The Order of the Rose & Cross is entrenched in the religious life of Theah and they use a number of terms, both ancient and modern, in their structure and practices. These guides provide help to the novice and for guest of the Rose and Cross, they are split into General Knowledge, Order Terminology and Religious Terminology.



Common Names

French Translations

German Translations

General Knowledge

Acraga - Ancient name for the peninsula that is now the state of Castille. The last two Acragan strongholds and their capital of Marina Linda were destroyed by the Numans in the 4th Century AUC.

Althing - Vesten name for a meeting of all of the tribes of the islands. The first was held to fight the Great Wyrm, the second united the people under Gunnef the Ravenhaired.

AUC - Standing for "Ab Urbe Condita" or "After the Founding of the City", it dates from the founding of Numa and through the Old Republic up to the start of the AV system in 774 AUC.

AV - Standing for "Anno Veritas" or the "Year of Truth", it gives the year from after the arrival of the First Prophet.

Bacchu - Ancient Numan god of wine and revelry. The tales are much loved of l'Empereur, with who he shares some similar traits.

Bogatyr - Name given to landless Ussuran nobles, who travel the nation and Theah in search of wealth and prestige.

Cyric - Alphabet developed by St Cyrus of Ussura based on that of Teodoran. Still used for the writen form of Ussuran.

Days - The seven days of the week retain the names of gods of ancient Numa. Soldi, Veldi, Amordi, Terdi, Guerdi, Redi and Voltadi.

Erebus - Lord of the Judgement in ancient mythology. Was said to stand at cross roads ask dead a riddle for them to be permitted entry into paradise.

Erebus Cross - Star constellation that is continually visible in the Thean night sky.

Erin - Name used by Queen Margaret for all references to Avalon-occupied Inismore during her reign.

Honourable - Honourific title used when addressing a Vodacce judge.

Months - The months of the year still take many of their Numan names along with those of important leaders. Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, Sextus, Julius, Corantine, Septimus, Octavus, Nonus and Decimus.

Pegre - Montaigne word for the Underworld of ancient myth. Also taken by a gang of criminals living in Petit Charouse.

Peroon - Ancient god of Thunder, thought to still inhabit Derevyanniy forest by superstitious Ussuran peasants.

Poor Knights of the Prophet - Holy order destroyed in 1312 after being declared heretical by the Hierophant.

Republic - The brass Vodacce currency is broken down into two copper Senators or ten copper Sedilo, or 'Seats'.

Sidhe - Pronounced "shee". Powerful entities found throughout Theah but mainly in Avalon. If not treated with respect they can be very dangerous foes.

Solas - Numan name for the sun around which Terra and the other planets orbit.

Solei - The currency of Montaigne.

Teodoran- Ancient language of Numa.

Terra - Name given to the planet on which the continent of Theah is found. It is known to be the third planet to orbit Solas. The others in order are Velme, Amora, Guer, Re and Volta.

Tessatore - The "Weavers" are the effective ruling council of the sorte strega of Vodacce.

Tyomny - The "Dark Guard" are the personal force of the Tabularius, the Ussuran "defender of the Faith". Every soldier in the group is an ordained priest, they were once rivals of the Kreuzritter.

Voevod(ova) - Ussuran name for a Duke, usually the ruler of a major city and a member of a noble family line.

Volta - Old Republic God of the Underworld, also the further known planet from the sun.

Order Terminology

Adept Knight - Fourth rank in the Order. Lowest rank in the second tier. In charge of overseeing general affairs and business within the Houses. Usually there are three Adepts to each Senior.

Apprentice Knights - Collective name for the lower three orders of Knight.

Balreaux - Name taken by the author who claimed to publish secrets of the Order in the book "Revelations of the Rose and Cross".

Beggar Johns - Nickname given to initiates before they earn the rite to wear the seal of the Order.

Black Rose - Name taken by a mysterious figure wearing the seal of the Order spotted across Theah. The Grand Master has denied his membership, which does not seem to have deterred his heroic actions.

Book of M - Ancient text that is supposedly in the possession of the Order and details medical practices deemed heretical by the Church.

