married the King of Avalon. Called "the Beloved" by the people of Avalon for her gentle rule. Historical

du Montaigne, Estelle - Female Noble. First wife of Leon XIV. A peasant girl, he apparently loved her though she bore him only five daughters before her death. Historical

du Montaigne, Evelyne - Female Noble. Third daughter of Leon XIV and twin sister of Rosamonde. Weak porté skills. Married into the Étalon family.

du Montaigne, Henri - Male Noble. General who invaded Avalon in 1028 and defeated High King Athrwys, so adding the island as a province of the Montaigne empire. Historical

du Montaigne, Leon XII - Male Noble. Former Empereur. Start of the decadance of Montaigne and the weakening of the Church in the nation. Historical

du Montigne, Leon XIII - Male Noble. Previous Empereur. Under his rule the nobles lost interest in the Church and its influence waned to such an extent that the nation was effectively excommunicated. Died when his son was twelve years old. Thought to have ordered the assassination of the Ussuran Koshchei for reasons best known to himself. Historical

du Montaigne, Leon Alexandre XIV - Male Noble. Current Empereur of Montaigne. Called the "Sun King", he is a glorious figure only interested in his own comfort and enjoyment. On his third wife and with nine daughters, he desperately seeks and son and heir. Declared himself "Empereur of the West" on the death of the Hierophant.

du Montaigne, Lydia - Female Noble. Fifth daughter of Leon XIV. A full-blooded porté mage. Disappeared during an investigation into the Lockhorn forest.

du Montaigne, Miriam - Female Noble. Fourth daughter of Leon XIV. Ambassador to the Vendel League, she has recently been associated with Chair Joris Brak.

du Montaigne, Montengue - Male Soldier. General of the Montaigne armies. Born a commoner in Paroisse both of his parents died before he was sixteen. Given command after he successfully defended Charouse against a larger Vaticine force. Ruthless in matters of war, he has developed the lethal rifle line tactic. Trained by Luc Flaubert do Doré. Married to Dominique, Empereur Leon's ninth daughter. Recently diverted from the campaign against Castille to lead an invasion of Ussura.

du Montiagne, Morella Alouse Giacinni - Female Noble. Imperatrice of Montaigne. Third and current wife of Leon XIV. Youngest daughter of Vincenzo Caligari. A powerful sorté strega. Has bore him only one daughter, Dominique, to date.

du Montaigne, Nicolette - Female Noble. Seventh daughter of Leon XIV. Attaché to the Paix Embassy, she has basically been exiled there after displeasing her father.

du Montaigne, Oliver - Male Noble. Cousin of the Empereur. Found guilty of murder in Corintine of 1667, as a Patron of the Rose & Cross they found the true criminal just before he was hanged.

du Montaigne, Philip IV - Male Noble. Historical King. Demanded the right to tax the Order of the Poor Knights, in 1307 when they became a perceived threat to his tyrannical rule he had them declared heretics and destroyed. Died less than a year after the death of the last Grand Master, Jacques du Muguet. Historical

du Montaigne, Remy - Male Officer. Cousin of Leon XIV. Probably the finest swordsman in Montaigne, he is the current leader of the Lightning Guard and as such a rival of Jean-Marie Rois et Reines for the favour of l'Empereur.

du Montiagne, Rosa Velasquez del Sandoval - Female Noble. Second wife of Leon XIV. A political match with the beloved princess of Castille cemented his reign. Died in suspicious circumstances after giving birth to a third daughter, this led to a breakdown in relations between Castille and Montaigne. Historical

du Montaigne, Rosamonde - Female Noble. Second daughter of Leon XIV and twin sister of Evelyne. Weak porté skills. A naval inspector for the Montaigne fleet.

du Montaigne, Ysabette - Female Noble. Eighth daughter of Leon XIV. Ran away five years ago, possibly to Castille.

du Muguet, Jacques - Male Montaigne. Last Grand Master of the Poor Knights. Refused the Inquisition access to their initiation rites. Burned at the stake in 1308 on the false charge of heresy. Historical

du Paix, Danielle - Female. Socialite well known in the Paix Embassy and a sometime reliable source of information.

de Paix, Felix - Male. Criminal in charge of the "Mad Wolf" gang in Freiburg, he is wanted for murder in Buché and is thought to posess a puzzle sword.

du Paix, Jacques-Louis - Male. Reclusive scholar and an expert in the arts of porté, even though he himself is not a practitioner of the sorcery.

