The nine islands of the Norvik chain remained removed from events on the continent for centuries, but with the rise of the Guild have become well-known throughout Theah. With few large cities, traditional towns and village dot the rocky seascape.





Asegenir - The "Tree of Life" is a massive tree of unknown type and age located at the centre of Thorshofn island. Speculated to be the site of the mythical Well of Kings.

Eskilstuna - Old-fashioned port town that acts as the main entry point to the isle of Oddis. The whole area has a false sense of the traditional Vesten way of life.

Eskjö - Central isle of the Vesten chain known as the "Great Sea Mount". Most of the land is taken up by a large mountain, into which is carved a gigantic image of a Vesten chief.

Grimstadd - Northern-most island known as the "Haven" for its safety for Vesten raiders. Most of the reason for this is the ice flows and Laerdom sorcerors that make approach by Vendel ships almost impossible.

Hofsjokull - Massive stone fortress dominating the small island of Örnsköldsvik and visible to all ships entering Kirk. A hexagon two miles across, it has powerful Eisen cannon pointing in all directions. Thought unassailable by many, there are a number of strategic faults in its construction.

Hornshome - Vesten village terrorised by a vicious sea serpent.

Isafjordhur - Vendel stronghold on the Vesten island of Soroya, it is continually raided by the local tribes. Site of a hundred-foot high lighthouse and the well respected Academy of Navigation.

Kirk - Home of the Vendel League and de facto capital of the islands. The port was renamed from the more difficult Kirkjubæjarklauster, much ot the fury of the traditionalists. Anything is available here, for a price.

Kivik - Only major town on the isle of Eskjö, known as a holy place to the Vesten but more recently a vacation spot of the Vendel.

Klørbulg - The "Raging Storm" island lies due north of Kirk and is a major stronghold for the Vesten. Said to be the site of the battle between Villskap and Krieg, the island was supposedly much bigger before the Worst Days.

Lieber's Cathedral - Enormous Objectionist church being constructed in Kirk. When completed it will be the tallest structure ever created in Theah.

Malaram - Site of natural springs on the northern side of Viddenheim that have healing abilities for the Vesten. The few times the Vendel have taken control, they have found that the waters do not have any effect for them.

Mjoelsa - Largest Vendel settlement and closest thing to a true city. Located on Viddenheim and connected to the sea by a series of small streams that dry up in the winter.

Oddiswulf - Often referred to only as Oddis by the Vendel, this is the largest of the nine islands. A single round skirts the mountains and connects the three main cities together.

Örnsköldsvik - Small rocky island just south of Oddis and the city of Kirk. Dominated by the Hofsjokull fortress.

Sanning Dal - Secluded valley in the Hjalmarr Mountains near the lake of Jygor, where the very first Althing was held by the twenty-five Jarls who would become the Living Runes.

Sodermanvarman - Town destroyed by Eisen mercenaries hired by the League to scare off the locals. The land has officially been returned to the Vesten out of shame, but no-one has returned so far.

Soroya - Predominantly Vesten-controlled island known as the "Navigator's Dream". Site of the Ultost, a mound where the mythical Grumfather is said to have created man.

Svalden - Largest settlement on Klørbulg, it has grown with the influx of Vesten dissadents and the rumour of a holy site nearby. Now surrounded by a large series of defences that have started to raise concern in the League.

The Ninth Island - Known as the "Wanderer's Throne" and said to be right in the centre of the nation, the island appears on no Vendel maps. It is told that only certain people can find the mythical home of the Grumfather when their need is dire.

Thingvallavatn - The nearest thing the Vestenmannavnjar traditionalists have to a capital is this meeting place and fortress on the island of Viddenheim, build by Gunnef the Ravenhaired after the Althing the united the trbies.

Thorshofn - The "Farmlands" is a highly insular island near the centre of the Vesten chain. The local Tillitsfolk people are staunch traditionalists and dislike outsiders, even other Vesten.

Thrandarness - Mining town in the Hjalmarr Mountaings on Oddis. Silver and gold deposits have been found here by the Guild surveyors and many former Thralls find work in its depths.

Trade Stream - Warm water current that flows through the Vesten Isles, keeping the southern parts to a tolerable climate.

University of Kirk - Dominating the northern side of the city, this place of learning is gaining a good reputation, especially with the lack of problems from the Inquisition.

Vasteras - Second city of the Vendel, located on the western coast of Oddiswulf. A playground for the rich,it presents a slightly different atmosphere from the clean and efficient Kirk.

Viddenhiem - Second largest of the Vesten isles and almost a twin of Oddiswulf. The spine of the Hjalmarr Mountains contains an inactive volcano called the Tårn, where the fight against the Great Wyrm is alleged to haev taken place.