Names cross boundaries in Theah much like in real life, so here are common versions of English names in other lands based on their counterparts. If you have a name you would like added, or a translation to add or perhaps alter please contact us. Thanks are given to all those people who have submitted names for the resource.



French Translations

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Thean Glossary


Name Avalon ' Castille Eisen Montaigne Ussura ² Vendel ³ Vodacce
Alan - Alonso - Alain Bayan Allan / Alfgeir -
Alex Alexander Alejandro Alexander Alexandre Alexeij Alexis / Aldis Alessio
Andrew Aindriu Andrés Andreas André Andrej Anders / Arngeir Andrea
Chris Christopher Cristóbal Christof Christophe - Krister / Knut Christoforo
Edward - Eduardo Eduard Éduard Edinets Edvard / Einar Edoardo
Gordon - - Gustav Guy Gordomil Gustav / Gunnar Gustavo
Henry - Enrique Heinrich Henri Horobor Henrik / Hrafn Enrico
Ian Iain Jan Johann Yann Ivan Jan / Jon Gianni
Jack - Jorge Johann Jacques Eugenij Jakob / Hauk Giacomo
Jeff Geoffrey - Justus Geoffroi Zhito Jeroen / Gunvor Justus
John Jon Juan Johann Jean (4) Ivan Jönas / Olaf Gianni
Luke - Lucas Lukas Luc Ljudek Ludvig / Leif Luca
Mark Marcus Marcos Markus Marc Marko Markus / Magnus Marco
Matthew Matthiu Mateo Matthias Matthieu Matphej Mats / Harald Matteo
Michael - Miguel Michael Michel Mikhail Mikael / Halli Michele
Peter - Pedro Peter Pierre Pyotr Petjer / Bjorn Pietro
Richard - Ricardo Richard - Rostislav Rigmor / Ragnar Riccardo
Steven Stephen Estéban Stefan Stéphane Stepan Stig / Sven Stefano
Thomas - Tomás Thomas Tomás Phoma Tomas / Thorvald Tommaso
William - Guillermo Wilhelm Guillaume Vladimir Vilhelm / Vilmund Guglielmo

Female Names

Name Avalon ' Castille Eisen Montaigne Ussura ² Vendel ³ Vodacce
Caroline - Carolina Karoline - Kalinka Karolina / Ketrilrior Carolina
Elisabeth - Isabel Elisabet Elise Lizaveta Elisabet / Helga Elisbetta
Helen - Elena Helena Heléne Helenja Helena / Hildegard Elena
Jane Julia Julia Johanna Julie Jana Ulrika / Jorunn Giovanna
Lucy - Lucia Lucinde Lucille Ljusja Lucia / Ljufa Lucia
Margaret - Margarita Margritt - Miroslava Margareta / Magnhild Margherita
Mary Maria María Maria Marie (4) Masha Margje / Magna Maria
Sarah - Sara - - Zara Sara / Sigrid Sara
Susan Susanna Susana Susi - Soosanka Suus / Solveig Susanna


1 - Avalon names where listed give a perhaps more authentic version than the modern use of the name.

2 - Ussuran names would be written in the Cyrillic alphabet. A look of authenticity can be achieved by tricks like writing p for r.

3 - Where two names are given for Vendel then the first is a Vendel and the second Vesten. With only one then use the Avalon name for Vendel.

4 - The French names Jean and Marie are often combined with another name, such as with Jean-Paul and Marie-Claire.