du Paix, Maurice - Author. Pseudonym of the writer who documented the "waisen" population of Wische.

du Rachitisse, François Goddard - Male. Became the most wanted man in Theah after he orchestrated the destruction at "Firework Dam" that led to a period of militant revolt by a numeber of groups. Historical

du Rosemonde, Auguste Dancery - Male Noble. Known ally of Domique du Montaigne. Unsocialble scholar affiliated to the work of Arciniega of Castille, his sour demeanor contrasts with his fashionable style of clothing.

du Rosemonde, Gabrille - Female. Grandaughter of Auguste. Her mother died in Vodacce during childbirth. Recently returned from finishing school.

du Toille, Benoit Jantot - Male. Serving as a petty officer on a merchant ship when he was lost in a pirate attack.

Desaix du Montaigne, Beatrice - Female Noble. First daughter of the former King. A founder of the Rose & Cross

Deneuve du Surlign, Cédric - Male Noble. Nephew of Lillian. Well-known scholar of history and genealogy.

Deneuve du Surlign, Donadieu - Male Musician. Court composer to l'Empereur and occasional Master of Ceremonies at the Chateau du Solei.

Deneuve du Surlign, Etienne - Female Scholar. Member of the Explorer's Society.

Deneuve du Surlign, Georgette - Female Noble. Cousin of Lillian. Has a distict way of coaxing information out of men visiting the Embassy.

Deneuve du Surlign, Lillian - Female Noble. Duchess of Surlign. Matriarch of the skillful Deneuve family. Oversees the family's organisation of the Paix Embassy.

Detruire - Male Bladesmith. Apprentice of Maître, his swords emphasised damage and lethal mechanisms. Took Loup as an apprentice. Historical

Driant - Male Officer. Captain in the Montaigne army and formed garrison commander of Caballos Nuevos, until his apparent assassination by local resistance members. Historical

Drossin, Acel - Male. Grandfather of Yves. Hung for sedition against the noble classes. Historical

Drossin, Louvel - Male. Father of Yves. Killed in a mutiny aboard a smuggler ship. Historical

Drossin, Yves - Male. Former criminal working for Montaigne smugglers and later the Vodacce merchants. Released from prison in Castille, he now serves as bodyguard to Cardinal Bascones

Duboise du Arrent, Alexis - Female Artist. Following the death of her brother Tristan she seems very interested in the Castillian border and other actions across the Trade River.

Duboise du Arrent, Anne - Female Noble. Aunt of Samuel. A social maven, she has standing invitations to all the most exclusive parties.

Duboise du Arrent, Gavreille - Male Admiral. Cornered and arrested the pirates Renault and "The Kire" in a Crieux port in 1667.

Duboise du Arrent, Georges - Male Noble Priest. Vatacine Bishop. Cousin to Samuel, who has issued a reward of 1000 Guilders for information following his recent dissapearance.

Duboise du Arrent, Guy - Male Noble. Nephew of Samuel. Scholar famed for his extensive knowledge of astronomy, natural philosophy and mathematics.

Duboise du Arrent, Samuel - Male Noble. Duke of Arrent. Patriarch of the large Duboise family, known for the hospitality. Regularly donates significant amounts of money to the poor.

Duboise du Arrent, Tristan - Male Montaigne. Brother of Alexis. Thought to have been killed by the Inquisition in Castille. Historical

Ergot, Margaret - Former housekeeper of author Paul de Stwallaque. Still maintains his house and farm outside Buche.

Étalon du Toille, François - Male General. Leading the assault on western Castille. Known as the "Butcher of San Juan" for his complete destruction of that city.

Étalon du Toille, Gerald - Male Naval Captain. A typically incompetent military leader. Commands the flotilla guarding L'Il du Bête.

Étalon du Toille, Loius - Male Soldier. Captain of the Guard at Talon Prison. He is efficient and well liked, having turned down the option of becoming seneschal to his sister.

Étalon du Toille, Marie - Female Noble. Great-granddaughter of Tristan. Something of a black sheep in the family, she is a great authority on porté and the occult arts. Resident in Tamis.

Étalon du Toille, Paul - Male. Minor noble in Charouse. May be an assumed name since no family member can verfiy his name.

Étalon du Toille, Philippe - Male Noble Soldier. Nephew of Tristan. A famous cavalry commander, he is heir to the family estates. Has never lost a battle, but wins at great cost in lives and resources.

