While the various societies of Theah seek to keep their own agendas and secrets, none of them are above the gaze of Novus Ordum Mundi. While some groups are very visible and other known only to a handful, they all have a hidden side that is only usually revealed to their innermost members.



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Syrneth Secrets



Agiotage - A secret cabal of sorcerors and mystics that was apparently wiped out by the White Plague in the Tenth Century. It is believed that they were trying to bargain with the Syrneth for new powers and may have been close to achieving that goal. It is thought that they were opposed by the mysterious groups known as Sophia's Daughters and the Sons of Lugh.

Die Kruezritter - For an organisation that was supposedly destroyed in the fifteenth century, the Black Crosses play an important role in Theah that almost no-one will ever know about. Not only are they aware of the details of the Senator's Bargain, they know the exact price that will be paid by mankind. After finding an unknown ruin, they gained the ability to step into a shadowy world known as the Dark Paths where they can actually see the Sidhe barrier. Now dedicated to a covert war against sorcery and the machinations of the Thalusai, they answer only to the Hierophant. And speaking of the Hierophant, they are the only group outside of the Montaigne guard that know that it was Leon himself that killed the Church leader.

El Vago - While a youngster in society terms, the Vagabonds hold a secret that their enemies in the Inquisition would dearly like to know. That is the identity of El Vago, or rather the fact that he is more than one person. While the King's advisor Andres Bejarano Aldana was the first to don the mask, many have since taken that persona in the organisation.

Explorer's Society - Although far more open that many of the other groups, the scholarly explorer's do hide a certain motive from the eyes of the church. Their ultimate goal is to prove that the various Syrneth races were not only very advanced but lived and worked together, something that is absolute heresy to the church. They are also very interested in the Seventh Sea, in fact the three ships sent to find it have completely dissapeared despite what some fabricated news reports may say.

Invisible College - Another group hiding from the clutches of the Inquisition, the College came out of the scholars of the Royal Association. The group is almost a pawn of NOM itself, under the careful ministrations of Alvara Arciniega and a few other key individuals. While relatively new and forced into hiding, the group have made a few discoveries that Theah are not yet ready to know about. The most shocking is the fate of Christobal Gallegos, who it seems did make it around the world and also happened on the fabled Seventh Sea. They have also developed the skill of alchemy into a new science involving the blood of sorcerors that leads to strange, if somewhat disturbing, results.

Rilasciare - While most think this group is nothing more than a scattering of anarchists and trouble-makers, few know that it is in fact a complex and much larger organisation. Dating back to the time of the First Prophet, when they were known as Fortis, the Rilasciare know the true actions of the Senators and who they dealt with for their infernal powers. Determined to oppose the sorcerous leaders, they have come to stand against all forms of government and authority.

Rose & Cross - The noble Knights hold a number of truths, the first is the key to mankinds evolution and the power of the inner will. It is this that makes their Vow so potent and also what the double-edged gift of sorcery takes from men. This is a secret they have held for a long time, as the order is far older than most people realise, in fact dating back to the old Numan Republic. It has had many names in this time, the most famous being the Poor Knights of the Prophet, who were burned as heretics for their beliefs, something that the modern brotherhood is seeking to avoid. If that was not enough to have them hanged, they are also the only group aware that the Third Prophet was a fake, the real visionary being killed by this religious zealot before he could be publically declared.

Rye Grin - New organisation born out of the Revolution, an apparent band of pro-royalists who have worked against the Council of Eight and freed a number of notable people before they could be executed. Thought to have started in a exclusive club in Charouse.

Sophia's Daughters - This organisation of women may not be known to many, including the other societies with the exception of the Rilasciare, but that can not be said of the other way around. Over the years, agents of this covert group has inflitrated government and society alike, striving to fulfil their agenda and better the cause of women and in turn the whole of mankind. Most of their membership follows an ancient bloodline from the Sidhe noble known as the Lady of the Lake. This ancestry gives them certain abilities including being able to scrye for visions of events throughout Theah and even into the future. A related group known as the Sons of Lugh operate within the Sidhe lands of Bryn Bresail.