Cross - The Cross can be said to represent the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water. It can also represent the Prophets who died for the cause of Theah.

Domini - Name used by a Tyro to refer to the more senior Knight who is overseeing their training. The bond formed between them will last longer than the apprenticeship.

Elixir of Life - Fantastical alchemical formula that the Order is rumoured to possess in some circles.

Grand Master - Highest Knight in the Order. The position is currently held by Aristide Baveaux.

Invisibles - Alleged third tier of Knights known only to the Masters that move unnoticed through society influencing events.

Magister Knights - Collective name for the higher three orders of Knight.

Master Knight - Sixth rank in the Order. Position held by one Knight in each House, it is a diplomatic role and they oversee the relations of the Order.

Minister - One Knight holds this position, which is an fairly important one within the Order.

Poor Knight - Lowest rank in the Order. Usually still under instruction in the ways of a Knight.

Rose - The Rose is known as the alchemical symbol of purity and is also sometimes called the Prophet's Rose, symbolising spiritual awakening.

Seneschal - Name given to a close advisor and aide. There are two in the Order, both serving the Minister.

Senior Knight - Fifth rank in the Order. Takes care of the running of the Chapter House, there are usually two in each House under a single Master.

Sergeant Knight - Third rank in the Order. Highest rank in the first tier. In charge of a group of lower ranks in times when multiple Knights are necessary for a task.

Three Vows - Oaths taken by each prospective Knight. " To bring justice to the unjust, to protect those who cannot protect themselves and to serve those who wore the sacred seal of the Order."

Tyro - An apprentice who is teaching under their Dominie before fully engaging in an active role as a Knight.

Vaganti - Nickname given to Wandering Knights not tied to a Chapter House, they journey through the lands in search of adventure to make their name.

Wandering Knight - Second rank in the Order. Having proven themselves in training they venture out to make their mark on society.

Religious Terminology

Avalonian Church - Branch of the Church of the Prophets that incorporates the teachings of the Sidhe and ancient times into those of the Prophets.

Beatification - Declaration of the Church that a dead person is blessed, usually preliminary to Canonisation into a saint.

Bull - Edict issued by the Hierophant, named for the 'bulla' or lead seal used to mark it.

Canonical Hours - Series of services carried out throughout the day. Matins ( with lauds ) starts at dawn, followed by Prime ( 6am ), Terce ( 9am ), Sext ( noon ), Nones ( 3pm ), Vespers ( early evening ) and finally Compline.

Church of the Prophets - The one true faith of Theah, guided by the teachings of the three Prophets.

Concilio de Razon - The "Council of Reason" is the King of Castille's personal body of Church advisors and one of the most powerful groups in the nation.

Custus Salutis - Name given to the highest ranking member of the Benefactine Order.

Hierophant - Leader of the Vatacine Church, elected by the Cardinals following the Convention given to the early church by Imperator Corantine.

Legion - The name of the Evil One who seeks to destroy the world. His forces will rise up to fight the last battle when the Fourth Prophet rallies good against him.

Lieberite - Alternative and archaic name for the followers of the Objectionist faith of Mattias Lieber.

Objectionist Movement - Religious system founded by Mattias Lieber in 1517. Argues with a number of points of standard Church doctrine. It has caught on in Eisen, Vendel and to an extent in Avalon.

Patriarch - Leader of the Ussuran Orthodox church, usually based out of Sousdal.

Pontiff - Orthodox equivalent of a Cardinal, two men hold this position in Ussura.

Rota - Supreme level of ecclesiastical court.

Theites - Small Avalon religious sect that is extremely anti-sorcery and against many other so-called distractions. Glamour does not work in their presence and the Sidhe are even said to dislike being near them.

Ussuran Orthodox Church - Branch of the Church of the Prophets in Ussura that only follows the teachings of the First Prophet.

Vatacine Church - Structure of the Church of the Prophets set up by Imperator Corrantine in 325. The seat of power was moved to Castille by the Third Prophet but Vodacce still wields great influence.