The following stories were printed in the rulebooks for the various sets and expansion of the 7th Sea card game. The events were mirrored in the cards and flavour text for that set.

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Torvo Espada arc

Main Tales listing

No Quarter - The General sums up the current situation on the High Seas

Strange Vistas - Clashing with the Cresents, the General meets the pirate captain Gosse

Broadsides - McCormick reviews the state of play as he prepares to set sail

Shifting Tides - High Admiral Valoix decries the breach of the blockade of Castille

Scarlet Seas - Bonnie McGee lets Celedoine in on her plan for revenge on Captain Reis

Black Sails - Philip Gosse's nightmares come true when they sight the dread Black Freighter

Fate's Debt - A dark day for the Brotherhood as Allende is betrayed as fated by Alesio

Reaper's Fee - Losing to the Vendel forces Yngvild to seek help from her reluctant King

Horizon's Edge - The General makes a daring escape with the rescued Castillian captain Orduno

Iron Shadow - Coming soon

Syrneth Secret - Berek and the Sea Dogs are reunited after the cataclysmic events on the Isle of the Sunken Eye