Étalon du Toille, Tristan - Male Noble. Duke of Toille. Patriarch of the noble Étalon family that claims decent from the knight Bastion. An inspirational figure, but at over 80 years old he is definitely biding his time.

Flaubert du Doré, Christophe - Male Monk. Translated the ancient tales of Avalon from Cymric for Eleanor du Montaigne. Historical

Flaubert du Doré, Laurent - Male Lawyer. One of the finest defence lawyers in Charouse.

Flaubert du Doré, Luc - Male Noble. Officer in charge of forces in Charouse at the time of the Inquisition assault. Mentor of Montegue, he was succeeded by his student when he fell outside the palace gates.

Flaubert du Doré, Pierre - Male Noble. The young and ambitious Duke of Doré. Patriarch of the Flaubert family. Recently converted all his farmland to grazing, giving a higher income and challenging Charouse for supremacy in livestock, it has also led to the potential of famine in parts of the country dependent on their agriculture.

Flaubert du Doré, Sylia - Female Noble. Daughter of Pierre. A great beauty, she has so far rejected all suitors, perhaps enjoying the constant attention too much.

Flaubert du Doré, Xavier - Male Diplomat. Brother of Pierre. One of the most skilled diplomats in Montaigne, he is currently the Ambassador to Ussura.

Françoise, Jeanette - Female. Former headmistress of the premier finishing school in Montaigne. Historical

Gabriyon - Female Saint. Noble lady who went into the Lockhorn forest in search of her younger brother, her singing kept the dangerous animals away. The city of Mont San Gabriyon is built on a clearing blessed by her voice. Historical

Galliard, Luc - Male Soldier. Captain Quartermaster. In charge of small garrison on the road to Eisen. A no-nonsense career soldier.

Gaston, François Guy - Male Admiral and Poet. Dubbed the prison island of Cardinal Ordunez as 'La Buca' after the smoked pork eaten by the prisoners.

Gaulle dul Motte, Charlotte - Female Noble. Niece of Vincent.

Gaulle dul Motte, Jeanne - Female Noble. A civil engineer, she is very concerned with improving the standard of living for the peasants in the area.

Gaulle dul Motte, Louis - Male Playwright. Author of the acclaimed 'Don Avila'. Pushed out of prominence by the rise of the Avalon bards such as Peerson, he has formed a society called La Plume Sanglante.

Gaulle dul Motte, Simon - Male Noble. Grandson of Vincent. One of the finest bladesmiths in Montaigne.

Gaulle dul Motte, Vincent - Male Noble. Duke of Motte. Patriarch of the reclusive Gaulle family. A powerful porté sorceror, he is currently fending off unwanted advances from Aurore Praisse du Rachetisse.

Guivere - Male Ship Captain. First to find the passage through the reefs in the Straits of Blood. Historical

Guivere, Annabelle - Female. Daughter of Captain Guivere. Founded the town of Bilgewater protected by the reefs of the Straits of Blood.

Henried, Charles - Male. Owner of Henried and Sons publishers in Buche. Made him money printing the popular novels of Paul de Stwallaque.

Henried, Constance - Female. Sixteen year-old daugher of Charles. The financial sucess of her father has led to a continual line of suitors, all of who have so far fallen foul of the old man.

Lalonde, Gervaise - Male Officer. Ambitious Lieutenant known for his charm with women although reckless with his soldiers. Replaced Captain Driant in change of the garrison of the small Castillian town of Caballos Nuevos.

Leveque d'Aur, Dominique - Female Noble. Daugher of Victor, given control of the Muguet shipyards as her dowry on marriage to her cousin Jules. Instituted radical changes including the removal of most of the noble overseers, which resulted in drastically increased production. Most of the engineering and management improvements have been undermined since Admiral Valoix assumed control.

Leveque d'Aur, Luc - Male Noble. Youngest son of Victor. Officer in the Montaigne army. Leading the assault on El Morro, his two older brothers having been killed by snipers in previous attempts to take the Castillian fortification.

Leveque d'Aur, Irene - Female Noble. Cousin of Victor. A famous singer, she is rumoured to be romantically involved with Pierre Flaubert du Doré.

Leveque d'Aur, Pierre - Male Soldier. Founder of the war college in Charouse. Historical

Leveque d'Aur, Victor - Male Noble. Patriarch of the militant Leveque family. An icy demeanour, he is none the less lethal with pistol or saber.

