The Norvik islands have been bathed in blood as the Vendel and Vestenmannavnjar war for control of their culture. The Guilds have come out dominant as the warriors of the old ways sail into the west. Now the Vendel League can continue their reform of the nation and the modernisation of Theah, whether it wants it or not.





Arninbjornson, Olaf - Male Vesten. Father of Yngvild. Killed when the Vendel destroyed his village to create a new port. His wife, Sigrid, slipped into depression and died soon after.Historical

Asbjornsson, Gjæving - Male Vesten Thief. Born the last of eight children in a Jarl household. The young man who mostly by accident has become High King of the Vesten. Suffers from visions and wears a patch over his missing left eye.

Barelegs, Slagfrid - Male Vesten. Notorious pirate who took Jospeh Volker hostage while on his way to Kirk. Killed by League Agents in a night raid. Historical

Bergen, Reinn - Male Vendel Priest. Young and fresh-faced High Apostle of the Objectionist church. A noted scholar in Kirk, he is currently looking into canonical law regarding the use of sorcery.

Bjørn, Jens - Female Vendel. Saved the life of Val Mokk in an assassination attempt. Now thought to be a League Agent.

Bjørnsson, Hrafn - Male Vesten. Legendary captain who is said to have sailed the entire world at a time when sailors rarely went out of site of the coast. Historical

Blue-Eye, Fid - Male Vesten. Attacked by a Vendel pirate hunter, he had a Syrneth dagger plunged into his eye. When it healed he found that he could see in the dark.

Brak, Joris - Male Vendel. Formerly known as Jorvis Braakenjor. Chair of the Carpenters' Guild in the Vendel League. Vehemently against war, the one thing he will raise his soft-spoken voice about. A patron of the Rose & Cross.

Brandson, Rognvald - Male Vesten. Skald ("bard") of the Revensj, he motivates the crew with tales of ancient heroes.

Brind, Bjorn - Male Vendel. A linguist, he was sent to La Bucca for smuggling Castillian wines and now uses his extensive contacts to help Allende.

Brynjulffrsson af Larsfolk, Magnus - Male Vesten. A strong warrior, he is said to have defeated his local Jarl at nineteen and took his lands. Now a hero figure to the Vesten, he has proven a good and skilled leader.

Cole, Sela - Female Vendel. Formerly known as Selma Colbjorsson. Chair of the Blacksmiths' Guild in the Vendel League. Born in the forge with her father, she is only now coming to terms with her femine side and appears hesitant in social environments.

Dagfinnrson, Ash - Male Noble. Second High King of Vesten following the death of Gunnef. Historical

Dags, Ivar - Male Vendel. Lord Sheriff of Kirk. Trying to stamp out bribery and corruption.

Deleboe, Franz - Male Vendel Physician. Refuted the four humour theory of anatomy.

Eskjö, Kivik Hallvard - Male Noble. First Jarl of the isle of Eskjö.Historical

Fanse, Kaatje - Female Vendel. Former Jenny's Guild Chair who picked Lorraine Weller to replace her.

Fjør, Helena - Female Vendel Adventurer. Member of the Explorer's Society. Hired the Avalon ship Never Surrender to recover an artifact stolen from the Vendel house.

Fhrome, Per - Male Vendel. Senior partner in a Kirk counting house. Brought before the Usury Guild on charges of embezzling funds. Historical

Gebauer, Amwolf - Male Vendel. Head of the Printer's Guild, he has significantly increases its influence in the Vendel League.

Gorinsdottir, Annika - Female. Adopted daughter of Gorin Kristoffson, who found her one day abandonned on a beach. A talented singer she was trained as a skald, usually a very male profession. Historical

Greybeard, Orm - Male Vesten. Oldest member of the Revensj, his daughter was killed by the swordsman of a Vendel merchant when she spurned his advances. Sees Yngvild as a surrogate daughter.

Gunnef - Female Noble. Known as "the Ravenhaired" she united the Vesten tribes in 818 AV. Lost in a snowstorm shortly after the second Althing, she returned with grey hair and one eye missing, marking her ascension to be the High King. Historical

Guttormson, Jorund - Male Vendel. As a member of the crew of the Revensj, his past and present allegiances were somewhat in question, before his Guild agreement was revealed in a poorly executed ambush. Yngvild and most the crew escaped, but both sides are looking for the rematch.

