The Members of NOM lead false lives, instilling themselves into society, fame and fortune to shape Theah as we desire. The orginisation is overseen by the members of the Council of Thirteen. Others are used to achieve our goals but have little knowledge of who they are working for.



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Society Secrets

Syrneth Secrets


Bouvor, Ambroise - Male Montaigne. Young and ambitious noble who has worked to engender the support of the peasant class in a plan to formulate a revolt and put himself in control of the nation. Inheriting a postion in the group from his father, he also has an extensive collection of Syrneth artefacts.

Brak, Joris - Male Vendel. Joris is an unknowing pawn of the organisation, just as his ruthless uncle was before him. Through him, the Vendel-Vesten conflict is slowly escalating to open warfare.

del Aldana, Iselo Arciniega - Male Castillian Noble. Former controller of the organisation, a role that had passed down through his family for the last 300 years.

de Arciniega, Alvara Soldano - Male Castillian Scholar. Council Member. Current controller of NOM, he took up the mantle from his patron Iselo. Hunted by the Inquisition in his homeland for his supposedly heretical discoveries, they are blissfully unaware of his true allegiences. A keen supporter of group research into alchemy.

de Arciniega, Monica - Female. Formerly going by the name of Monique Allais du Crieux, she has recently been united with Alvara, her real father.

du Lac, Jean Pierre - Male Montaigne. Council Member. Former Earl of Avalon, he lost power when the Montaigne were forced out and only retained some prestige through ties to NOM. Charged with high treason by l'Empereur after a secret diary was found, his family were executed and lands siezed. Now a hunted man completely reliant on the goodwill of Alvara Arciniega.

Flavius, Commodus - Male Numan Senator. Leader of the group at the time of the rise of Imperator Macer. Historical

Kollsson, Boli - Male Vendel. Council Member. Under the cover of a devout Objectionist, Kollsson works only towards his own goals and those of the organisation.

Raleigh, Blair - Male Avalon. Known as "Old Man" Lightfoot, the darling of the Montaigne courts is a prime informant for Alvara. A vehement Vatacine and former Earl, he spoke out against King Richard IV and was exiled.

Rivinova, Devoren - Female Ussuran. Found by an Explorer group in the wastes of the north. Trained by Arciniega as a courier and as needed an assassin.

Sices du Sices, Hugh - Male Montaigne. The Master Knight of the Paix House of the Rose+Cross is an important member of our group. Holding great power in that organisation, he keeps a low profile to mask his actions behind the scene.

v'Novgorov, Aleksi Pavtlow Markov - Male Ussuran Noble. Council Member. The powerful Knias of Rurik is planning on more than overthrowing the Gaius, he also wants to destroy Matushka and elevate himself to godhood.

van Heilgrund, Volker - Eisen. A soldier in the War, he was most recently in the service of Eisenfursten Heilgrund before becoming an agent for Arciniega.

Villanova, Giovanni - Male Vodacce. Council Member. The black-hearted Merchant Prince finds himself in like company as a lifeime member of the group. The only member of the Council to so far speak out against the alchemist faction.

Wigsfield, Aden - Male Avalon. Emeritus professor of the University of Kirk. Seems to know a lot about the NOM history and structure for a fairly recent member, some suspect they have another true identity.