Lorrain, Claude - Male Artist. Painter trained in the baroque style, owns a gallery in the Vodacce city of Reinascenza.

Loup - Male Bladesmith. Apprentice of Detruire. Married Renard, the apprentice of the rival Créer, but they had no children to pass their skills on to. Historical

Maître - Male. Greatest Montaigne bladesmith and a premier porté mage, he created the first puzzle sword. Took two apprentices, Créer and Detruire, to continue his work. Historical

Malreaux, Tómas - Male Author. Wrote 'The Graal', a compilation of Avalon tales of the knights of Elilodd. Historical

Malveck, Lucius - Male. The illegitimate child of a high-ranking noble and a disgraced Porté mage. Last seen on the L'Il du Bête as a servant in a hunting party.

Marceau, Cesar - Male Admiral. Competent military leader, he is in Eisen seeking permission to send patrols down the Rostrom.

Margonne, Basil - Male Artist. Currently in vogue with his dark and somber pieces such as 'Le Souper dés Paysans' which shows the tragic life of peasants in Montaigne.

Martin, Gerard - Male Soldier. Became Warden of Talon Prison in 1659, having previously served as Captain of the Guard. A student of the Gegan Academy in Eisen, shrapnel wounds led to him being taken off active service. A heavy drinker, he is also known to be corrupt.

Michel du Gloyure, Alice - Female Noble. Cousin of Jean-Paul. One of the best trackers in Montaigne.

Michel du Gloyure, Hubert - Male Artist. Head of the Charouse 'Freethought Society'. His paintings express a truth about society not captured before.

Michel du Gloyure, Jean-Paul - Male Noble. Lord of Gloyure. Patriarch of the newly landed Michel family, who are finding it difficult to deal with the Schwartzen Walden forest in their new territory.

Michel du Gloyure, Pierre - Male Noble. Son of Jean-Paul. A merchant of great skill.

Poussin, Nicolas - Male Artist. Painter trained in the baroque style, owns a gallery in the Vodacce city of Fontaine.

Praisse du Rachetisse, Alazais Valoix III - Male Noble. Uncle of Aurore. High Admiral of the Montaigne Navy. Lacks the strategic mind of most military leaders, spending most of his time in court or at various social events. With the breaking of the blockade of Castille, he has now taken direct control of the navy from the Eisen mercenary known only as "The General".

Praisse du Rachetisse, Alissé - Male Sailor. Former Admiral of the Navy who for forty years tried to destroy pirate activity in the Martise province. Cursed for an incident where fifty of his men were killed being sent to a pirate vessel by means of porté.

Praisse du Rachetisse, Aurore - Male Noble. Duchess of Rachetisse. Matriarch of the Rachetisse family, known for their powerful porté practitioners. Attempting to arrange her marriage to Vincent Gaulle dul Motte to merge their provinces.

Praisse du Rachetisse, Hughes - Male Noble. Porté sorceror, being blind from birth has allowed him to apparently converse with the entities within the void.

Praisse du Rachetisse, Jacques Cesar - Male Noble. Distant relative by marriage to the royal Sandoval line of Castille, he claimed the throne after the entire royal family died of plague in 1386. Refused the title of "Rex Castillium" by the Church. Historical

Prevoye, Alfonse - Male. Music teacher and father of Madalene.

Prevoye, Madalene - Female Musician. Sixteen-year old prodigy and daughter of Alfonse. Came to the attention of the Empereur, who held a masquerade ball and concert in her honour.

Racine, Paul - Male Soldier. Officer among the army laying siege to San Augustin. Bought a strange set of runestones from a travelling Vendel merchant.

Reale, Gerard - Male Explorer. Inventor living in the city of Buche.

Renard - Female Bladesmith. Apprentice to Créer, she married Loup. Historical

Renard - Male. Known as "the Fox". Thought to be a senior member of the People of Pegre gang in Petit Charouse, serving their enigmatic leader known as the Ragged King.

Renault, Jacques - Male Swordsman. Known as a linguist and with a good understanding of tactics, he turned to piracy with his friend known as "The Kire".

Riché du Pourisse, Albion - Male Noble Swordsman. Grandson of Mariana. A master of the Valroux school and a journeyman in three others.

Riché du Pourisse, Jardin - Male Noble. Uncle of Mariana. Retired from the Montaigne navy with the rank of Admiral after thirty years of service.

