The history of the secretive organisation known Novus Ordum Mundi dates back to the time of the old Numan empire.


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The Beginning

In the year AUC 385, during the time of the Old Republic, the thirteen most powerful senators secretly banded together to consolidate and tighten their control on the government. These senators saw the corruption and decay in which the Republic was falling, and they hoped that by working together, they could seize control of the Old Republic before its inevitable demise. The name of this organization was Novus Ordum Mundi (New World Order). Although each of the senators had his own agenda, they shared a common goal: to rule the Republic, and eventually... the world.

These senators brought together all of their vast resources and put many schemes into motion insuring that their families remained powerful in the centuries to come. All of their planning and posturing, however, couldn't stop power from falling to an absolute ruler, an Imperator. Several Imperators were assassinated by members of NOM, only to be replaced by another. For hundreds of years NOM struggled to maintain control over what was now an Empire, as power shifted from the senators to the Imperator and back again. Eventually, after the Senate held control of the Empire for many years, they grew complacent. Many of the senators became arrogant, and began to abuse their power as well as indulge in hedonistic practices. The people of the Empire were tired of the senators' lack of leadership, and were demanding change. The thirteen members of NOM, realizing that something had to give, rallied together to discuss a plan of action. Before they could proceed, however, General Gains Philippus Macer staged a military coup and took power from the Senate. He declared himself the new Imperator, and enacted many reforms which reduced the Senate to a mere advisory body with no power to act without the Imperator's approval.

This enraged the senators, and the leader of NOM, Commodus Flavius, spearheaded a series of assassination attempts and other plots in a effort to remove Macer from power. Unfortunately, Macer was a shrewd man who avoided every attempt made upon his life, and turned every treasonous plot to his advantage. For 26 years NOM accomplished nothing. Macer was still the Imperator and his subjects loved him more than ever.

Flavius's chief rival, a powerful and charismatic senator named Octavius Montanus (who did not belong to NOM), grew tired of the fruitless plots espoused by his nemesis. Octavius had discovered a mystical relic, which he had been studying for months, and he finally attempted to use it. Surrounding himself with supporters, he secluded himself away and activated the relic. The artifact summoned supernatural creatures, who granted Octavius and his followers magical powers, and thus, the first sorcerers were born. Octavius and his followers brought Macer to his knees, and control of the Empire was again in the hands of the senate.

This new development, however, drove the members of NOM underground, as Octavius used his sorcery to crush any rivals he had in the senate, securing his power base. As a result, the original surviving members came together in secret to plot the downfall of the senate, and society as a whole, then to replace it with a governing body of their choosing. This has been the cornerstone of NOM ever since.

Novus Ordum Mundi Today

Novus Ordum Mundi exists today much the same as it did in the old republic. The goals are essentially the same; to control the nations of Theah. Although in times of old, NOM sought to rule the world openly, they are now content to rule from the shadows, placing puppet figureheads in sensitive positions and controlling them from behind the scenes. If one figurehead should fall, another can just as easily be conditioned to take his place. This is what NOM was meant to be.

Unfortunately, each member of NOM has his own agendas and plots afoot, and often times those plots conflict with the schemes of other members. Unlike the NOM of the Old Republic, the current members do not trust each other or work together in tandem. This has caused NOM to become much less effective than originally envisioned.

Currently there is a schism growing in the order; those who believe the pursuit of alchemy is essential to the future of NOM, and those who believe that alchemy is a waste of time. Alvara is convinced that alchemy will provide the necessary power NOM needs to seize control of the nations of Theah with little effort. He believes that his research will provide the Council of Thirteen with magical abilities which are virtually unlimited. His goal is to be able to reproduce the magical abilities of each of the nations of Theah, and to create his own magical effects through cross manipulation of his samples.

Of those who seek to abandon the notion of alchemy, Villanova is the only one who has spoken his mind on the subject. It is his position that research takes valuable time, and there is no guarantee of payoff. His preference... to cease stalling and take action now. Villanova wants to make a power play, and believes that with NOM's connections and resources, that a successful coup could be pulled off in at least one country, perhaps more. And should that happen, the other nations would easily fall with the right prodding. So far, Villanova has few followers, but he is slowly gaining support on the council.