Haakon, Daegal - Male Vendel. A minor clerk in the Merchant's Guid under who Val Mokk apprenticed. Historical

Hallisdottir, Gris - Female Vesten. Half-blooded laerdom sorceror. In 1658 her husband and children died of fever. Wandered the isles before becoming an apprentice to Yngvild on the Revensj.

Hallvardson, Vandrad - Male Vesten. Known as "Lucky". The young Master of the Tops for the Revensj.

Hardrada, Hoskuld - Male Vesten. The most experienced sailor on the Revensj, he acts as bosun and a chief advisor to Yngvild.

Helven, Anger - Male Vendel Composer. His latest opera "Das Drachenfeld" is currently being premiered at the Columbe d'Or in Charouse.

Herrickson, Odel - Male Vesten. Stripped of all his powers of Laerdom for betrayal, his missing scalp and right arm are constant reminders of the ruling. Now acts as right-hand man to Eisenfurst Heilgrund as a self-proclaimed expert in the occult.

Holmstrom, Ingor - Male Vendel. Carl who called a Althing meeting of his class to try and better the life of the underclasses of the Vesten Isles. Eventually this would lead to the formation of the Vendel League and the breaking of the control of the Jarls. Historical

Hövsgaard, Ulf - Male Vesten. Brash warrior High King who replaced Eindridi Utterstrom. Opposed every action of the newly founded Vendel League. Dissapeared from Thingvallavatn shortly after returning from an unsuccessful raid on a Montaigne port city. Historical

Huygens, Bunter - Male Vendel. Brother of Seth. Guild representative to Freiburg. Sent to try and establish the Guilder as the dominant currency in Eisen.

Huygens, Seth - Male Vendel. Brother of Bunter. Guild representative to Freiburg.

Jannsen, Greta - Female Vendel. This petite blonde is a ruthless Guildsman. Bitter rival of the Vodacce marketeer Naticelli.

Johansson, Ivor - Male Vendel. Former Chair of the Blacksmith's Guild. Murdered by pirates on his pleasure boat, he has been suceeded by Sela Cole. Historical

Knute, Linnae - Male Vendel. Head of the Swordsman's Guild and owner of a duelling academy in the city of Kirk.

Koenraad, Skyla - Female Vendel. From a large family, she moved to Kirk seeking the fame of acting. Has been sucessful but her exact line of work is uncertain.

Kollson, Boli - Male Vendel Sorceror. Adept of Laerdom for the Vendel League. Told by a Vesten expert that he would never be able to truly master the art of the runes.

Kristoffson, Gorin - Male Jarl. Fought beside the Vesten High King for many years in the ninth and tenth centuries. Historical

Lassia, Niklas - Male Vendel. Strutting captain of Hofsjokull fortress. An extreme anti-Vesten with complete but misguided faith in the impregnability of his command.

Magnus, Freylinda - Female Vendel. Skjaeren and wife of Hal.

Magnus, Hal - Male Vendel. Explorer Society captain. Formerly known as Harald Magnusson.

Mokk, Lome - Male Vendel Diplomat. Nephew of Master Val Mokk. In charge of overseeing treaties and trade agreements with other nations.

Mokk, Val - Male Vendel Master. Formerly known as Sigvald Mjølkke. Chair of the Merchants' Guild in the Vendel League and one of the most powerful men in Theah. An impressive public speaker, he despairs of the acts of the Vesten rebels. A patron of the Rose & Cross, he is behind the decadence of the Kirk House.

Neveu, Amity - Female Vendel. Head of the Tailor's Guild and an influential figure in Montaigne and the Mod du Lac fashion society.

Oddiswulf, Kirkjubæjarklauster - Male Noble. First Jarl of the isle of Oddiswulf. Historical

Olaf, Darius - Male Merchant. Founding member of the Explorer's Society. Historical

Olafssdottir, Yngvild - Female Vesten Pirate. Born in 1646 AV. Her father was killed by the Vendel when she was only five years old. Now captain of the pirate ship Revensj.