Riché du Pourisse, Jaqueline - Female Noble.

Riché du Pourisse, Mariana - Female Noble. Duchess of Pourisse. Matriarch of the firey Riché family, she is gentle of temprament by their standards and loyal to l'Empereur.

Rois et Reines du Rogné, Chevaline - Female Noble. Mother of the current Gaius of Ussura and former wife of Gaius Nikolai. Historical

Rois et Reines du Rogné, Evangeline - Female Noble. Patron of the Rose & Cross, she is only interested in the Bellamy House which she had extended and renamed in honour of her uncle.

Rois et Reines du Rogné, Gerard - Male Swordsman. Grandson of Thérèse. Musketeer and advisor to 'The General' in his task of clearing the seas of piracy.

Rois et Reines du Rogné, Jean-Amonde - Male Captain. Soldier in Montegue's force for the invasion of Ussura.

Rois et Reines du Rogné, Jean-Marie - Male Swordsman. Grandson of Thérèse. Head of the Musketeers. Married to Anne, the sixth daughter of Empereur Leon.

Rois et Reines du Rogné, Thérèse - Female Noble. Duchess of Rogné. Matriarch of the influential and loyal Rois et Reines family, formed by the merging of two noble familes centuries ago. A fervent supporter of l'Empereur, she keeps a firm control on her family members. Once a musketeer herself, she even saved the life of Leon XIII once. Married a d'Aur noble but kept her own family name.

Rousselot, Vinq - Male. Crime boss killed by rivals within the Caligari merchant family. Historical

Rujeaux, William - Male Porté Sorceror. A ships carpenter, he was unfortunately caught on a priate vessel and sent to La Bucca. Built a shack in 1598 that still stands on the island. Historical

Sarnin, Michel Desaix Jean-Claude du Mirielle - Male Priest. High Cardinal of Montaigne in the earlier part of the seventeenth century. Historical

Savary du Lac, Lucien - Male. Soldier in the service of the Leveque during the invasion of Avalon. Bringing the corpse of King Arthwys from the battlefield, his family was awarded the entire province of Avalon to rule. The last decendant of the family was forced to flee six hundred years later, leading to a loss of the noble Savary title. Historical

Sices, Lucien - Male Author. Novelist who started the "Historical" movement six years ago with his book of short essays 'Nouvelles Montaignes'.

Sices du Sices - Male Admiral. Boasted to then King Leon Alexandre that Montaigne would have the largest navy in the world. Forced to change production to smaller frigates to meet his claims, the navy now consists of over two hundred vessels less than a quarter of which are galleons.

Sices du Sices, Diane - Female Noble. Daughter of Jamais. Atheist and philosopher, she is a contemporary of Nicklaus Trägue.

Sices du Sices, Hughes - Male Knight. Master of Paix chapterhouse of the the Rose and Cross.

Sices du Sices, Jamais - Female Noble. Lady of Sices. Matriarch of the newly landed Sices family. The acknowledged "Queen of Wit", she oversees land ceded from the Eisen in the Treaty of Weissburg. An ardent supporter of l'Empereur Leon, she has controversially compared him to Theus the Creator.

Sices du Sices, Louis - Male Noble. A mediocre porté practitioner, he has but his skills to good use as a famed gunner in the Montaigne navy.

Sices du Sices, Yves-Theron - Male General. Cousin of Lady Jamais. Left by Montegue in command of the 15,000 men besieging the Ussuran city of Ekaternava.

Tamis, Emilie - Female Tailor. One of the foremost and well-patroned dressmakers in the city of Tamis, if not Montaigne.

Valroux du Martise, Allivohn - Male Noble. Marquis. Occupational governor of the former Ussuran city of Odyesse.

Valroux du Martise, Madeline Sabine - Female Noble. Duchess of Martise. Matriarch of the isolated Valroux family, famed for their swordsman school. Known as the "Grandmother" of the family, she has a great deal of common sense and any member of her family would give their life to protect her.

Valroux du Martise, Sébastien - Male Noble Swordsman. Grandson of Madeline. One of the greatest living duellists, master of three styles and journeyman in two others.

Valroux du Martise, Victor - Male Noble. Son of Madeline. Suspected of dealing with smugglers and of having an extensive underground network of contacts.

Vernard, Demont - Male Soldier. Sergeant in the Montaigne army, drafted in Ringes where he was an inn keeper. Currently stationed at Caballos Nuevos in Castille.