Olofsson, Serk - Male. The son of Vendel merchants, he is now believed to work for the Scarred Man in Porto Spacia, Vodacce.

Ostrom, Lars - Male Vendel Sailor. Co-owner of the Avalon trading ship River Mist.

Ottosson, Kaarlo - Male Vendel. Former Merchant's Guild and League Chair. Saved from a fire by a young Val Mokk, he took the boy as his protege and was eventually suceeded by him. Historical

Postma, Bens - Male Vendel. Raised in a Vesten village in Viddenheim, Bens was brought to Kirk as a boy. On the death of his mother he joined a Matthiast monestary. Now trying to complete a master catalogue of all Vesten names and places in order to preserve the heritage and help breach the divide between the factions.

Rannulf - Male Shipwright. Once a prominent member of the Guild, before taking up the Vesten cause. Now works from a volcanic crater on the isle of Grimstadd.

Rasmussen, Erl - Male Vendel. Major proponent of pistol duelling, now deceased he is survived by his popular school of which Val Mokk himself is said to be a member. Historical

Red - Male Vendel. Formerly known as Reider Engnestangen. Chair of the Usury Guild in the Vendel League. Initially suceeded his father, owner of Engnestangen Accounts in Kirk, before retired. Called back to the League by Val Mokk after the death of Master Soloman.

Sawfen, Grim - Male Vendel. A non-descript kind of man living in Kirk.

Skard, Georg - Male Vendel Master. Also known as Jorgan Skaardal. Chair of the Brewers' Guild in the Vendel League. A patron of the Rose & Cross. Convinced that the tradition of brewing can be a link between the Vendel and Vesten.

Soloman, Gunther - Male Vendel Master. Former head of the Usury Guild. Killed while in Kirk, possibly assassinated. Historical

Stigandsdottir, Gunrud - Female Vesten Seer. Holy woman to the Vesten rebels living in a cave overlooking Kirk. Attempts to remove her by the Vendel have so far failed. Rumoured to be over 100 years old.

Sveinson, Sigvaldi - Male Vesten. Made into a beserker by the North Wind, calling on this power causes him to age at an unnatural rate. Although only 22 years old, he appears as over 50.

Sveldsson, Kjørik - Male Shipwright. Set up shop on Bilgewater in the Straits of Blood, he is known for his modifications to the many pirate ships that dock there.

Thordarson, Gjæving Haludan - Male Vesten. Once said "hell has no banks".

Thorfild, Red - Male Vesten. Childhood friend of Yngvild Olafsdottir and first mate on the Revensj. His family of eight brothers were killed by the Vendel.

Thorhallur af Stjernasfolk - Male Vesten. Navigator who worked on a Vendel merchant ship where Allen Trel was the cabin boy. Historical

Tookman, Venji - Male. Viscious and evil smuggler, captain of the Gleaming Coin he embodies all of the bad vices of the Vendel nation.

Trel, Allen - Male Vendel Master. Formerly known as Arvor Troelsen. Chair of the Sailors' Guild in the Vendel League and founder of the Academy of Navigation on Soroya.

Ulfson, Colbjor - Male Vendel. Father of Sela Cole and a prominent blacksmith. His wife died in childbirth, so he named his unwanted daughter Selma after her, but Colbjorsson and not Colbjordottir. Historical

Ulfson, Thrand - Male Vesten. Ypperste priest and grandfather of Boli Kollsson. A Laerdom Master, he was murdered by brigands in the woods near his home. Historical

Utterstrom, Eindridi - Male Noble. Tolerant High King who tried to address the plight of the Carl and Thrall classes. Unfortunately died before reforms could be implemented and was succeeded by Ulf Hövsgaard. Historical

Uvitenent - Assumed name taken by a Vesten operative active in Kirk. The "Mystery" fighter has exposed corruption in the Guilds and brought a form of justice to many that have bought their way out of trouble.

Vel, Peter - Male Vendel. League member who seems obsessed with wealth, moreso that is than most Vendel.

Vils, Haakon - Male Vendel. Former Sailor's Guild chair. Stepped down from the position in 1658.